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I can't answer that as I do not know
which way you'd like to go...if you
go that way it won't be like the other
way because each way is never same and
arriving at something malleable leads
to a jam in that the music plays the
band and the band is not really a band
but a mass of sound and matter that is
most certainly a wonderful place but
you can only hear it once no matter
which way you go as there has never
been just one to be experienced...

My bet lands for what ever you'd like
best, most often there isn't anyone else
to take you there as one's best choice
is only and forever their choice. Play
what you like best and I'll listen too.

Right now, I've got this on for me
but also for you>>>

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Which of these should I

Which of these should I listen too in order from first to last?

Dick's Picks vol 1-36
All Road Trips
Dave's Picks vol 1-6

Joined: Feb 3 2012
Jeff Beck

Never have I been blown away while simultaneously bored to tears by another guitarist. My brother can't stand Joe Satriani because he feels like Joe tries to hard to 'wow' his audience. I feel much the same about Jeff....

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Tuesday's arrivals in the mail

Carolina Chocolate Drops -- Leaving Eden
The National -- Trouble Will Find Me
Calexico -- Algiers

A little variety...

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Joined: May 23 2013
9/3/77 Englishtown

This entire Dick's Picks Volume 15 is unbelievable! From Promised Land with Bobby forgetting the lyrics to one verse to his joking with the crowd throughout the show to an amazing encore of Terrapin!! Wow boy I wish I were there! I was born and raised in Jersey and still live here but was only 7 years old at the time! I am going to see Furthur this Friday at PNC Arts Center and hope to see you guys there!!! Long live the GRATEFUL DEAD!!!!

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7/10/73 Jerry & Merl (1st two discs of box) 40 years ago. Achi wa wa wa!!!

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E72 vs. May77 'Bertha'/Megadeth super collider

I listened to 4/21/72 Bremen off E72 today and have to say it is not the best show off the set. There are at least two start and stops on two songs, the linear notes blame Bob for forgetting the words, whatever, since the show was for a Rock and Roll German TV show and their time was limited there they play like its their debut album all over again> like Speedy Gonzalez>>F>A>S>T>>> The Bertha sounds like it belongs on the Grateful Dead Warner Debut (e c h o0O) compared to the Bertha I heard yesterday from 2 disc Chicago show off May '77, which was refreshingly slow...

Anyway the new Megadeth has some great Mustaine and Broddick solos, love the new album Super Collider.
Check it out if you haven't already.

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Red Rocks

7/08/78 Another Oroboros specialidad. Listening to Wharf Rat. Thanks Tim.

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More Frank Black (Solo & with the Catholics)

eBay is either my friend or my enemy. Over the last few days, I've bid on and won Frank Black's first solo album ("Frank Black"), his third solo album ("The Cult of Ray"), his fourth solo album ("Honeycomb"), his fifth solo album ("Fast Man Raider Man"), and his first three albums with the Catholics ("Frank Black and the Catholics," "Pistolero," and "Dog in the Sand"). Each and every one of these albums I haven't listened to in probably 5 years or more; I was laid up at home for a few weeks after a double surgery and had nothing better to do than watch TV, DVDs, and work on my CD collection. All of the above mentioned albums (and more) were purchased during that time.

Frank Black's first solo album is rather similar to the last Pixies album, "Tromp le Monde," in style and sound, but the following two albums that preceded his time with the Catholics were noticeably different. Solo album #2, "Teenager of the Year," is by far my favorite of his solo outings and is packed with excellent tunes. "The Cult of Ray" has some very "Teenager of the Year"-ish songs and some very "Frank Black"-ish songs, and, as a result, is hit and miss. The hits, though, are GOOD.

As he wrote, recorded, and toured with the Catholics, Frank Black ventured away from alternative rock and more and more into alternative country, though he stayed closer to his rock roots throughout. His fourth and fifth solo albums ("Honeycomb" and "Fast Man Raider Man," respectively) dabbled almost directly in country music while remaining distinctly Frank Black. They're good, but Frank just doesn't have the right voice to sell country records. It's also around this time he recorded a lot in Nashville with Reid Paley, with whom he recently released an album titled, ironically enough, "Paley & Francis." Don't have this one yet, but it's on the shopping list. In the meantime, I need to complete my FB&tCs collection, which consists of the following albums: "Black Letter Days," "The Devil's Workshop," and the vinyl edition of "Live at Melkweg." I also need one more solo FB record, "Christmass," and two more Black Francis albums: "Svn Fngrs" and "Nonstoperotik."

Hope everybody had a safe and fun Independence Day weekend!

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Joined: Jun 4 2007

Red Rocks Our very own Oroboros aka Tim posted this on the LMA - just an excellent AUD that so captures this terrific performance. Thanks Tim.


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