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Looking for friends and family you've lost touch with? Post here!


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Joined: Aug 24 2011
Looking for my friend

Hey i am looking for my friend Chris,from Palms California.

Joined: Jul 13 2011

Trying to locate a brother referred to as Loopey. Met him on tour summer '95 and we subsequently did the entire tour. Once that tour ended and with the passing of Jerry never heard from him. He referred to everyone as brother bear or sister bear....Someone out there must know Loopey :)......

Joined: Jul 24 2011
Looking for Ron

Looking for Ron Grayson, the man who took me to sooo many shows and good times, and the finally to the airport where I flew to the UK. Anyone out there know Ron??
Many Long strange trips we had...

Joined: Mar 13 2009
Woodblock Sister

was at All Good Festival 2011 and watched a beautiful sis named Space kick down the most rightous original woodblock tapestry to my neighbor who saved a giant moth from the road. it was designed like a dollar bill with a wine bottle-drinking Bertha and looked kind of pirate-ish. if anyone else has seen this wonderful woman or her art, please let me know! Thanks Friends!

Joined: Jul 1 2011
The book i gave her

Hey now does anyone here know dannie? The sweet sweet indiana sunshine girl...if you do please let me know...n tell her one of her super old school legendary people misses her like the dickens...ask her to tell you what book jeff gave her in gary. 93 93/93

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Joined: Jun 21 2011

Any PA deadheads out there?? more specifically, any going to JerryFest in Shartlesville???

Joined: Jun 3 2011
I would like to connect with

I would like to connect with others that were at the Springfield Creamery Concert August of 1972 in Veneta Oregon.

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Joined: May 17 2011
Web Project

I'm looking for a web-savvy Head who is interested in partnering with me on a new GD-based site. I have 300,000-plus words of content, and need a programmer and designer to make it live. Ideally this would be someone in the Atlanta area, but could be anywhere in the US. This has commercial potential and I would expect a match to my investment (with shared profits, of course). PM me please!


Joined: May 14 2011
In search of old dead head Winddancer aka jonathan?

New to this site.. Searching for my birth father with little leads.. I was conceived in Eugene oregon in the summer of "79. My mother devorah met him and they were only together for a short while.. I imagine, there are many others like me, products of a free loving time:)
He went by the name winddancer. I do not have his birthname.. I believe he frequented santa cruz california, not sure if he was from there or not. any leads, info or ideas will be gratefully appreciated.. He would most likely be in his late 50's to early 60's now.. I know the circle was tight back then, so I am sending this out into the universe, that there is the chance that someone may have known this man..
Thank you,

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Joined: May 26 2007

you might also post in the Your Own Storefront topic. You're a good daughter.:-)


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In Search of... People