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Sweet story...

Thanks for sharing dr zevon!
Kids are the best! :)

Joined: Aug 6 2009
a highlight in my life

today at my bakery, sugar magnolia, i had the pleasure of having my 2 year old grand daughter visit me. i was listening to 8-4-76 roosevelt stadium, set 2. she said "hold me pappy"! i picked her up and we flowed to the rhythm of help on the way. she had this big, big smile and then says "i'm flying pappy, i'm flying"! i said "me too allie, me too"! how cool.

Joined: Jul 9 2009
Dan Meehan

Many of us are missing Dan Meehan, one of the family from the Chicago-land area. We know he was on the road with the Dead, doing some road crew things and some techie things too. We believe his years on the road would have been '76 -'78, but we might be off by a bit., In February of 2007, Dan lost his wife and disappeared not long after. So many people loved him and want to know that he's doing ok. He has a profile on this website that was written not long after his wife's passing. Please help us out in any way you can if you know or knew Dan, have any memories of him, information about where he might be now. But just reminiscing would be helpful to those who miss him.

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HEY Mittemeyer!?!

Still have that Mad magazine?? post it for us all to see! Yes, the babies in the bellies can feel the music. My son was born in Nov. 1970. In 1975, 1 day, I was playing Working Man's Dead or American Beauty & he's jumping & kind of dancing- saying "who is this? what is this? I like this!" from the belly, have 2 grandkids from him, mom (just turned 92), hubby, Cosmic Charlie (the dog) a few other kids (all grown) & many friends, I'm happy to say....xoxo Gypsy Cowgirl....1 lucky cowgirl, I am indeed.......

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coyotes and monkeys

i think that they are in league to make me nuts....little do they kno i've been out there for YEARS. the coyote eats the neighbor's cats, the monkey's steal my beer, my son steals my tie-dyes, and i'm almost out of peanut lotsa sweet tapes, tho

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Living the Good Life

My family situation is pretty simple. Both of my parents passed unexpectedly five weeks apart in the Summer of 1997 and now it is just me and my older brother. He is married with three kids and they are all great. Between my brothers family, close friends and relatives, I have got a great family. A small circle but great nonetheless. As for me, I am single living in NYC and having the time of my life. Furthermore, I am grateful to be working as I watch financial institutions crumble around me. Always got the Grateful Dead to help make it through the days. Rock on.

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The Coyote ??

I was wondering 'bout them damn Monkeys??


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What about

the Coyote, Johnman? :-)
Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you will still exist, but you have ceased to live.
Samuel Clemens

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just me and my boy, john the biggest mouse i've ever seen.....and, of course, the really, really famous ben the dog

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The GD factor in my family....

My ex-wife (and mother to my 2 children) and I met in college, and we both loved the Dead, so that was a bonus. We attended somewhere around 85 shows together. Our daughter Hanna was born on January 2, 1989 (thanks Han!, you are why we missed the New Years run that year! ; ) ), and she was at 10 shows in her mom's tummy and with us for 3 shows outside (the last 2 GD Greek shows in 89, and the Golden Gate Park Bill Graham Memorial).

I have 3 very distinct memories of my daughter both in utero and out. 1. Her first "in utero" show was on my 30th birthday at Buckeye Lake in Ohio (6/25/88), so that to me was special (and they played "Franklins" too, if ever there was a birthday song!). 2. - 7/15/88 at the Greek Theatre during Morning Dew, and Phil blasted one of his "bombs" right before Garicia cut it loose with his solo. I know Hanna felt that Phil was intense, it was the Greek, I felt it, and knew my developing daughter felt it too inside mom, and I put my hand on her tummy for a few seconds, and it was good. ; ) and 3. Just over a year later at the Greek, up on the lawn with Hanna decked out in tye dye and 7 months old; and during The Other One, My ex looks at me and we both smell something, and I said, "ok, I'll change it." And lo, while I'm opening the box of wipes and undoing the diaper, Phil hits us with a series of his "Other One" bombs, the band is going nuts onstage, and here I am, in the dark and cold (very different weather than the year before) changing a diaper and feeling very different than I did during that Morning Dew the year before. This time it was "Evening DooDoo." Only at a Dead show. ; )

Hanna is now 19 and a freshman in college at University of Oregon (and she'd kill me if she reads what i just wrote) hahaha.. Glad she ended up in Eugene, a Grateful Dead kind of town if there EVER was one. She also (proud dad brag section) was a national age group synchronized swimming champion. In 2005 her trio (3 girls) were tops in the nation for 16-17 girls. She's my girl that Hanna. : ) Love u kiddo forever and ever.

Then there's her brother.......

Andrew is a great kid, ( born Jan 16, 1991) if not a bit like dad in that he's a tad sneaky. Yet he's such a good hearted kid and is truly KIND. He got in 5 "in utero" Dead shows where his eyes looked thru his mother's face, and made it to one (Golden Gate Park) in diapers and a tye dye onesie. He was little, a baby really. I don't have the stories I did with his big sister show-wise, but my Andrew was named after a good friend, Andrew Lowenthal, who attended many a GD show with us (the ex- and I and our friends). Coincidentally, Andrew Lowenthal and I share the same birthday, I'm just 7 years older. And also interesting is that Mr. Lowenthal's mom and dad were good friends with Peter, Paul, and Mary, the folk trio. Matter of fact, Paul Stookey (of PP&M) was/is Andrew's godfather. My Andrew gets a kick out of that.

My Andrew is also one heck of a competitive swimmer (go andrew, takes after dad!), and next year as a senior in High School will more than likely be top 5 in the state in 100 butterfly and 100 freestyle. It's all in the genes I tell ya, as his mom (my ex) was a swimmer too. Love you too Andrew! You are my boy.....and glad am I of that. ; )

Ok, I've bored you guys enough by now, so i won't go into my 2 brothers and our GD experiences together, but they do exist. But hey, it's History. And the GD had something to do with it, no doubt about that.

(~Tom ( The AllTomMitt Drawing Machine)

p.s. OK, I have to include my FIRST acknowledgment of the Grateful Dead, as I DO remember it. Summer of 1968, I was 10, I had for some reason the flu, and was supposed to go to summer camp in a few days. My mom went shopping and picked me up a MAD magazine. I'll NEVER FORGET the advertisement I saw for this band with a weird name that somehow spoke to me. And guy's with name's like "Bill the Drummer" and "Captain Trips" and "PIGPEN!" It was an ad for their first album. And it's a moment that I will never forget. My first link to the band that has influenced me and continues to to this very day.

Ok, nuff said.......Further (I don't wear furs). ; )



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