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What's your current family situation?


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treading carefully in the Cold...

I only have the gumption to offer my opinion because you asked, and I'm not really going to give an opinion. Instead, I will pose a question.

How, and with whom, do you want to interact with the grandchildren that will come into your life? They'll be your heart's delight.

Good luck -- I hope you find the path that is best for you.

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Cold rain and snow

Well, I married her 25 years ago. We have two wonderful grown daughters who have recently left the nest. It has been a long time since I felt that incredible love between us.I have felt miserable for a long time. years... I have a friend who loves me very much, and I feel so much closer to her than my own wife. Nothing scandalous has occurred here.... Whaddya do??? I am so incredible sensitive to hurting people that I can't even begin to think about actually leaving, but then again I do not wish to always feel that heartache either. My wife is a wonderful person who has stuck with me through some of the toughest times when she should have bailed. If somebody has something to say about this.....Please give me your opinion.

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Looking for Dan Meehan

I know this post is from a long time ago, but I'll try replying to it anyways. Dan Meehan was an enormous part of my life for ten years. After Dan Meehan got off the road with the Grateful Dead, he studied counseling at Loyola University in Chicago. His natural tendency to serve as a counselor to people while on the road had convinced him that he wanted to pursue therapy. Dan was an incredibly successful therapist, kind, patient, and understanding, and was instrumental in creating a school for teenagers with mental health issues to help them transition back into mainstream living.

Dan was my rolemodel and hero. He served as my therapist for ten years, but the charcter he demonstrated for me and others was the most influential part of my treatment. At an age when I was very young, he modeled for me what a truly compassionate man could look like. I don't know what I would have done without him.

After Dan's wife passed away, Dan sunk into a deep depression and stopped seeing clients for most of that time. I had seen Dan last several months before his disappearance. Dan was always a large man, but through his depression, he had lost an enormous amount of weight. He had been losing a lot of his will to live.

Dan was hospitalized for psychiatric reasons due to the depression in November 2008, but he checked himself out against medical advice. Since then, none of us have known where he has been. His closest collegue is also unaware of his whereabouts. We're not even sure if he's alive.

There is so much I wish I could say to Dan. There are so many ways I'll never be able to thank him for all the gifts he gave me by allowing me to know him. If anyone has any information on Dan Meehan, I would be incredibly grateful. Thank you.

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family wow when your gatefullydeadicated thats all the famliy i need families share the the same views and even live in the same place as a deadhead you grow up well some of you grew up i just look older you develop certain morals and habits and even as i've done seen sons & daughters have your grandkids.i'm so happy that i was able to hear
those dudes up by hieght st. and was living the none profit life free from wants and needs of organized religion and government money all of the gratefuldeads music had a message some of the songs were borrowed but not for profit for understanding and togetherness as a family there is a differece between realitives and a family those dudes up on hieght st. helped me deal with exceptanace of a evil missleading world thats why i was so happy to have heard them and been apart of a down to earth family. just be yourself thats the most important member yea love ya all peace P.S. even you phil you still suck though

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i am currently bouncing

i am currently bouncing between my moms and my sisters house. i do have a job... mom has her house alone aside from the two dogs(pitbulls named ozzy and diezel) my lil sister(sara 14yrs old) is in foster care and my little brother(david 17 soon to be 18 in november is in juvynile for running from his foster home :( but the good news is he gets to come home Aug. 3rd!! free from the system, no dys no DFS!! when he comes home will have a job, se we will both be getting an appartment together very soon... he is a deahead in the making if i have anything to do with it and as you know we all look up to our older brother..

if nothing goes left go right.
tread gently.

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Well Lamagonzo,it seems you have arrived back in the 'States' safely and are still savoring the essence of your journey.Thanks again for sharing your views from the top of the World....My mom passed away three years ago and what's left of my family can't seem to stop stressing and feuding over our inheritance....I would like to have them experience life in Tibet or some similarly challenged society.Hopefully they could learn to SEE the world they think they live in, in a different LIGHT....Only love prevails

lamagonzo (not verified)

In Nepali culture with a Nepali wife with my own mixture of Tibetan and Sherpa thrown into the mix. Wunnuhful!

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Sounds horrible what happened to you! Be strong, Sister, and you will find an amazingly kind network of support in this forum. Am wishing all the best for you and your children.
By trying we can easily learn to endure adversity -- another man's I mean.
Mark Twain

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Love was lost

I was with my husband off and on for 10yrs.In september he left me and are 4children in portland oregon & never came back.I'm not shure quite what happend. We where planning on finaly geting married. He called just once to say"It is what it is". That was it.The kids and I where only supose to be here 1week. I did'nt see it coming.I devoted every thing to him. I'll love him forever!

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cool story

I'm picturing it now!


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