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Joined: May 5 2015
Parking passes Santa Clara

Hey Heads--I can't seem to find any information about parking passes for the SC shows. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Joined: Jan 21 2015
@Post Office refuses to refund my Money Orders

Just deposit to your checking account. Write on back "Not used for purpose intended". It will clear depending on your bank in a couple of days.

Peace out........

Joined: May 5 2015
CID Santa Clara package for sale

2 seats per nite in the 112 section, and 3 nights at the Hyatt Hotel. Many perks like transportation to and from the show. No mark up.

Joined: May 5 2015
Got Santa Clara, Hoping for Chicago

2 good seats together for Sun in Cali for any Chicago show tix.

Joined: Jan 6 2014
Grateful Dead magic tickets

Hi, I was blown away by Grateful Dead Meet at the Movies! Jerry looked good and the boys sounded great!

I am looking for one "magic" ticket to Santa Clara, Saturday and Sunday.

How about a "miracle" three day pass to Chicago?


Originally from Connecticut, 1st show at Dillon Stadium in Hartford, CT, 1972.

California since 1979, last Grateful Dead Show, Las Vegas 1995.

Lots of super shows in between and onward, "The Other Ones" "Furthur" "Ratdog", Phil and Phriends,

Thanks again,

Joined: May 5 2015
Trade Santa Clara for Chicago

I have 4 tickets for each night at Santa Clara. Will trade for Chicago Tickets. Any night
You can call me at 312-593-8459. Thanks

Joined: Mar 31 2009
Trade SC for Chicago

Hey now. I have 2 extra tix for both SC shows (Sat section 106, Sun section 107) and am looking to trade them for 2 tix for each Chicago show. Will gladly add the $$ to face value to get all 3 Chicago shows. Preference would be for all 3 Chicago shows, but will be happy for 2.

Like so many other worthy souls, we were shut out on mail order, CID and TM. My wife and I have been on the bus since '75 and still love dancing at the rail or at our seats to the GOGD (in any incarnation).

Joined: Jun 7 2007
Post Office refuses to refund my Money Orders

I have my two $115 PO Mail Orders GDTS returned to me when I lost out on the Chicago mail order. I also have the "customer receipts" that come attached to each of the MOs. I DO NOT have the cash register reciept given to me when I paid cash for them.

The Post Office is refusing to refund my money because I lack the cash register receipts. This seems rather unfair. I thought money orders were as good as cash? My name is on them, as is GDTS'.

Anyone have this problem and/or know a way I can get my $230 back?

It's bad enough to not get tics. Really sucks to lose my money too!!

Joined: Apr 18 2015
I Have Chicago Sundays, Trade for Friday and Saturday

Hi folks. I have 2 extra Chicago Sundays, Sec. 321, Row 7. I'm looking to trade for 1 Chicago Friday, and 1 Chicago Saturday. These could be separate trades. Got my tix thru TM, so I don't have them in hand yet. Was looking to make an advance arrangement to trade once we get to Chicago. Obviously, the better the view of your trade, the better. Hit me up!

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Joined: Oct 22 2012
Dear Jerry Tix

A couple of my "traveling buddies" have reneged on their commitments to attend the DearJerry show in Colombia MD.
I therefore have a couple of tickets available if anybody needs them. I paid $265 each for them and will sell for that amount,
I can be reached at 859 983 2452.


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