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Joined: Mar 1 2015
Miracle please

I need a family friend for a miracle. My wife and I are driving up from arkansas and need 2 3 day passes or 2 tickets for all nights or any. We are camping at Illinois beach state park Thursday night and will meet you in chicago with Cash! Email me at
Thanks you

Joined: Jul 1 2015

have one for Friday

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Joined: Jul 10 2007
Seek 2 CID Steal Your face or Golden Road VIP ticket packages

We will buy your two (2) CID Steal Your Face or Golden Road - we pay the 2% PayPal fee; no hassles; 100% secure.Talked to CID and have the name and number for you to call. Even better, we will give you EZ instructions on what you need to do. It is a secure process for everyone. You get your money - we thank you forever. What's not to love? Our PayPal is ready for you.
Our CoT link

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Joined: Jun 28 2015
Looking for 3day pass

42 yr old family man, got the nod to go to Chicago . Looking for a 3 day pass ( or 7/4-7/5 singles), to purchase , the lighter on the wallet the better. Anyone out there that can make my year:)?

Joined: Mar 1 2015
Chicago I have 2 Friday and 2 Saturday...need Sunday

I have 2 Friday and 2 Saturday available to trade for Sunday tickets.

Can meet July 3rd onward in Chicago. Text for details 919-590-0965


Joined: Jan 17 2015
I believe in miracles! <3

Just a sister holding out hope for a miracle ticket for Chicago!

Love is real! Real is love!



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Joined: Jan 16 2015
Chicago, Stubhub etc.

This may be old news to most, but I have been off these boards for a while now...

I live in Chicago area and got my hair cut by a new person last week. He scored a total of 9 tix over the three nights, all GREAT seats, all from Bears Season Ticket holders. He said they had a week's notice I think (or 2) to collect them.
Anyhow, point being, this is why there are thousands of tix on stubhub with the most ridiculously greedy prices, but they are coming down!! Hold out till the last possible minute everyone and make them have to dump them for cost!!

Lucky enough to be going to Friday night (SO EXCITED!!) but hoping to get in Sat, Sun too.
Hoping it rains too and people going for the "cool" factor end up giving up their tix to real fans too

Hope everyone lucky enough to be in Cali, has the time of their lives :-)

Joined: Jun 2 2015
For sale 2 for Sun 6/28; 204/19

I'm a decades-long Deadhead, hundreds of shows, but can't make these. Can meet up this eve Fri by 8pm along El Camino Real between San Mateo and Sunnyvale OR Sat 6/27 between 9am and 1pm same location choices. They are in 204 row 19. Send PM if interested. I bought them thru GD lottery; cost per ticket was $149.50 plus $22.16.

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Joined: Jan 17 2015
Will trade, give me a shout


Joined: Jun 13 2007
Free parking! 1 ticket for each night in Santa Clara, Sec. 314

I have an extra ticket for each night in Sec. 314 through package deal at hotel 2 miles away. You get to park at hotel for free and take shuttle to the shows which is included in the cost! If you buy for both nights I will throw in the Dead shirt they are giving as part of package.

Would like to get $120 for each ticket which is $30 under what I paid with the service charge.

I get ticket when I arrive Saturday afternoon and we can meet at the hotel. Thanks!



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