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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Happy New Year to all

oh do please lighten up Gonzo! Put on a party hat and do something fun and crazy. We know about all that shit and now and then its nice to turn your back on it. All over the world there are people a lot less fortunate than any of us bringing together friends and family to enjoy a few hours of good company and good cheer. Who would begrudge them that?

Have a great new year deadnet friends, I hope it brings joy and happiness and for those who are having a difficult time, some shelter from the storm

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Have a happy eve and a better new year

I'll not pay heed to 'gonzo's advice: Samantha Fish is playing the blues at Llywellyn's Pub tonight and I have a table adjacent to the stage. An Irish New Year toast is at 6pm central, with a Kansas toast at midnight. I'll race home afterward to catch Furthur on XM Sirius!!

lamagonzo (not verified)
Happy New Year

Moment by moment goes inching by so slowly we can't feel it, only see it in the grey and white hairs and wrinkles. So sad is impermanence. Those we care for, a few more gone every year.

And yet this day we choose to party and forget we are moving closer and closer to death at the rate of an avalanche.

Surely it is a day for praying and doing good rather than getting wasted, singing and dancing.

Anyway, don't let that bus hit you when you cross the street. You may have more than a few regrets when your life passes before your eyes...

Joined: Aug 22 2009
happy new year to you all from someplace

Happy New Year to you all!!!!! Looking forward to a new year as last year completely drained me, the good and the bad,(I had a hard run.) I still believe there is more positivity out there than negativity. I believe that there is more ying than yang, but somehow the ying and the yang always equal out to be about 50/50. I have lost more friends this year, but as you grow older this becomes a common occurrence. Unfortunately i am only 36 and my former circle of friends knew, and still know how to run it hard. I have learned more and covered more ground this year , but the year of the rabbit will not have run its course until mid January. I will miss my fellow soldiers of the night who have fallen in 2011 and in the former. Me I am still on the road and heading for another joint and have a cocktail in hand and the music is most likely too loud. Have been spending some time back in the States in south Florida on the water, any heads in the Fort Lauderdale area? Strange being back in the States after being away for so long, I was in Myanmar for the last week and I had a similar feeling, but there is no place like home. Happy New Year!!!

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Happy, Happy

Happy, Peaceful, and SAFE start of 2012 everybody. Wishing you all a "good slide" (as they say in German) into the New Year.

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Bonus tracks on CD version released in the Beyond Description box set in 2004 and as a separate CD in 2006;

My Brother Esau (Weir / Barlow) - Single B-side, 1/15/87
West L.A. Fadeaway (Garcia / Hunter) - Alternate version, 3/84
Black Muddy River (Garcia / Hunter) - Studio rehearsal, 12/5/86
When Push Comes To Shove (Garcia / Hunter) - Studio rehearsal, 12/5/86
Touch Of Grey (Garcia / Hunter) - Studio rehearsal, 8/82
Throwing Stones (Weir / Barlow) - Live, 7/4/87

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Date of recording

I don't know the proper etiquette for this forum, having rarely participated, so please forgive me if I am out of order. It seems a lot of the topics are locked, but I would really like to know what show the Throwing Stones on the expanded "In The Dark" is from.

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Ah...Tofu Turkey just wouldn't be Christmas without it.

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Joined: May 26 2007

great to see you, and very happy holidays to you!

Joined: Jun 13 2007

c_c that was awesome...
I'll memorize it yet.
Very cool. Very very cool.
Just sitting here smiling my
face off >>> whoops
It's gone.
Um maybe you can help me find it.
Happy Holidaze, xo!


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