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Joined: Aug 11 2008
Getting Off on the Right Foot

You must start right to end right
You can't rise any higher than the source
If you set your sights on matter
Spirit will be nowhere to be found

Starting with feet firmly planted on infinity
Insures success from the very outset
What is there to die
If nothing has ever been born
Always resting in action
Ideas shining brightly
Like a light in our Father's eye

It was a backwards thought
That has seemd to keep us trapped
For so long

Graduation day in the temple
Grasping the pebble's
Out of Master's hand

Now is time to leave
The temple grounds
To wander.

Watering the garden
and moving along.

Joined: Jan 6 2009
July 7, 1986

I have traveled through a timeless universe of rippled skies, over seas of churning color to traverse the ranges and valleys in a single brushstroke. I have seen the faces in the wood and journeyed into the black hole of chain link. I have stormed the fort and stood in the shoes of many a dying soldier. I have run through the dark woods, dodging trees and shadows, chasing the glimpse of a fleeting thought. I have felt the ground move like the belly of a fat man laughing at two boys flying head over heels into manhood.

I followed my mind into my soul to find these unreal realities which were hiding behind prejudice, shame and fear in brilliant shades of peace, love and good will.

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Joined: Aug 11 2008
It's just me and you, babe

Every body else seems
To have something better to do tonight
So now it's just me and you babe
It's just me and you
Sitting on this pile of rocks
Got our sweaters pulled up tight
Cause its time to pull the pets in
Yeah its gonna be a three dog night
Sitting in front of the fire
Thinking overtime on how to lift you higher
But in the end it comes to this
It really doesnt matter how hard you try
In the end it will all be revealed
It will be seen that we never left the sky
This earthly dream to wonder why
We left the campfire to wander
Out of body experience
Is the only true experience
In body experience is a
Straight up lie

Joined: Jan 24 2009
Other Worldly

Every day my eye awakens
Reflecting dreams lost slumber
Waking, fabricating time
My perceptions illuminate in the light of your space
Every visage ethereal grace
Penetrating my heart is in rhythm
A motion brought to my attention
We put ourselves in this place

Heaven knows all other worldly systems
Not to exclude your own
The static lining of your position
A permissive act of will

We are lost in this place
With all the potential for altered states
Do not get lost in yourself
We are other worldly

Every day is latent energy
For the stewards who are sleeping
Delicate, shimmering waves
My hands hold the sphere which ignites in space
Every second lost is gained
Bringing back around my intentions
Like clockwork I am reminded
We should take care of this place

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Joined: Aug 11 2008
here comes your 19th global internet meltdown

Here Comes Your 19th Global Internet Meltdown
(sung to the tune of "19th nervous breakdown--rolling stones)

You're just the kind of guy
people think of as strangely without care
off on the fringes never say a word
Unless you're spoken to
but now you over did it, it started coming out of your ears
And now you try but you just cant hide

you better post
don't look around
here it comes here it comes here it comes
here comes your 19th global internet meltdown

you travel in style
always smoke the kind
but something just werent never right in your mind
always had the best to eat and drink
but every night you slept alone
no one could comfort you
until the day you knocked down the doors
and threw out the sealameal
you better stop dont turn around
here it comes here it comes here it comes
here comes your 19th global internet meltdown

oh who's to blame that kids gone insane
nothing seems to stop it, he goes right around the clock
every time I turn around it just keeps on getting worse

what can still be left
certainly not your methedrine
it really stole your mind
and after you left in June
everyone said it was way past time
should a stuck with that short trip
of dimethyltryptamine
it would a put the hurt upon your mind
but now you're just in the way of what is fine

you better stop, put the pipe down
here it comes here it comes here it comes
here comes your 19th global internet meltdown
here comes your 19th global internet meltdown
here comes your 19th global internet meltdown

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Joined: Aug 11 2008
Welcome lola

Welcome to and 'poets corner'

Love your words.

Joined: Jan 22 2009
donde vive el amor? (where is my love)

The heart has its seasons
did you ever waken to the sound of street cats making love
and guess from their cries you were listening to a fight
well you know, hates just the last thing they're thinking of
they're only trying to make it through the night

i only want to hold you
i dont want to tie you down
or fence you between the lines i might have drawn

life is not about how to surivive in the storm but how to dance in the rain

there comes a point
in ones life
when you come to realize
who matters
who never did
who wont anymore
and who always will
so dont worry about the people from the past
theres a reason why they did not make it to you future

my name is brittney, most call me la la la always gigglin and laughin, i try and keep a smile but sometimes it takes more than a smile to get in college for massage therapy i've got 3 months to get my diploma if i wanna make atleast one show this summer....i love the gratefulness of the deads groupies...i have only met a few hippies, but the ones i have met have been amazing friends and great partiers!!....i met a dead head last summer....and ever since he's turned me on to the dead, i havent had anything else on my mind, except for touring this summer....only things arent given to you, you have to work for them, and i definately need a job, picked a bad time to look for one...with the economy down...but liqour sales are up!! if only they would legalize marijuana...that would bring the economy up out of this!! for long as the government can make money off from it, and tax the hell out of a country girl.was raised on a farm around horses, and i spend most of my summer nights camping out by a campfire...i own a small trailer that sits in a campground surrounded by the potomac river...i live in west virginia...and im lookin forward to meeting alot of peace loving free spitits... i am planning on goin to atleast one show...i'd like to go to more....but i dont have a van....if i did, i'd be gettin a bunch of people together to come with me...if anyone lives in wv....close to me, i would pitch in for gas....but it would be nice to go with someone instead of drivin by myself....i have a who doesnt? my website is

Joined: Jan 22 2009
how the univers began

a small particle too small for the naked eye
floats through this timeless space...
particle on top of molecule, now we've got dust
gathered in outer space what a seemingless place

was this dust sent through a black hole,
to every beginning an end
or should we assume that the the universe was prexistent before any matter

now its time for
time to fall into place
how long has this space been
when did it began

this universe keeps to its laws (natures laws)
only to expand upon its contents and their mass along with the gravitational pull
that allows it to contract and expand
proving that oneday
in a point of of time
this space was smaller than today

Here comes the prime evil atom
causing a great big bang
among this small matter of what seemed to be dust
was actuallyintended to be an egg
releasing gases
hydrogen, helium
creating a much compounded world
left for evolution to take its course
this is where life comes into effect...
answering the question how the universe began

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Joined: Aug 11 2008

Is Golden

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Joined: Aug 11 2008
my friend Rush

i got a few minutes, so i
think ill shoot from the hip
not hold anything back now
gonna really let her rip
been keeping it all bottled up inside
for so long now i might cry
but i really need to let it all out
theres something so large
it cant be seen
and something so small
it cant be missed
would you come if i call
or would you run away
and jump the wall
see if you can get to the door
before i fall
you know those words you said
they put me on the floor
so i pick myself up and smile
and say thankyou
for all the things
that you put me through
and i thank you again
for the way that you are
cause without your lens
my eye camera
doesn't focus at all
my friends cat
her name is Rush
she likes to sit in the tub
and stare at me
with her gold green glowing eyes
she ducks her head to hide
cause she knows that i can't see her
if she can't see me
then we play "string"
for hours and hours on end


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