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Joined: Jan 13 2009
we are all looking for the same thing/ a dream and a miracle

unfortunately we all seem to be looking and not many are willing to give up except for the stub hubbers trying to make a killing on something that should have been a great last ride for all of us true heads, that being said i also have a room 2 miles away from the stadium and looking for two tickets willing to put people up, im sure this is a long shot at this point, but we did buy our tickets for the grateful ball after party which should be a great time, there are still tickets available for that event, and me and my bro will be making the most of our time in Chicago, and hope you all do to.

peace and love,

Joined: Nov 4 2010
Looking for up to 4 tickets to any single day.

I Had never used ticket master before, was online at 10am in the queue. Waiting for the timer to tick down for my turn to confirm what it had found. By the time i realize my session was bugged the concert was sold out. I was supposed to get 4 ticket me an my wife an our 2 friends. If any kind sole was able to secure extra an would be willing to part I can pay via pay pal or bitcoins or money order just let me know !! Thanks in advance !!

Joined: Nov 1 2010
GD50 in Chicago

Looking for up to 3 for Sat or Sunday night. I know its a long-shot but maybe the universe will be kind. Really hoping to take both my sons (16 and 20) for their first real Dead show. Will pay of course, anything they cost you plus free GD CDs, copies of shows, etc. Blessings to all seekers and to those who have already found!

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Joined: Jun 14 2007
Tix needed

Throwing all options out into the universe that I can. This July would be my 25th anniversary of the first time I saw Jerry and had my heart set on seeing the band at least one night. Hoping someone can help a sister out.

"Love Light"

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Joined: Mar 1 2015
properlejdi reply

Good comment.

True that there will be a lot there that bought their way in, but I would hope the band in the coming months is able to do things to reduce the demand for these shows. Simulcast it, offer public forum simulcast locations in cities around the country. Maybe that brings ticket prices down a bit and folks who really aren't motivated to get to Chicago stop looking..

but on the other hand, maybe that also continues this massive hype that is going on and it only gets worse. really can't say what will happen at this point. I don't know of a bigger band that announced a 3-night run to close out their 50-year career on the 20th year anniversary of the last show they played in the same location. Think about that a moment. I'm sure they all kicked around ideas and this seemed like a great idea at the time, but its unprecedented and they have created the mother-of-all-concerts with a bottleneck for tickets like never seen before.

Joined: Jan 22 2015
Hotel Room

Howdy ya all... I have room for 3rd and 4th in the beautiful Hyatt Regency on East Wacker Drive, not far from concert. We missed out on mail and TM and i can't pay the prices for what everybody is asking. Very sad how this type of greed has gotten way out of hand !!! SO PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YA NEED AWESOME ROOM...PRICE PAID FOR ROOMS WERE $278.18 PER NIGHT FOR TOTAL OF #556.36.. HAVE CONFIRMATION # IN HAND.... THX... pLEASE GO THROUGH PERSONEL MESSAGE!!!!!!

Joined: Mar 1 2015
Ticket to TRADE

I have a 3 day set of tickets that are behind the stage I would like to TRADE the July 4th ticket and 1 more ticket for either Friday or Sunday (your choice) for 1 July 4th ticket anywhere in front of the stage.

I give you two tickets behind the stage and you give me 1 ticket in front of the stage.

I know you may be able to wander around but I'm not taking the chance to be separated from my young son. I am only willing to TRADE.

I have many friends who were shut out to pass my extras on to so I will not be selling them.

You must be able to prove you are a Dead Head and not a scalper or broker.

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Joined: Mar 1 2015
Seeking any tickets to any night

Would love to find at least two tickets to any night - but would really take anything.

My brother and I were going to meet in Chicago - with him coming from Jackson Hole and I'm in D C - and just wanted to see one night if possible - preferably Fri or Sat or both. We would take a 3-day pass as well or any individuals.

Hit me up if you have extras! I know this is a needle in a haystack shot, but I'm throwing my email into the dark to see what happens!

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Joined: Jan 21 2015

Well said.......

Joined: Apr 23 2013
Welcome to Greed

Well all - seems like I am not the only head who was shut out - at least I can say that I saw them once upon a time...most HERE can say that too (which is a good thing). A couple things about the scalpers, this is a function of supply and demand. There is no supply and massive demand, wherever this occurs, we will have people taking advantage of the system. If GDTS did what Phil does for his shows, scalping would be non-existent. You need to show up and show id - all tix are will call and non-transferrable. So the lucky sods who got GA tix either pit or floor, who are selling them for upwards of $15k per, well, we reap it.

Next, and probably most disheartening, is that the boys themselves don't see a penny off these crazy prices. They are ones doing all of the work (they and the crews obviously) and the people getting rich off of no work at all are quietly debating whether they even go if they can clear $60,000 per night for their pit tickets...for only $400 up front.

I think the worst thing of all though - is that there will be very few people in tie-dyes, tripping and dancing to the boys for one last time on the floor. At these prices, it will be suits and the kids from Palo Alto (now) who can afford it.

EDIT: Maybe I am harsh to judge those who pay $2-10k for a ticket as not heads. Perhaps they are more of a head than I will ever be; or perhaps they are just huge fans with a lot more money. I guess I have no right to question those that can pay this kind of blood money to see the band we all live and breath by. As I said, I am just bitter that I don't have millions of dollars to not notice the kind of money being asked (and I do very well for a living - but not that well).

I'm bitter - but this is just the stages of grief I am afraid, yesterday was pure sadness. I was in a Charlie Brown mood all day. Roadking brightened my day for a bit, but he gave them to someone else - he is a good man and did what he had to do (no bitterness there).

I am sure that there will be a moving commemoration to the boys that have been lost over the years on the 7th as they drop the curtain for one last time. I, will only get to imagine it. I am sorry for the rambling but I am finding this somewhat cathartic since my wife and friends are tired of hearing me rant.

To those of you lucky heads going - eat some paper and dance for me and more importantly, enjoy the splendour that is the Grateful Dead. My friend, whom I was going to go with looked at the prices and said something that made me laugh yesterday..."Jerry will be so mad with what is going on, this is so NOT the Grateful Dead, in fact, I'm willing to bet he will be so disgusted, he won't even show up" A little tongue in cheek, but maybe it was a good thing he isn't around to see what the institution he was a key part of has become.


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