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By suggestion, a place for the poets among us to post their words.


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Basic tips for photography

It is wise in avoiding direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can give negative relation to your product. So, avoid direct sun energy. Adjust light with extra light whenever needed.
Based on the room together with surrounding environment you used, set away your camera sitting. Take few shoots after adjusting individual arrange. Then select final one from several arrange.
With above arrangement you do not require any flash light of your surveillance camera. So turn of the flash light within the camera.
Set up your white stabilize to auto. Because you made an individual's environment product photography friendly. Camera will set you white balance.
Use the uppermost level of image quality of your camera
Zoom capability in or out for better grab
Photo retouching is very much disparately needed for product photography. So, learn graphics design and even photography. Otherwise you need help with graphics designer.

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Gift design

For 9 scrapbook pages, each just about 9 x 12
1 yard heavyweight fast2fuse
2 yards fabric (or 6 fecal material fabric, ‘A yard each)
Photos and embellishments of preference
Fabric glue
Paper punch
3 massive 2” metal rings (optional)
1 back garden cording, W—’4” diameter, for binding (optional)
twenty seven grommets of desired size
Find General Directions for
fast2fuse, for fusing
1. Measure, mark, and cut fast2fuse into pages of your desired size.
2. Fuse fabric to your fast2fuse pages and trim the corners.
3. Mark and punch holes along side binding edge. Add grommets to all these punched holes, if desired.
4. Add photos and embellishments however sorts. Glue in place.
5. Bind the book coupled with cording or metal rings.
Extra Pleasurable
Have a party and ask each guest to make one page.
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Using Essential oil

Essential oils you need to use in varieties ways. You can use essential oils within you or you can use them by diffuse them around the sky or air. Diffuse of essential oils in the sky is the main part of using essential oils. As it starts work when you diffuse the primary oils in the sky or air and working till once you take a single breath. And it'll be an essential part of your each breath. But it depends on an individual. You can use the essential oils diffuse them around the sky or air for long time or you need to use your essential oils for short moment. It totally depends on you. You need to use your essential oils for short time at at any time. But when you will want to utilize your essential oils for long time you must follow one rule. There are many rules to utilize essential oils by diffusing them around the sky or air. But most important one is you need to use it as a directly placed cotton-ball.
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Why Sewing Is Higher than a Hobby?

Do you know what regular sewing is? Sewing is a really enjoyable hobby as soon as you get into it and discover ways to sew using a sewing machine & how to pick a best sewing machine for novices. It’s fun to gain some fresh skills; you will feel a perception of achievement for learning something fresh, especially something as useful as focusing on how to sew. Knowing how to sew and use a sewing machine means you'll be able to repair any holes that the clothes acquire, sew buttons back on who have fallen off, repair seams, and never again will you must feel despair when your favorite blanket gets chewed from your pet rabbit. You don’t have to be able to throw it out, you can merely mend it.
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Stardust Senses

This night, awakened
Stardust senses
Eternal heaven's
Hallowed altar
Magical, infinite
When she loses
Her defenses
A universal pass, collapse
Doorways imagined latch
We are all innocent here
Infinite wisdom burning near
Natural, freeing
All seasons come to being,
Gleam angelic flown
Living not existing,
Surrender, pure reminiscing
Realms thought unknown
All soulful songs simply sewn
Midnight roses, come quiet
Under star, stone
Timeless magic, closer home

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Soul's Design

Audible to a worthy soul,
The road,
Her many majestic volumes
Ripple gently, eternal eve
Spirited lifetime in bloom
Knowing wind's whispers unfold
Now say a farewell to goodbyes
Burn your essence, warm promise
In the light, once a strangers eyes
Such a virtuous reveal
All is one, wake, truly feel
Steeped dreams that linger still
Reckonings silhouette intertwined
A harmonious invent,
Pure pathways intent
A righteous souls design

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the tether fades from sight
life preserver intact

worry waits it's turn
slivers of hope up on stage
for now

that old familiar feeling
showing up
like a dealer
at your parent's house
unexpected and unwelcome

into the dark
hoping to see
the sunrise
but expecting the sharks

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Recycled Butterfly

Easy how a soul can fabricate, in stillness wander
Seasoned cities tethered true, a soft secret lover
Midnight's sorcery, her pristine machine envelops me
Intrinsic yet free, loving language, a beauties decree
Universal dialect, romance of the mystique, resurrect

Recycled butterfly, woven wonders nigh, wings cradle courageous wind
Brilliant breeze, freedom's lullaby, her natural ecstasies, never to descend
World's but a whisper, malevolent betrayal never to kiss her, one with blameless flight
Beauties surrender, soulful invent, a soaring flame quells, cures winters nameless night

Perhaps the world was yours all along
As the sparrow brilliantly sewn to breeze
Lose yourself in rapturous midnight song
Ancient language, dance of souls revelries

Wind blown, time flown, immaculate suggestion
Do we deserve the world or her protection?

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Sewing Machine

Best basic sewing machine

It is an important thing to know your skill of sewing. If you are a beginner and don’t have the time to learn, then you should start with the computerized machines. Because they are the best beginner sewing machines out there. Though they are expensive, they are pretty simple to use. But, if you have time and think that you can learn and grow up your experience dealing with normal machines. Then you can go for those. They will save more of your money but take more of your time.

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River of Souls

The River

born of clay and coal
Baptized in the river of souls

ashes to ashes
flesh to bones

no ferryman to guide me
return to the river of souls


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