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What comes around, goes around

Or what goes around, comes around, however you want to look at it. Took awhile, but the truth that everyone already knew came out. John Schers very own yellow jackets. Bad scene, indeed. I remember those stickers, Joe. Probably talked to you, just dont remember, you now how it goes.

As bad as Byrne became, MSG could get pretty heavy too. They would use the horses on people and fuck them up but good. Saw it in the early 80's at least.

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fucking Brenden Byrne

the day they confiscated a ton of my really cool stickers, which was how I supported the bus in those days.

They were ready to boot me out of the parking lot. they had a bunch of folks rounded up, I stuck my ticket in my shoe, and we were waiting for the paddy wagon. fuckers working security were laughing at us, making jokes about people's hair and shit like that. talking ABOUT us right in front of us like we were circus sideshow freaks or zoo animals and like we couldn't understand English, or those guys were just such rude, dumbasses they didn't care about hurting people's feelings. I remember one of the yellow coated security dicks pulled out a pocet knife and threated to cut some dudes hair off. a really, really bad scene.

anyway, the paddy wagon shows up, and they filled it. I was still sitting on the ground, and since it was 'full' they let me walk away.

I am not sure if this was the same tour where some of those security dicks chased down some head and made him run into traffic or something like that. some of the upper ups at Byrne or the security chiefs or those particular guards tried to cover up that tragedy; but eventually karma got into it because their actions that caused the death of an innocent head came to light.

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That Pitt show was 89.

It was spring tour 89, I was 16 years old and stuck outside with ALOT of folks when the crowd decided to rip a cple windows out of the civic center to get in. I was still early to the scene and guess I didnt yet realize what it was like to HAVE to get in.

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I heard about how horrible the cops were at that Pitt show. My sister saw a girl getting clubbed. I went to a show there in '90 that was pretty heavy too, but not like the one I think that you're talking abouty.

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Posted in the Ratdog topic

by dewlover. I think this qualifies as a really bad scene:

Posted: August 14, 2007 - 7:09am

As some of you may already know, during the RatDog set, the actions of some maniac at the Gathering on Saturday night resulted in a Bridgeport, Ct., police officer being injured...The following is a mailing address, as well as eMail for you to send some healing Vibes to that man who was just trying to do his job:

Deputy Police Chief James Honis
Bridgeport Police Deparment
300 Congress St
Bridgeport, CT 06604

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Can't remember the year. Last time the Dead were allowed to play the Civic Arena. Fans were bad, but cops were worse. They beat fans for no paticular reason and caused much havoc. I always hated Pittsburgh, but the band seemed to enjoy playing there. Why?, I don't know.

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In April of 1989 i spent 3 or 4 days in pittsburgh having tix for the sunder night show. hit to parking lot on saturday and things were not too bad. did some "shopping" there and headed back to where we were staying-a friend's apartment. the next day the news was screaming all about the scene at the show-gate crashers-naked people running the streets, fights, garbage, etc. I remmeber crying and wondering why anyone would want to ruin OUR beautiful scene. who were these people. there were rumors of the show sundey being cancelled, but it went on as scheduled, but there was more security and more cops than needed, in my opinion. scary scene indeed.

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Colt Park, Hartford '76

That was the show I mentioned, 8-2-76. We were already a bit leery of Hartford, having heard some not-so-good tales of problems at Dillon Stadium, so we were a little on edge to begin with. But the problems we saw, I'd never seen anywhere else - drunken crazy people THROWING
BOTTLES AT THE STAGE, fighting down front got so out of control we had to extract ourselves and head for the back of the field.

Never in all the years since did I experience a crowd that nasty and ugly at a GD show.

and the bad acid my pals did that night didn't help a bit!


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