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Joined: Apr 23 2013
Sorry to be mean...don't mean to be...

Everyone who has been to a show, knows that Mean People Suck...To your ticket wish, I have to say at the risk of being a and everyone else brother...a couple of us have been pleading for tix since the day we got shut out of TM...there is a dude offering up a week pass to Burning Man for tix...THAT is a deal and if I had extras, he would be the guy (after I took care of Klangstone who has been diligent here like me)

Peace and good luck

Joined: Aug 21 2009
Another TicketMaster shutout.

So, what's it come to?
I'm a long time Head, first show in '82, "on the bus" since '85. Never got shut out of New Year's shows, even. (Went to every one I tried to go to.) But this ticket sale was just crazy.
I have this one dear friend I haven't seen in years, we were going to meet in Chicago for these shows. But now that's not going to happen, unless....
Does anyone know of a "Workingman's Dead" or a "Sugar Magnolia (for 2)" travel package available, without scalping? I'm happy to pay 10% above face value, which seems reasonable "parking lot markup." But not more than that, or that would be scalping.

Joined: Mar 11 2015
3 day tickaet

I am 55 years old seen hundreds of shows including Europe 90. Can't imagine missing this one after 37 years of chasing them, starting with 11/08/79 Capital Center. Please help me out, I only need one. I have a good motel room for 4 and will share with you and pay for ticket and feed you if necessary, Just want to go, I will even get you your own room if necessary.I can also supply transportation to and from airport, motel or whatever, I will be driving from Virginia and can supply a ride all the way there.

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Joined: Jan 22 2015
I am also looking for the Golden Ticket

Please help a fellow deadhead with 1 ticket to 1 show at face value.

Just looking for fair deal, I have a hotel room willing to share to whomever has a ticket they can sell me.

Thanks and rock on!

Joined: Sep 19 2007
Just one?

My partner and I have one ticket for the 4th. Looking for one more. We are driving out from California in one of our buses, he has a ’71 and I have a ’66. Not sure which one we’re taking (depends if we get mine running)but seems right to do the pilgrimage with a nice drive through Colorado, only one of us gets in though so we thought we’d ask for just one ticket … we can prove we are Deadheads. Email us at gmail to lytweaver if there is one…

BTW there is a campground about an hour Northwest of Chicago that we found 20 min from Crystal Lake train station. I am sure there are more to be found at this end of the Metra Union Northwest Pacific line. This train runs from McHenry County
down to Ogalvie Transit train station not far from Soldiers Field. Last train I believe is 12:30 a.m. We just aren't staying in the city and thought I'd mention this for anyone looking for options ... Thank you

Joined: Sep 21 2011
Your door beaten down on tickets yet?

Tickets still available? I'm sure you've gotten 1000 responses already.

My deal is that I haven't yet received a pinky or a congrats email, still holding out small (diminishing) hope that tickets will be forthcoming.

I did have some friends who live in Montana that got tickets via MO. Haven't seen them in many moons and would love to see them again. If tickets still up, I'd buy them regardless of my MO outcome. Would like to see if I could get them early and then trade for other nights.

Regardless, thanks for the kind offer. So little of that these days, still nice to see some left.

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Looking for one ticket to any of the 3 shows

Hey now!
When I heard about the show I was very excited. I saved money and set up an account on Ticketmaster. I thought I would treat myself and buy one 3day ticket, and I would still have just enough to buy the round trip train ticket to Chicago. I figured if this was the one big thing I did for myself this year, it would be worth it. I walked across town in the snow to get to a wifi hotspot early on the onsale day. I had my phone and laptop going and still never got anywhere with the process. Like so many others on here, I got stuck in the loop of Ticketmaster throwing me out of the system, with a 45 minute queue message. By the time the system finally let me in, everything was sold out of course. At this point, I would be happy to make it to just one show. I dont care which date, I would just like to go to one more show. It would be like a family reunion! I have not experienced the kindness and amazing spiritual experience that dancing at a show brings in almost ten years (NYE with Phil Lesh and Friends in SF). I miss the familial experience of tour, and while I in no way expect it to be exactly the same as it was 25 and 30 years ago, I still really want to be a part of this one last show experience. I was able to save enough to pay face value for a ticket, but the dollars that stubhub is asking for is ridiculously high! I am also willing to throw in some artwork as a partial trade if it would make the deal sweeter? Maybe check out my art and send me a message? www(dot)abstractperspectives(dot)weebly(dot)com

Thank you very much in advance!
Charles Firecat Burnell

Joined: Mar 5 2015
looking to trade 7/3 for 7/4 or 7/5

Hey guys, first post here. I was extremely lucky and got a single 3 day pass (behind the stage, but still). None of my other buddies got tickets however so I'm looking to trade my Friday for Sunday (preferably) or Saturday. My seat is sec 253, row 20, seat 3. I'm not looking for a better view, anywhere inside is fine.

For those looking for a room, we have an extra room at the Wyndham Grand Riverfront, about 2 miles away. Our traveling party got much smaller after Ticketmaster so we no longer need this room. I would like to use it to sweeten a trade, but if that's not necessary I can transfer it to whoever needs it.

I selected UPS ground for shipping method, so my tickets should be in hand soon. I live in Alabama and my choice would be to meet somewhere in the south to trade in person before getting to Chicago.

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Joined: Jan 18 2015
need 4, July 5th. i'll throw in a rt. airfare for 1

Looking for 4 tix for July 5th (Sunday ) @ face value. Must be field or lower level full view. And i'll pay for 1 rt. Airfare ticket from wherever you are ( in the continental U.S. )too chicago and back. For 1 person

Joined: Feb 28 2015
Face Value Tix Opportunity via FB


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