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Looking for friends and family you've lost touch with? Post here!


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Joined: Jan 27 2008
Looking For

Charmine Russel, she has 5 kids. The oldest named Amithyst. I think she lives in Fla. now. I miss you and love you. Nicole and Adam

Joined: Jul 20 2007
Hey Dan Cancglin... it's your sister........

where r u???????? Come home Lil Bro..... miss u tons :(

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Joined: Jun 14 2007
Brothers and Sisters!!

Jody from New Zealand, AKA Jody Peace, AKA Jodester is looking for any old tour friends... I am, drop me a line cats!!!
I'd love to hear from any of my beloved family from the dayz back in 87-92 when we shared the greatest things in life that anyone could wish for. Our love will never fade away!!!

Are you kind?

Joined: Jan 24 2008
craig belinski..(grizzly) where are you

im looking for grizzly..craig from illinoi did time in valporasio.
he hung out with another guy terry for a bit between shows and we all lived in reading, california briefly with a guy called dave that did my first tattoo with a home made gun,terry craig and sunshine(chrissy)
god i miss youall there are so many people that sweep through my mind all these years later..
i toured in the early ninties my names syrie, im from the u.k but now living in ireland,
used to do hair wraps on shakedown and sell sexy burritos too..
i am looking for all above and..
dave from marthas vinyard travelled in a van with his dog..we met on haight street and then travelled together for some and a big tank of nitrous oxide!
hilary from florida we met at a national gathering though cant remember which one now and 9 of us left in a chevy van and did are own thing for a while..hilary and i parted in new jersey..
wolf (tom williams) we parted in phoenix arizona and i went on to santa cruz for the shows..i did see you after that but sadly not since..miss you badly x
a punk called spider, we were in a vw with wolf and others selling sodas and the placed got gassed out by the guards (cops) does anyone remember that ..i think in florida
earth ..met at tennesse gathering
there are so many to recall ..but if anyone remembers me please get in contact

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Joined: Jan 18 2008
Seeking Nick Carter and Felice Luftschein.. come in, over!

I lost touch in 2003, and may have their address stuffed away in a box somehwere... but should anyone know of their current whereabouts, I would be most grateful for your assistance!

And then there are Mark Troughton and Lauren Markovich...

Can't talk to you without talking to me
We're guilty of the same old thing...

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Joined: Jan 18 2008
looking for Anthony Polio or Judy Althouse old friends

We are looking for some old friends from the Va. Beach area in the ealy to mid 80's ! We're back in Jersey. If you know our friends please email us!

Joined: Jan 14 2008
Looking for Marc Yevlov

If any body knows his where abouts please contact him and tell him his old buddy Jamie (from the Y) is looking for him

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Joined: Jun 14 2007
Boots, John, Pardo, Uncle Larry

Looking for some old brothers to reunite with. I heard some of you got off of the bus...say it isn't so!!


Joined: Jun 14 2007
Big Rapids, MI

I am also looking for heads in my area.. Big Rapids, MI - Sister Earth you are not too far :)
I know there must be some in town, though because there is a telephone connection box with like 20 dead stickers on it in town.
Would love to know of anyone around who even listens to the dead, let alone really likes them - I seem to be alone in this small town. I know we are everwhere, but is everyone who likes the dead in hiding in this tiny town :)
Email me -->

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Joined: May 26 2007
I think

she's still in Colorado recovering from that ankle fu, but now that you mention it I haven't heard much from her lately either. I just sent her an email asking how she's doing. You're right, it ain't the same around here without her.


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In Search of... People