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Real Deal

This particular chemistry of a GD incarnation is infectious...I haven't been this jazzed in years. Phil and Bob were ON this past weekend. I figure John has his thing going on with DSO (who are a great band) but it would be fantastic if he could accommodate a decent amount of time around Phil and Bob for some furthur shows in the future. Hey good folks, if you get the opportunity to see Furthur, CHECK THEM OUT. The vibe that we all know and cherish continues to be with us.

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Without love in a dream it will never come true

Hey Now

Thanks Blair for your insightful thoughts on the 3 Furthur nights at my new favorite theater The Fox at Oakland. What an amazing venue. They got every inch of that place perfect, including the staff, the decor, the den that played some very good and loud GD music 3 hours after the shows all three nights.

My thoughts on the music is... Incredible!!! I am blessed to see the birth of Furthur. One can only hope that the run in NYE will materialize. That being said... I hope it is a prelude of The Dead 10'. As much as I loved * Jay Lane * Joe Russo which buy the way more that surpassed any expectation, I hope to see Mickey and BK with the boys again. I have always chased JG, Bob , Phil. Mickey and Bill and never saw DSO. I was more than impressed with JK and loved the guy at first sight. I really cant compare Warren and JK for a Dead line up but I must say I was more than ecstatic to see Warren for the 09' spring run. I think JK had allot of nerves and he did not really have the time to warm with up with his heros.One can only ponder what the future brings. I thought it was funny to here from all the DSO friends at the shows. They wanted JK so badly for him to sing all of Jerry songs. Me personally thought Bobby sounded very good and brought it, big time! This is a band of 4 decades of music and tradition, of course Bobby was going to sing the first 9.5 out of 10 songs. Patience young grasshopper JK will rock and did!!!

Phil was the absolute and of course the driver of the bus. He was truly amazing like all the times I have seen him. Only 69 and still and bring the house down at any point in time and space.
He is soooo good! Thanks again Phil!!!!!

No Drums and Space?? Back to Mickey and BK. This was some of my favorite parts of Spring Tour 09' transcending me to parts of space words cannot speak of.

I feel that I should be on the road, plane, or train to see the next show. One can only hope...

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small halls? In your dreams!

Someone mentioned a tour of theaters & clubs?
Fergeddaboudit! This machine was designed up to go for the gold.
This'll play sheds & stadiums multiple nights in each stop Spring & Summer 2010 & rake in a ton of cake when it's over. This is a must see ticket for any self-respecting Deadhead & they're/we're painfully aware of it.
Blair, you mentioned a nice NYE payday--I'll bet DSO has Johnny all wrapped up for that night & has for months.
& if we're thinking unlimited shelf life on this model, think again as ol' Uncle Phil hits the big seven oh next March--he's older than Keif Richards & more fragile too. We'll be really lucky to get another giant tour outta him--heck we're lucky to have him thumpin' away now!
Line up folks--this is gonna be big!

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Shows are streaming right now

Saturday show is streaming right now on gdradio. Sunday will follow if you want to stay up late on a school night lol

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Right on!!!

Blair it sounds like you got it big time on Sunday. Listening to Saturday's show right now and the IKYR smokes!!! Loved the jam to open the second set too.
This band flows much more effortlessly than the spring incarnation and when they turn it on, it is ON!!!

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agree with Eagle

Your reporting is well written and even-handed.
Anyone have the link to posts of the shows on

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BY Sunday Night everyone was just glowing, These shows were amazing, tight, bright, exciting, different-and joyous, elevating I hung with some true lifelong senior Deadheads and THE MAGIC has come Furthur ! evrybody that travelled far and wide for these shows, has sore feet and a big smile on their face today. Were ready for more THANKS play on :)

lamagonzo (not verified)
like the incarnation

the utube vids are telling. the boyz w/some youth & John sound awesome. playing in front of a white curtain in that small hall -- you can hear echoes from 40 years ago. A tour of small halls and pacs is definitely called for.

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Whole lot o' nothin'...

I honestly don't know anything. For somebody who maybe appears to have it all wired, I'm actually pretty far out of that particular loop; I don't really have contact at all with Bob's or Phil's current "people." But I would be shocked if they didn't tour, 'cause why go to all the trouble for just three shows? I don't have a clue of when that might be, though. It's hard to imagine they could resist the lure of a fat NYE paycheck, but in the immortal words of Sgt. Schultz on "Hogan's Heroes," "I know nothing!"

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great reportage BJ, merci!

I attended the inaugural outing Friday evening & drew many of the same conclusions as you. I knew then that with a few more gigs under their collective belts. this outfit would be formidable, surmising that Sunday's climax would probably be "the night". Sorry I missed it but your recounting of the event again agrees with my initial assessment--"these guys'd be nuts if they weren't planning a comprehensive multi-city strafing run!". I've advised anyone that would listen to me to be sure & catch them as they are indeed MONEY baby!
John the Jerry guy seems to be a very decent fit for that chair in so many critical ways--maybe most notably in the vocals dept.
It is a very natural & organic evolution from what he has been doing these past few years to what he is & will be doing for the next few.
Now if we could just figure out how to squeeze Rob (the Bobby guy) Eaton into the mix...
Jerry Horn


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