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Joined: Dec 26 2007
I guess I hafta agree wif ya

Havin' spent WAAAY too much time on a "ship of fools"....

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Joined: Jan 9 2011
I will not be a rat...

The only song I ever missed a moment of a Dead show for was "Ship Of Fools". I can enjoy it now when listening to shows, but live, my bladder created urine in an effort to get me to the bathroom. Otherwise, I was too obsessed to dare miss a note of music, which is why most of my setbreaks were spent waiting in line to pee.

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Joined: Jan 2 2009

Yeah I end up getting to know the bathroom really well by the time the show is done.

Damn weak bladder!

Gratefaldean - that's hilarious! Just don't do what I did a couple of Furthur shows ago and wait till the very end of the intermission before going to pee (at Red Rocks it can be a journey to the bathroom) and then just as you get there you hear the opening notes of Scarlet Begonias! Arrrrgghh! Talk about shake it shake it Sugaree and sprinting back to your seat haa!! =)

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Not to mention

Only a three hour show? You'd usually get around three hours of playing time. Never mind set breaks. Plus getting in a little early to make sure you don't miss the opener. Not at all uncommon to be inside the venue for four to four and a half hours. Sometimes even longer. Well, you did say you hadn't actually been to one, so I guess we cut you a pass there.

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Joined: Jun 22 2007
If I can duck out

For Lost Sailor, but be back in time for Saint of Circumstance, then I've done well. Always hated Sailor, but love the > to Saint...go figure.

The before strategy works better when you're young, believe me (they don't advertise those "going all the time" pharmaceuticals for nothing). When you reach a certain age, you need to be more aware of what your fluid in > fluid out ratio is, your own particular threshold, and most importantly, pay attention to your progress against it.

Joined: Apr 17 2008

Do For Other's You Will Feel Better.

Joined: Apr 17 2008
If it was not a bobby tune,Usally had to go before rush

Then again you go when you go.
I have started A certain refrain during a Sugaree in the bathroom.
And have always had a roar of laughter and a sign along.
Good times.
Not to mention i always went in to scout out toilets and import beer .

:):) SD

Do For Other's You Will Feel Better.

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Joined: May 26 2007

the beer garden often worked against this otherwise laudable strategy for some folks. And then of course there were pregnant ladies and all...with small future Deadheads kicking their bladders with each Phil bomb...

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Joined: Jun 8 2010
Why not pee BEFORE a

Why not pee BEFORE a concert? It just seems really odd to me that there are 24 hrs in a day, correct? If you are aware you are on your way to a concert that YOU KNOW is gonna be around 3-hours long, why would you not pee beforehand? I'm too young to have seen the Grateful Dead in concert but I one thing I know 100% for sure is I did have that amazing opportunity I certainly wouldn't miss some of it to use the bathroom. I have been to hundreds of shows and never peed once during a concert. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a group of musicians you love/admire perform in front of you...and you're gonna leave to go pee?No offense, just sounds crazy to me. I'd wanna spend every second at a Dead show enjoying the music and watching the performing.

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least favorite

CC Rider is so horrible luckily they never played it for me! Same for Day Job.
I think I'll go up on a mountain, I'll fling myself off into space
I'm not doing it because I'm desperate, I'm just trying to save some space...


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The Song That Launched a Million Bathroom Breaks...