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Dogs and Cats and critters of all description... their stories go here.


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i know how you feel, sorry for your loss


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thank you all...

for the kind words

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In good hands

Hey Brother-

So Sorry to hear your beloved fur-ball Gus headed over the rainbow bridge.

He is in the company of other great coon cats and beautiful young lady, our Gracie, headed over that way after 15 or 16 years with us five years ago. Greatest cat ever, opinions may differ of course.

I like to think they are playing in the clouds together, Gracie showing Gus the ropes, catching dew drops and musical notes from hither and yon, and always chasing that imaginary shadow or ray of light.

Gus did well on this earth and will be missed. Our sympathies go out to you and your family and Sarge.

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so sorry for your loss

Losing a longtime buddy does leave this smoking crater in your heart...

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@ Gus

So sad to hear about Gus. You're in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

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to find the right words

Heartbroken for you to hear that Gus has moved on. We bonded over our animals at the start, didn't we?

I think of my Stanley and Ollie every day. I'll add Gus to my devotions.

Give Puppers & Eddie a hug for me. Sending you all love and the warmest thoughts...

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nothin' left to do but....

He's gone....

RIP Gus, our 13 1/2 yr old Maine Coon. Sudden cardiac death. Life is fleeting, enjoy every minute and take none for granted...., Smile, SMILE

....hey Gus, say hi to Jerry for me....

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Miracled ticket to a since lost friend

Our friend, Chris Thiel Shoemaker, of Ellington, MO, sent in some hand drawn dancing bear artwork on the back of his mail order. The ticketing folks were impressed and sent him 2 passes without even charging him. He was stoked.

A couple weeks ago he went missing. The local Sheriff's dept put put a missing persons alert. Tragically, his car was found in the bottom of a ravine and he did not survive the accident.

He had moved to the Ozarks last year to chase his dream of sustainable agriculture and it's too uncomfortable for any of us to ask his family to locate them in the wake of his death.

His last wishes would have been for his son Aaron to be at the show in his absence. Another friend has offered to pay Aaron's airfare from Fargo if we can sort out the tickets. Chris (shooey) best friend Jade Larsen will accompany him.

If Chris was miracled just for his artwork, please let his soul and spirit shine by making this happen for his son.

Forever grateful.....

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Hope it makes you smile :)
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I lost my best buddy a year

I lost my best buddy a year and a half ago and we just adopted another dog. I t was a lot harder for me than i thought every dog i looked at just made me think i just want my old buddy back not a replacement. Then we meet daisy the whole family likes her even my son who wanted nothing to do with any other dog. She has been with us for 2 weeks now and every is settling just fine. My 2 year old went up to her said i love you daisy and gave her a hug.It just feels right having a dog in the house.

a hug to trailbird


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