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Grateful Dead on The Voice and American Idol

I know it sounds crazy but I think the time has come for the bastions of American Pop Culture, the tv shows #AmericanIdol and #TheVoice to celebrate the songwriting and lyrical genius of The Grateful Dead.

I created a facebook page DeadIdolVoices to start gathering a petition of "Likes" to see if the producers of those shows will take note. Please feel free to hit the page and show your support!

I mean seriously... if Justin Timberlake is wearing a "Stealie" and Taylor Swift is praising Bob Weir as an inspiration then why the heck not? Seems like a good way to add to the fun of celebrating 50 years and the amazing influence the Grateful Dead has had on music.

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go to and follow the directions there. Mail order is over; online presale is coming up in Feb:

Tickets will be offered through Grateful Dead Ticketing mail order and a public on sale via Ticketmaster.

Wow! We re excited (and humbled) to discover that your enthusiasm for Fare Thee Well matches our own! We have received an overwhelming number of mail order ticket requests. In an effort to honor the history and spirit of the Grateful Dead, we are going to try to fill as many of these orders as possible. This means there will be no other pre-sales. In order to give the good folks at GDTS TOO time to sort through the 60,000+ (!) envelopes received so far the new public on sale is Feb 28th @ 10 a.m. CST via Ticketmaster.
Public on sale is Feb 28th @ 10 a.m. CST via Ticketmaster.

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July 3,4,5 Chicago

Do you guys know anything about a ticket sale to the Fare Thee Well show for Grateful Dead Fan Club Members to happen 9-11 February ?

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50th reunion 2015
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It could be from Bobby's solo project, titled: "Ace". Maybe you're searching for the Dead when it is really a solo by Bobby. Just a guess.

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dead sightings

In a Flatbush Zombies rap music video they've got many Dead memorabilia, such as the skeleton with a headband of roses, and Zombie Juice is usually wearing Dead t shirts. It's like his beard is a tribute to Jerry

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The Family Guy

Featured a joke along the lines,

The Griffin family makes Stewie stand out and shine like The Grateful Dead did for Bob Weir...


I ain't often right, but I never been wrong.

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Acoustic Dead release

I assume you may be referring to this rare show from the Family Dog at the Great Highway billed as Mickey Hart and His Heartbeats and Bobby Ace:
It was originally released on vinyl as part of last year's Black Friday Record Store Day.

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National Report?

Is it similar to National Inquirer?

Wonder if this guy is friends with Ollie North?

Cassidy Pen's info, from the National Report site:

Cassidy Pen
Cornelius Bartholomew "Cassidy" Pen is a decorated Marine Corps war veteran having served in Vietnam, Nicaragua and Panama, an explosive expert trained in special ops and insurgency and clandestine assault. His calling is to expose and document the decay of Christian morals in his beloved America while warning us of Satan's influence among our precious youth, misguided politicians, and popular culture. Please assist Mr. Pen's ministry of exposing corruption in society and spreading the Word of God to sinners with a gift to TNReport in care of Cassidy Pen. (Suggested donation: $20) Twitter Handle: @Cassidy_Pen

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I didn't know Jer was a commie pig. LOL!! I don't think any one with a ounce of intelligence is going to take that article seriously. Who the heck is Ron Pen? haha


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