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Joined: Mar 12 2008

We love you too!

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Joined: Jul 7 2008
I hate you more than I hate

I hate you more than I hate my enemies
I hate you more than I hate my opponents
I hate you more than I hate my adversary
I hate you more than I hate my rivals



:- )

Joined: Mar 12 2008
on the trail

I looked at life as I was walking down the trail
Searching for the Secret that would finally lift the veil
Through the pines, to a ridge out in the sun
The river down below me said "Be forever young"
And as the wind blows through the trees
It whispers there's a world that is still free
The eagle cries, and suddenly you see
Ain't that the way it's supposed to be

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Elysian Hide & Seek (two sparrows)

Watercolor glint, intricate as the Vespers template
Liberates its aspect of daylight.

Cerulean particle, solitude Orb at stationary form.
Mind to mind, the simplest of light enveloped the purest of silence.
The mystic anomaly dissolves its ethereal obstacle.
Stubborn illumine interacts alongside the paradigm of our illuminant characteristics.

Ah actualization, perpetual focal point, neutral projection.
Suffused disappearance in the distance, guided through a charged ion of transformation.
Incessant after-fade, what's left to be rearranged ?
For this transparent hint, invisible clue, redeemed in a great sense of nothingness.

Drift, harmonious nuance, epoch of the light, recoiling cerulean fury.
Innate presence, hidden in a delicate rain, resolved to be as a tears'
Individualized sense of oneness, as if time itself, returns unto it's original form.
Elysian ever present, plays hide and seek amongst two sparrows.

Integrated similarities, cultivated common ground.
Here forth acknowledging the inner spirit's beginnings, the outer soul's continuation.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007

blintzes sparkle inside twined marshalled cabinets
sprinkles and frosting coupled with barbed sugar disasters
municipalities fail in the clutch of the drip
one for the agents and the scribes
portals into frozen shark-muscled wings
no trails to dessert
nothing to follow

| Wait until the veil is shredded, then reveal it |

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
i like!

wow, peakin that strikes deep chords with-in,very nice and thx!

and jerseyswartz, i like the way you think and write, pleeze more spewing forth of taloned word thrusted towards au THO r I zed op PRESS i ON of the mindnumb instant gratification masses swaying in front of the i got mine now i want yours ticks feeding on the underbelly of the beast we call home... well said, well spoken


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One Third Of The Rebellious Seraph Followed the Presidential Pre

Obedience holds a twisted cross of self righteous interpretation.
Think small it fits your personality.
Those who have nothing to offer the public dialog, confuse the revisionist.
Forsaken advisors, seduced by the beauty of the beast
Are being taking advantage of by those who oversee their own worst enemy.
Remaining afraid of what can’t be manipulated.
Guaranteed minimal transparency, the mediators randomness lacks warmth.
Regrets are individual, not political.

Shaking hands with their evil twin, aggressively reasoning their sense of priority.
Denied the access to prove a professional responsibility
Rationalize a changing world, they openly offer servitude
That's despised for the wrong indication, while honored for the wrong warning.
Desperate technology, a broken map, tributes of oil
Impersonal percent of citizen influence hangs on a popsicle stick crucifix.
Martyr's master a difficult opportunity to pacify innate abstracts of being
By living the way of those who must.

Prove themselves-
By rebelling against the terms of this nations court appointed theocracy.

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Joined: Jul 2 2007
Very Good!

Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you will still exist, but you have ceased to live.
Samuel Clemens

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
From the Mind of a Decomposing Polar Near (vision 1)

Endangering the worlds supply
Lavish carpetbaggers exploit loopholes, their actions are backed by real bullets.
Shoot the messenger, god died for you so you can now again die for it.
The trailer park monarch of skin head shampoo
Feels commercially betrayed by the failed expectations of rebellious imports.
Organizing the common protest for a free lunch, picking over the bones of a lower degree of public response.

Lets get complicated, politicalizing the policy.
A freewill condition is naturally pious with enough authority to satirize the tragic.
Capitol turmoil, Dixie privilege, harmful as the wrong law.
Negative news, lets do noise, that's a violation of patriot commitment?
The basic world condition, the neighborhood pipeline, eminent domain.
In the year of martial law it's all about maintaining the infrastructure.

Without warning or indication the nation changed.
The madmen's dress rehearsal is a matinee at the empire museum.
Titan crusade plays off of contemporary fears
The physiognomy of weaponry Fills the country with voter apprehension.
Puppets pull their own strings, their secrets are used against them.
Primeval warriors are again the cruelest, forever praying with attitude.

Global unemployment, underground economy, a subcultures industrial ghetto.
They turn their the children over to the institution, then turn their family over to the reconditioning.
Who controls the images, the illegal expressions, the state of the art is the art of the state.
The updated monopoly game has a hotel on ground zero.
Offering the oppressed only more oppression
Presidential wealth diminishes the ordinary, while denigrating the common.

Joined: Mar 12 2008

You know the darkness of the night
Is overcome by the light
And the bondage caused by fear
Is released when Love shines clear

May you find, some peace of mind
Just don't give up, keep looking up
And climb

The clouds they come, with tears of rain
And then the sun shines down again
These tears they make us grow
We shed our skins and then we go

On to find, some peace of mind
Just don't give up, keep looking up
And climb

And like the moon we're born a-new
And grown until we become full
Then slowly, we fade away
So let your lovelight shine today

And then you'll find, some peace of mind
Just don't give up, keep looking up
And climb


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