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Joined: Jun 26 2009
please help if you can
Joined: Jun 21 2007
new jersey meadowlands

having been across the united states,being followed by the grateful dead,never did i expierience such problems as i had at the venue closest to my house..yellow jacketed security roaming the parking lot with the mentality that they were the law or above the law..i would have rather delt with state troopers than to deal with these was around this time that a poor guy was found dead on the highway under an overpass,last seen being chased by these yellow jacketed jerkoffs..unfortunately the security guard was never found and brought to justice,but i know in my heart,that this poor guy was probably thrown off the overpass..
" I T S E E M S L I K E A L L T H I S L I F E..........
W A S .... J U S T A D R E A M "

Joined: Jun 26 2009

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Subject: UPDATE:ATTACK ON ME AT WAKARUSA:(jaw broken in 3 places)

Body: THE MONEY CLIP IN the photograph on MY PROFILE PAGE


(jaw broken in three places-attacker used nunchuks)


(wallet, id, MONEY CLIP).anyone with information, PLEASE call

(720) 838-6564

people involved MAY be in an older 'boxy' caprice with NM tags--the 'balloon' style design.REWARD FOR THE LICENCE PLATE #-IF YOU SEE THIS CAR IN LINE AT ROTHBURY, MILE HIGH, 10K, or elsewhere,--ratdog, what have you, PLEASE contact me at the above #, via myspace, or email me at you come across any of my stolenbproperty, PLEASE call me.

again, thank you for looking out.


note, I hve had one surgery already, and at least one more is scheduled.dr says I am recopvering as fast as I can, given the severity of the injury I sustained in the attack.


MALE-6'3: 6'4" closely cropped black hair--various tattoos, most notably one of a 'pentagram' on his lower back-at the time of the attack-roughly 4pm, june 5, at wakarusa festival-mulberry mountain, arkansas-he wa shirtless,and wearing blue denim shorts.he MAY be in the company of a blonde female, that is said to answer to the nick name 'hatter'--It is possible that her real first name MAY be 'jessica'.I do not know these people.-this is the onlyh information I could glean after th eattack.wakarusa security, WATCHED the attack, but made no attempt at apprehension.

(if you fear retaliation, as many people who witnessed the attack have cited, yet, you come across my property-notably, my money clip-you may safely return it to the following secure address as well:

718 Fort Worth Drive #104
Denton,TX 76201-7123

(if you put a return address on the envelope, but no name,I wil lsend the reward to that address)


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Joined: Jun 4 2007
or this one
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Joined: Jun 4 2007
this long link

this long link leads to a page that mentions Katz, but if you back pedal, it is actuall;y a pretty interesting collection of essays:

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Joined: May 26 2007
I think

we've heard from a lot of wise folks here, to which for the moment I have nothing to add but thanks.

Joined: Feb 19 2009
That's what gets to me

I'm just one voice. I'm sure they (the police) have their ducks in a row, so it's "he said, they said". I'm just putting it out there. If they want to pick it up, I will stand my ground.

That said, it's been a relief to speak here. Thank you for listening friends.

c_c's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
good advice

first, please don't nobody think that I don't think you are not empathetic because you wasN7t in that brief list... really i just wanted an excuse to say:

"Hal et al"

( -:

and 'et al', means everybody else.


well, I been asking around with some folks outside our community (non-deadheads) and from some within... publiclly, many have spoken up, and privately (for whatever reason) some folks have shared some of their thoughts about this situation with me directly.

I'll digress for a moment, maybe repeat myself a bit to intro,
at first reading of Evrest's story, I immediately had a rather stereo typical visceral, cc reaction, seek justice, get thhem bad pigs who killed our brother, and then, as I explained in later posts, didnt have all the facts, and as more info seeped in, naturally, I kind of flipped flopped in my own mind as I considered other issues and thought on it more.

my experience in lawand wiith 'the law' is either from personal experience and/or trying to help folks who were the ones the cops falsely accused or falsely arrested. please understand, I ain't no lawyer at all, and the criminal law I learrned was either from sitting in on criminal law school classes (which kind of started as a goof-- when i was cruising past Peperdine, needed to use the mens, and met some co-ed who thought i should join her and go to her criminal law class lecture) and I done a lot of reading of law books when I had my own time, and that allowed me to help out our tribe when I could, adding to the short staffed public defenders advice, or digging up relevant precedents, and such -- --point is, I don't remember ever trying to help a witness; who her/himself was not the falsely accused or victim of police brutality.

so, someone who I talked this story over, gave me some really common sense, wise, good advice I'd like to ppass on on:

the first, I will mention now -- Evestr, seek advice from a real lawyer in California, and also, seek advice from some advocacy group or non-profit org. that helps victims or witnesses in California.

ok, here is the cut and copy of a wise sage's words, this dude is not a lawyer, neither, but a real top notch guy who i gotten good advice from over the years on a variety of issues, another set of eyes looking at something often gets a new point of view:

(not my words following, but advice idears i respect)

> He (the witness) seems to be very clear about the facts of what he saw and such events tend to burn themselves into your brain. But I worry that any lawyer so inclined could totally discredit what he says (long time ago, were you high?, how could you id the cops responsible etc...)
> >

> > What to do.
> >
> > I think he has done the right thing in writing to the DA.
> >
> >. I think he needs to get some professional legal advice NOW. There must be some suitable citizens advice service or peoples' legal collective or something. Someone needs to find out the facts of the civil case and look at the evidence presented there and help the witness make a judgement about whether to proceed. I am not qualified to give the witness specific advice and I am not sure anyone is. I think people should all be careful about pushing him into a situation he might not be able to handle by himself.
> >
> > Till he does that (gets advice) I think he should leave the family in peace. By accepting the settlement they have accepted that the cops killed their kid. Even if the official story is that it was an 'accident', I am not sure anyone would ever actually believe that, but maybe they have found a way to deal with it all. There may in fact be nothing to gain by opening old wounds and achieving nothing.
> >
> > I think you and your DeadHeads should continue to give the witness as much support as you can, He's obviously hurting quite a lot about this. Even if it is not possible to bring the killers to justice, I hope you all can at least help him come to terms with it all and feel that speaking out, even if only amongst yourselves, was worth while.
> >

cc talking agin here:
so,, folks, naturally i think we all need to keep helping our brother Evester out, and keep offereing more advice and more points of view, and naturally the decision to continue must come from Evester's heart.

lamagonzo (not verified)
How many other times & places

did security and/or police kill people at Greateful Dead concerts? I would suspect the number is more than 2. This doesn't even count bad, traumatic head injuries.

It always make me think of the days we used to protest nonviolently and watch those horse cops line up and start chomping on (I guess) candy. Somebody once told me that it would put them in a mad, raging sugar rush -- which explains partly why they go so insane on peaceful people. Maybe it wasn't candy though. Maybe it was that nazi stormtrooper speed.

Anyway my heart goes out to those who suffered and if you can find it in your heart to forgive the healing goes a lot faster. It is true though, bro. You don't won't to die, yourself, without talking this stuff through and getting to a place where it is OK.

Just my opinion not having suffered this myself. Peace be with you.

JackstrawfromColorado's picture
Joined: Jan 2 2009
You are right Mr Pid

I'd devote my life and go to the ends of the world to bring about justice for my murdered child.

"Escaping through the lily fields, I came across an empty space. It rainbow then exploded, left a bus stop in its place. The bus come by and I got on, thats when it all began. It was Cowboy Neal at the wheel of the bus to never ever land"


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