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Joined: Mar 11 2015

I will pick you up up and transport you to Chicago, And supply you with a motel room in exchange for 1 3-day ticket. If you live anywhere east of the Mississippi or within 500 miles of Chicago, I'm your man. After chasing these guys for 36 years, I can't imagine missing this one.

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Tix needed for Dead 50th

I am sooo bummed, like many got shut out of mail order and ticmaster. Have flight and hotel but no tics. If anyone could see their way to a miracle for me, I will pay almost anything (except for the outrageous rip offs on stub hub!) for 1 or 2 tics for ANY night.
Please be kind and help me out - I'm as old as the band and afraid don't have too many more shows left in me!! LOL.
Feel free to call me (772) 800-7879.
Thanks and will see you all there anyway, even if I have to listen from shakedown in the lot!!
Peace, Cindy

Joined: Mar 17 2015
tix wanted chicago

tried mail order, ticketmaster....nothing. We are freaking sad about this. Deadhead needs a miracle - so if you have even one ticket you would like to sell, we will buy it! Already in rural Illinois - don't have to travel far to Chicago 2015!

Joined: Jan 17 2015
Looking for tickets!

I have flights and a studio condo booked for my husband, mom, and stepdad, but no miracle yet with mail order and Ticketmaster.

Am looking for either 4 tickets to one show or 2 tickets to any night.

Please and thank you so much.



Joined: Jan 4 2009
Putting my name in the hat for tickets

Shut out on mail order, packages and TM. Would like 4 tickets for any or all 3 shows. We have a room. Would hate to miss out.

Joined: Jan 18 2012
Got a Room and a Flight


If you have any tickets, I have a room and flight, but no tickets, missed getting them. I would be very grateful to purchase some from you or anyone you may know who has some. Need 2 for each night if possible, but anything will do.



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Joined: Apr 10 2008
re: SF Rumors and Non Verified Thoughts

Here's a couple of links:'s picture
Joined: May 12 2009
SF Rumors and Non Verified Thoughts

I just spent the last unproductive hour looking for at least a discussion about the unverified rumor about another GD 50 show at Levis Stadium in Santa Clara. Does anyone know where on this site I can fuel my curiosity about this rumor? Any of you Deadheads looking for another Dead50 Fare thee Well run? It was the 1st thing talked about on the Golden Road yesterday. Please somebody tell me where to go for current discussions about the Dead.

Gratefully Yours,


Joined: Mar 12 2015
Trade July 3rd section 121 for similar seat for Sunday July 5th

Looking to trade 1 ticket with a great view for Friday for 1 ticket with a similar view for Sunday July 5th.

Joined: Jan 21 2015
Looking for a Miracle - Trade a VIP for two non-VIP's?

Hello Friends,
I have 1 3 day, VIP (Steal your Face experience) floor pass to the 50th, and I'm looking to somehow turn this ticket into two so I can attend the weekend with my friend that's attended almost every show I've ever gone to with (who was shutout). If anyone has two tickets they'd be interested in trading for my VIP ticket please let me know! It pains me to see so many beautiful people that want to be a part of this show shutout, so let's keep the positive vibes flowing so all those that want tickets make it in.


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Tix Offered