Grateful Dead

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Shut out of the show you just have to see? This is the place to see if anyone's got extras.


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Joined: Mar 11 2014

Looking to buy Ratdog 3/16/14. 2 or 3 tix ideally.
Let me know if you can help me out.


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4 for 2/15

Need four tickets for Tower tomorrow night. Gracias.

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Rat Dog in DC

I am looking for 2 tickets for Rat Dog either the 2/17 or 2/18 at the Lincoln Theatre, I can pay cash or through pay pal.....OR I have tickets for David Crosby at the Barnes of Wolf Trap on March 25th in row L (orch). The Crosby tickets were $90 a piece so we'll have to work the $ but it's an option.
Thanks!!!!!!! J

Joined: Dec 10 2013
2 for bobby @ tower sat nite 21514

Hey now g d family, hope all is extremely well, I was wanting to get 2 for sat tower, I'll need to barter probably, to make it happen cause no steady job only work a day here and there. I can pony up 1 or 2 first edition ( I think 12_31_96 and another 96 ) bottles of dead red n/a wine also a g d book or 2 also unworn black T-shirt from 95 image of jer and dates and walstib . Im a good laborer and id come and work off the tix money too. I live in jersey just east of Philly. Well thanks for looking and a happy health prosperous holiday time for everybody, thanks, jaybird

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Need a Saturday Greek ticket 9/28

Hi folks- need one for Sat. I'll take two if that's what you have.


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This Deadgrrl needs one for Ogden

Headed to Denver without a ticket to Ogden. I hope I hope I hope I can get a ticket to the show! Let there be songs to fill the air!

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1 Furthur ticket for February 21, 2013

Anxious to see Furthur at the Ogden Theater in Denver. I'd take a 2nd ticket, too, if available. (Stub Hub's a little too high)

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looking for ogden...still...!

i am looking for 2 tix for ogden, feb 21st show...thanks!

and as of jan 28th... still looking

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nye bill graham theatre ticket wanted

just need one ticket, got tickets to the 29th and 30th.
got some love for me?

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In need of tix for Edgefield

Hi family! Im in need of a ticket for friday and saturdays shows at edgefield. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 360-477-5968 Peace, Jason


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