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Joined: Apr 24 2008
Currently On My Creative Zen.

Well, i'm extremely lucky in the fact that my job is stress/hassle free (Desktop Support IT) and i'm located in the basement of our building away from the whining plebs !.

Okay, on my Creative today (and for the next few days);

Furthur 09/24/10 (Official Live Download)
Grateful Dead 05/18/72 (Official Europe '72 Box Set)
Umphrey's McGee 07/06/08 (Official Live Download)
Phil & Friends 10/10/07 (Official Live CD Set)
Ratdog 11/17/03 (Official Live Download)
Rolling Stones 07/13/75 (Official Live Download)
Frank Zappa 08/21/73 (Official Beat The Boots Box Set)
Moe 10/23/94 (Official Live Download)
Widespread Panic 07/05/05 (Official Live Download)
Allman Brothers 08/31/04 (Official Live CD Set)
Gov't Mule 06/11/05 (Official Live Download)
Steve Kimock & Crazy Engine 03/26/09 (Official Live Download)

Some killer shows there and all in .wav format...not of that poisoned .mp3 slurry !.

Back to the music,


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on my mp3

the dead,grand funk,stones,beatles,buffett,comander cody and his lost planet airmen,l&m music(reverb nation),swamptater and the ditchbank boys(also reverbnation) cool stuff also,goose creek symphany

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Joe Morello, drummer with Dave Brubeck Quartet

Listening to "The Dave Brubeck Quartet At Carnegie Hall" and I am, once again, amazed by drummer Joe Morello's playing. Today is the one year anniversary of his death. The music world suffered a great loss.

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Joined: Mar 11 2012
what i,m listening to right now

listening to "to terrapin" a great 1977 show, estimated prophet is on at the moment.... just looooove this song.... groovy.....

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Say what?

Trouble sorting out the lyrics? Why not consult the Book of Armaments? Salvation does indeed lie within.

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Joined: Feb 20 2012
Wharf Rat Decades long debate!!!

O.K. let's get this over with once and for all,

I've had people swear to both (then they got into a fight - alcohol...).

I cannot tell you how important this is to me - because you are not here...

Joined: Feb 25 2012
Yes I have heard Jesse

Yes I have heard Jesse McReynolds. He is amazing I must admit.

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Sorry, don't listen to mp3s or ipods

Listening alot to
The "Olympia Show" from Europe 72 box set, Thank you folks for selling individual shows!!! Olympia is just about the best thing I have ever heard, a very unique time in Dead History and it sounds awesome.

It is a shame there were so many problems with the box set, EU72 is what turned me on to the Dead. A friend of mine has the whole box set, He says the first ten shows are unlistenable to because there is so much distortion.

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dust and relics

what ive been listening to alot on my mp3 player includes iron butterfly live album, gratefuld dead 9-3-67 and skeletons from the closet, aoxomoxoa, blue cheer's first album, nuggets compilation, joe cocker's greatest hits, syd barrett madcap laughs and barrett, the beatles revolver and rubber soul, amboy dukes journey to the center of the mind, hawkwinds in search of space and hall of the mountain grill, pink floyd the early singles, having a rave up with the yardbirds, and arlo guthrie's runnin down the road.

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Something new....

I just downloaded a bunch of Dr. Dog albums. They are a band from Philly with great pop/rock songs and Beach Boy/Beatles-like harmonies. They have been making me smile ever since I found them, (which is about 3-4 years later than most of the people I have found that like them.) Check em' out! I am particularly fond of their albums "Easy Beat" and "Fate" right now... though the others are great too!


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