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Joined: Sep 29 2008
Obama Tix from Rusty 88

Hey Rusty 88,
Are you tix still available?


Joined: Sep 3 2008
Extra Pair of Obama Tix

So I bought my friend a pair of tickets to the dead show at PSU... found out last night that he just got a new job so he doesn't think he'll be able to go now.. How lame is that? I'm not sure that I would miss this show for a job... Well Regardless, I have his pair now that I want to get rid of. Will consider trade offers for them... I live in Pittsburgh, so I'd like to meet someone around here if I could, but I'm sure we could work something out to meet day of at PSU.

SEATS : 103,104

I know they are high, but they are center stage... Anyways,,, let me know!

Joined: Sep 3 2008
Obama tix

I have a couple of Obama tix, got some friends who couldnt go. Asking face value plus ticketmaster fees which is 105.00 for the pair. THey are behind the stage, lower level.
Let me know here and we'll hook something up!

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Joined: Jul 11 2007
Phil Shows

I have tickets to Phil Lesh on Friday, November 1st and Saturday, November 7th at the Nokia Theatre in NYC. The problem is that I have no one to join me. None of my friends are into the Dead that much and would likely not appreciate the show the way a dead head would. While, I think I might have someone for one of the tickets, I am putting out feelers to see if anyone would be interested in joining me for one (perhaps two) of the shows. Please email me if anyone is interested and I will figure something out. I am not even asking for much. Perhaps a few beers.

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Joined: Sep 3 2008
10/13 PSU Trade Seats for Floor?

Trade Seats for Floor?

My wife and I would swap 2 Floor GA Tickets for 2 Tickets in Sections 104 - 107 or 124 - 121?

Email: or


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Joined: May 26 2007

you might have better luck if you posted in the Tix Wanted topic.

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Joined: Jul 26 2007
Need Phil Tickets

I need 2 tickets for any of the weekend Shows At the Nokia Theatre IN NYC...
Will pay shipping, Need to take My Girlfriend to a show and she works and can only do a weekend show. Dates Are 11/5 11/6 or 11/12 11/13 Please Help a brother out and save him from the ticket scalpers .


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Joined: Jul 5 2007
bruce hornsby and noisemakers Lincoln City OR Fri Aug 22

Hi there. Unnfortunately, I cannot make the 800 plus mile trip for the only west coast appearance of Hornsby this summer. I am selling 2 front row table seats for 60 for two on ebay. the show is tomorrow Fri Aug 22. I love that Bruce Hornsby..You won't be dissapointed ..I certainly am that I cannot go !!!!

Joined: Jun 3 2008
Ratdog in San Diego July 1 & 2

Hey now. I have One ticket for July 1 and two for July 2. Unfortunately life has gotten in thhe way and I cannot make it to eaither show. Just hoping to recoup my cost (face value) for the tickets. Fell free to email me at

if you are interested in any or all of them. I am bummed I cannot go, but it would be an even bigger bummer if the tickets go to waste.

I miss Jerry...

Joined: Jun 5 2007
Ratdog at Los Angeles Greek Theater on June 29, 2008

I have two (literally) front row center seats for this show. I would like to exchange these two exceptional seats for a couple seats "furthur" back in the same section. E-mail me at


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