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Joined: Oct 3 2009
(some) Thanks!

The Features page now shows the current Taper's Section of top. That was (almost) fast!

But Jam Of The Week????? Well, you still can't get there from here, as they say. My previous hint is now non-operational, because the link to the two-week stale jam is gone, meaning getting to that comment thread isn't easy anymore.

But the gears are probably turning, somewhere...

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Joined: Oct 3 2009
Two pretty important days

For site maintenance every week, week in, week out:

Monday for Taper's Section, and...

Friday for Jam Of The Week.

This is by now a very regularly occurring problem -- the Features page isn't getting maintained properly. That seems to be the rule, not the exception.

If I didn't love you, I wouldn't even mention it. XO

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Joined: Oct 3 2009
Jam of the Weak Link

Why can't we have a proper link to the current Jam of The Week?

The audio for the Jam is up, but you can't get to it very easily.

Hint: Visit the "Features" page, then look for the link for the Jam of the Week April 22 – April 28 [yes, a two-week stale link], scroll down the comments and you'll find that a helpful person, Ted, has posted a link to the current, May 6 - May 12 Jam -- it's a nice one, and worth hearing, from December 1972.

But while you're at the Features page, you'll also notice that page has other problems: It still features last week's Taper's Section as its topmost item -- but that's stale too -- there is a new one today!


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Joined: May 26 2007

send me a PM and we will get this straightened out.

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Joined: Nov 13 2008
lost (sailor) password

hey mar, I git nowhere on heer witout me password dat I can't seem to benumber, any help? much love & peace

Joined: Apr 8 2008
Dick's Picks

I really wish someone from Rhino or the GD team would update us on the future availability of the Dick's Picks titles on CD. I sent an email to customer service asking if any of the out of print titles would be coming back again. The response was for me to ask Rhino, so I sent an email to them. I never got a response. Why can't someone step up and give an answer? I know that others have tried to find out and they too cannot seem to get a straight answer. Some of the titles are selling for high prices on Ebay so why not repress them since the demand for these discs is pretty high.

That's what's on my mind. Thanks!!

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
...and our affiliates

I'm making my first foray into the realm of forums. I've trod to this digital backcountry of administation forums because this feels akin to shouting my surprise to the sky in faith that an echo of frustration will carry. I'm not posting under the lively banter concerning the Casey Jones download from Europe 72, although that link is where this began for me. I was feeling just edgy enough to think that choppy guitar riff from CJ would really scratch my itch when I saw this in my email inbox:

Your Download
To get your free download, Casey Jones 4/11/72 Newcastle, England, click the button.

Confirm & Download
By clicking "Confirm & Download", you agree to the terms of this promotion and to receive future email updates from Grateful Dead.

Add to your address book to ensure delivery.

By submitting your email address you acknowledge and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and are okay with receiving news, updates, special offers and occasional marketing messages from and our affiliates.

Can I have those last three words underlined and in bold please? I like it here. Please don't go around selling my digits to strangers. That's bad JuJu man. Bad JuJu. And to sneak it in on the second go round of ...acknowledgement... mumbo jumbo.
Nobody likes junk email from strangers...even if they are drivin' that train ... high on cocaine.

Wake Up To Find Out...

Joined: Jul 31 2010
Death Letter Blues

On this site, the lyrics and music to Death Letter Blues are credited to "Traditional." But this song was written and originally performed by Son House. The music and lyrics should both be credited to him.

I'm certain that you will find this information easily documented online. Could one of the site ops let me know when they are ready to make this change?

Thank you,

Greg Tyler Allison
Delta Blues and Grateful Dead Aficionado, Extraordinaire

Joined: Jun 4 2007
VIp at Calaveras

I would just like to say that it was the worst waste of $240 that I have made maybe ever, it was terrible, a crappy horse corral like thing waaaaaaay to the left of the stage, a room and bathrooms that were not cleaned for three days the ability to sit on the porch from the back of the venue where you could almost see the stage? Come on by my thinking you made about $60,000 on vip tickets and what did it cost ya $50 bucks for one bowl of chips some salsa and a couple of strawberries Hey we got free coffee.
Bill Walton sat in the handicapped section cause the VIP section was so crappy
Well I am posting here as I don't know where else to post or who to complain to maybe you can help me complain to the right people. You have my e-mail address I woul appreciate any help you can give me

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Joined: May 4 2008

I wasn't thinking, i just realized i posted my previous post in wrong area..i was trying to put it in a Random Thoughts area....


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