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Joined: May 28 2015
The Odds

Clergy of safe sects say they know God
Question their spoils, they're hot with the rod
Return their bling with a knowing nod
Passively aggressive, evenly odd.

Did Jesus' sermon on a mount do it for you
Was Buddha enlightened in sight of Kathmandu
Did Mohammed move mountains as his core ran through
Was every mountain climbed by just a few?

Reaching the summit is just a peek at God
Don't know how it started nor what's up under sod
Yet the pious, sell fright to us, pushin' their prod
Not even passive, aggressively odd.

Dare I say, before you book me for Hell
Stop, drop, and think of those that might have fell
When an inquisitor tried to compel
A recant in favor of their seer's spell.

Advice is plentiful in search of God
Some focus on the profit from the tripod
Picture the world sans the Messiah squad
Aggressive gets passive even to the odd.

If you're looking for God, try deep inside
Where the worlds of light and dark collide
You, and you alone, must one day decide
Are you coming along on a stellar ride?

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Joined: Jan 8 2011
Turn It Into A Love Song

I'm gonna take the ups with the downs
I'm gonna take the ins with the outs
I'm gonna take the happy with the sad
And I'll take the good with the bad
I'm gonna take the yes with the no
Gonna take the fast with the slow
I'm gonna take the right with the wrong
And turn it into a Love song

I'm gonna take the stop with the go
I'm gonna take the highs with the lows
I'm gonna take the heat with the cold
And I'll take the new with the old
Gonna take the thick with the thin
I'm gonna take the loss with the win
Gonna take the short with the long
And turn it into a Love song

And when the winds are blowing
And the rain is pouring down
I'll just keep on singing Love songs
Until the sunshine comes around

I'm gonna take the first with the last
I'm gonna take the cries with the laughs
I'm gonna take the push with the pull
And I'll take the empty with the full
I'm gonna take the on with the off
Gonna take the found with the lost
I'm gonna take the weak with the strong
And turn it into a Love song

And when the winds are blowing
And the rain is pouring down
I'll just keep on singing Love songs
Until the sunshine comes around
And we've got to keep on singing
No matter how long it might take
Just keep on singing and the clouds are gonna part
And the storm is sure to break

written 12/24 & 25 2015

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Joined: Jan 8 2011
* * *

You Are

You are my light out of the dark
You are the fire to my spark
You are the apple of my eye
You make me laugh you make me cry

You are the root that grows the vine
You always love me all the time
You are the filling to my soul
You are the Rock that makes me roll

You're like the stars that fill the sky
You are the sunshine of my mind
You are my hope you are my faith
And it's for you that I will wait

Joined: May 28 2015
Who's Your Presidaddy?

Which commanding chief takes preeminence
Of twentieth century presidents?
Think of all those who rose to prominence
Crusading in rosy white residence.
Look before you leap that unsecured fence
As free range execs fall from innocence.
Some wisdom still waxes and never relents
A precious prescience over mind bents.
Teddy preserved nature for present tents
And Franklin's new deal made poverty dents.
Ike warned of business neocon dements
Then Lyndon advanced civil rights events.
Last in class, with a "Tricky Dick" defense
Nixon, destroyer of our common sense!

I thought we'd go retro one week before the big show(s).

Joined: May 28 2015
The Real Deal

Coming soon.

Joined: May 28 2015

I'm Far Sight from my First Daze.
Thought it might be Pupil Haze.
Blew my Fusion in Half Phase.
Realized my Soul been Razed.

I found God the other Night.
He can Blind the Mind with Bright.
Shown Within and Out of Sight.
Shed the Fat and Joint the Light.

Matter, in fact, Weighed a Lot!
Spent my Life, Got what is Not!
Purge my Loot like Pus and Snot?
Lift my Life, 'fore I eye Rot?

I lost God the other Day.
Livin' just got in the Way.
Possessions, Power, and Pay
Are the Stuff of which I Prey.

Such a sad, sad, sadder Day.
Search no mo' fo' hopeful Rays.
Lord knows no such sadder Way
Least 'til comes the End of Days.

Joined: May 28 2015
2B Verse Free Is Not 2B, But 2 Free Verse is 2B 3D

This is not a Shakespearian Sonnet, but a Constant Sonnet in Iambivalent Pentameter.

Shakespeare, famous for Cleo of the Nile
Heard a young poet, whose words made him smile
"Old poets may wish me into exile
All sonnets, I do not dare to defile
Synchronizing syllables suggest guile
But many meters are meant to beguile.
No poem rules, a poet is an isle."
Shakespeare said suddenly, after awhile
"My first act is a tame, yet shrewd, denial
Rhyme without reason is what I revile
Use some discipline before you compile
One can not time rhythm with a sundial.
I write, therefore, Iambic measured style."
Not to be, a Shakespeare bibliophile.

Joined: May 28 2015
Inside Out

I'm a poet, not for profit, and thought set free
I'm an enigma, a mystery, confusing even me
I may not know myself, but does anybody
Know what lurks inside so insidiously.

We all think we realize who we are
Until we find ourselves inside the bars
We can not breathe nor run very far
Once the heckles begin, we hyde our scars.

I believed I knew my worst enemy
I fought my thought foes extrinsically
When do I examine my own eternity
Not the person I am, but whom I wish to be.

We do not travel this forked road on our own
Though the sole food for thought, feeds us alone
We need to nourish the seeds we have sown
But the soul we save must be home grown.

I will not judge other's lack of humanity
Until I think more profound than profanity
When I vanquish my own ingrained vanity
I shall be free from a world of insanity.

Joined: Feb 18 2015
deadheads ain't zombies

Woot! YES. Take a stand.

Joined: May 28 2015
Deadheads Ain't Zombies

Thanks. The '60s was a decade of music, protest, and progress. I'd like to see activists come out for the July concert 'cause the country is shifting left again.

I am one with the fair, common man
I will stand with my working class clan
I believe justice, isn't just, in this land
Greed's our creed but I'd think before Ayn Rand.

A court of supreme jesters aid the plan
Where rule by fossil fuel is in the can
Earth warmin' ain't a left wing scam
Kooks cook us with oil in a frying pan.

Mind eyes see the glory of the common man
Oligarchs and politicians are butt grains of sand
Their base is a cacophony that should be banned
As we search for Eden in a gulf that is Iran.

Equality will ripple throughout this land
As we be Dylangent and aghast again
From July forth, be a retro Garcia fan
Will you be there with us my Undead friend.

Time to be like the Mo' hot man
To march as King to north Lincolnland
To remember the poor and forgotten
Please come to Chicago and take a stand.


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