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Joined: Dec 12 2009
Santa Clara Tix 4 sale or Trade

Anyone is interested in 4 Santa Clara Tix,2x2 each night, lemme know, as Tix are prob. arriving any day, now. Sec's 409 & 411. Cost to me w/Fees was $375ish. Will sell for cost, @$400 for all 4. If you own a sealed DP 1, that's even better. PM if interested

Joined: Jun 7 2015
Ticket trade

One Friday Chicago GA for a Sunday GA ticket.

Joined: Jan 17 2015

Hi! I am looking for two Sunday tickets. I have two Friday tickets, side of stage, section 440, row 9. Not the best view, but let me know. I would like to trade them both.

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Joined: Feb 21 2011

On behalf of the Sunhine Daydreamer sub forum....our best....


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Joined: Dec 12 2014

That is awesome! Hope you get your miracle too!

Joined: Feb 27 2015
I am giving one Miracle for July 5

Please help me take this viral-

I am giving 1 Miracle to the July 5 show in honor of my former spouse, Nelson Cessna who is battling end stage liver disease. I was set to go and his health declined. I will not be going and want the ticket to go for the good. Some friends and I just put up a website to give Nelson virtual hugs, raise awareness about liver disease and organ donation and to fund raise to help cover medical expenses.

There are instructions on this site for putting your finger in the air virtually for this miracle. There is absolutely no obligation other than to send an email to the address listed on the site. I am hoping if we give a miracle we will get one for Nelson!

I will put everyone's name and email into a hat and choose the deserving winner on or about June 18.

Joined: May 9 2015
SC Tix Both days

Do you have a group of friends that got shut out of Santa Clara. I have 4 tix for both sat and sun. Sat sec 420 row 12 and row 10, Sunday Sec 230 rows 18 and 17. Face of $628.66 for all 8. Will break up, have someone interested in a pair of Saturdays but would love to see a group of friends be able to use these. Can meet and hand off in SC to save shipping. I'm still going but I upgraded to seats with a view. Buyer responsible for shipping and PayPal fees

Joined: Jun 5 2015

anyone know of any overnight camping in SC? please email me the info at

Joined: Jun 5 2015
2 Sun night Santa Clara for sale

I wound up getting tix for Chicago.Now have these 2 tix from Santa Clara to sell.Section 248 row 14 for face value.Thought I had these
sold (twice) and now it's 3 weeks away.Let me know if you are interested.

Joined: Jun 3 2015
4 tickets available per show in Santa Clara

We have 4 full view tickets available per show for Santa Clara and we can't go. Email me if interested



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