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Joined: May 9 2009
Why Have You Censored Everything In This Forum

I get the impression that everything here is canned and pre-created. Everywhere I look there does not appear to be an area to post. This lives up to my impression of the whole Dead organization as being the closest thing to Hippie Nazis. Hell, your web site doesn't even accurately tell the members of the band.. and some of those pictures are so old it is pathetic. This whole forum is a total mess - perhaps you designed it to be confusing so your pre-made canned phony comments could stay in the locked forum and people who saw the shows and thought they stunk aren't able to speak the truth. Face it - this band should not exist - Jerry died and 50% of the creativity died with it.. the other 25% is Bob Weir and the other 25% was PigPen. Your overpriced tickets in huge crap venues like the Forum in LA show that you don't care about the fans, as much as you try to portray the cool hippie aesthetic. We know your true colors. I bet your T-shirts are manufactured in China. This tour will be a flop, I predict.

Joined: Jan 11 2009

Ill have to check that out man, I seriously never knew that bout mars hotel. (I feel like a dum dum) LOL Seriously tho, look at the cover of american beauty....I can see the word REALITY plain as day in the word BEAUTY. Weirdorama.....


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dunno 'bout 'merican beauty

if ya hold mars hotel upside down and look at the mirror image it says "ugly rumors"....but at this point i believe that's pretty much common knowledge among deadheads.

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So i'm thumbing through some old CD covers and came across American Beauty. Man, theres some strange things goin on on the front cover. I can see the word REALITY in the word BEAUTY. I heard something about holding it upside down infront of the mirror and reading it??? Gonna check that out. Just another message from the grateful dead:)
Forever Grateful, Forever Dead,

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Joined: May 26 2007

thank you, we're on it.

fr8nk, sorry for the late response. I'm sorry, I don't know a thing about the LLC but I'd guess it's all public record at this point, and if you are still having trouble with your order lemme know.

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wake up call


This week's Grateful Dead Hour is not included on the friont page 'The Latest' list and it is necessary to navigate through four pages to listen to it. Whoever is syncing your site is out of order or sleeping in. --> --> -->

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I apologize but..


You'll need to guide me better. Where do I find the doc's re: the LLC? I'm curious, why do they insist on "mainly Jerry's daughters". And I defended Dborah, if her real name is Deborah, who knows what if anything about her is true?

And please note, Wednesday I received part of my GD store order, so what is it, cancelled or shipped?

Oy vay!

I did let the pressures of my life spill over and for that apologize.

Franky baby.

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hey kottonmouthjeff

Robert Hunter has been writing tunes with Bob Dylan. Lots of them on the Dylan release coming out this month.

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
William Blake

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It being family in the first place, your in or your out. Being on tour, I'm darn sure every band member got over the hump somehow. Traveling , picking the tunes , etc. it just isn't a perfect world. Robert HUNTER , WHERE R U? Mickey and Phil patched things up? The Dead were all about breaking rules , if not doing the best that they do ; not one show is identical from another one. Love the Band for that reason.(separates the men from the boys) Counting down the days till Phili, so see ya there Robert Hunter. God , Allah, or whoever wears the pants in the universe , just make it happen. And like the man said; Days Inbetween. Lol.


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Maybe this will see you through better and give you a glimpse

Please read the "whole" ...if he could get through, all of us can hugs/Light


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