Grateful Dead

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MP3 Player?

What's that???

Joined: Jun 23 2007
herbie hancock

a lovely tribute to joni mitchell. sweet.

Joined: Sep 23 2007
- The Grateful Dead: The

- The Grateful Dead: The Movie Soudtrack
- The Grateful Dead: American Beauty
- The Grateful Dead: Three from the Vault
- The Grateful Dead: Truckin' Up to Buffalo
- The Grateful Dead: The Very Best of the Grateful Dead.

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The following treats for the week

Grayfolded-THE ALBUM (Darkstar super collage)
Van Halen-Diver Down
Talking Heads-Remain in Light
Prince-Purple Rain
Primus-Pork Soda
The Flaming Lips-At War with the Mystics
Slayer-Reign in Blood
Deicide-Once upon the Cross
Cannibal Corpse-Butchered at Birth
Various Frank Zappa (Live & Studio)

and the following mock show using parts of my collection (sorta follow the formula)....

Set 1
Easy Wind 12-31-70
Bird Song 3-9-81
Cumberland Blues 1-21-71
Sugaree 2-1-78
TLEO 5-13-73
Playin 7-19-74 (What a 29 minute ride!!)

Set 2
Dancin>Franklin's 10-27-79 (WOW!!!)
Ship>Estimated>He's Gone>Caution Jam>Drumz 5-12-80
That's it for the Other One>Black Peter 12-31-70
Truckin>MLB Jam>Spanish Jam>Warf Rat 7-31-74

Encore:Darkstar>Slipknot!>Stella (IN MY WORLD THERE ARE 30min ENCORE'S!!)

Dead to the Core

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Joined: Aug 10 2007
currently on mp3 player

3 Mofro albums - all very good
2 Ahymsa albums - unknown London UK band
Fillmore West 1969 all 10 cds - working my way thru em.
DP7 cos keep returning to it - only time I saw the Dead - Ally Pally 1974
6 Rainmakers albums tho little listened to as theyre another band I prefer live

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Joined: Jun 16 2007
MP3 Player is to speak...

Becasue I have most new shows in AIFF or WAV format. My iPod only has a few shows on it it the moment. Im listening to 7/19/94,12/31/81 with Joan's "set", 6/30/80,4/17/87,4/16/89 and I also have a few Djam Karet tunes on it to rock out to...

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MP3 players

Amigo De Diablo
Dead live from various shows & Cd releases
Mississippi john hurt
a lil' ratdog
keith jarret
a touch of classical
The stones- 2000 light years from home

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bertha---good lovin..5/5/78

bertha---good lovin..5/5/78

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Here is this week's tunes....

Every Van Halen Album w/ David Lee Roth
First 7 Led Zeppelin Album's
Talking Heads-Remain in Light
Pink Floyd-Animals
Mettalica-Master of Puppets
Phish-Junta & Billy Breathes

and the following epic show's

10-27-79-Dancin>Franklin's is unreal
6-15-76-Dancin' In The Streets-> The Wheel-> Sugar Magnolia-> Scarlet Begonias-> Sunshine Daydream (What a combo!!!!)
6-17-75-Blues For Allah-> Drums-> King Solomon's Marbles-> Blues For Allah (some of the best jamming ever!!!)
5-5-77-Just a good as Cornell
5-4-77-See Above

Dead to the Core

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Listening to:

Tracie Chapman


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