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Angie Leap
Stone, Grateful Deadness, freedom, music, sex, drugs and drug laws, head shops, Harleys, Ratdog, Bob Weir, purple sparkles, travel, festivals, vending, fairies, bondage, self-discovery


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Being 43 has been interesting, I am separated and about to be divorced. I live in Indianapolis and am raising my 7 year old son. He is the smartest, most beautiful boy in the entire world. My partner and I run a hippie shop called High on the Hill on the west side of Indianapolis. We love to promote festivals, causes and gatherings of all sort. We spent all summer vending at various festivals and biker rallies/parties. I would listen to the Dead almost exclusively, if I got to choose the music all the time.

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A copy of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Michael Allen Janeway, the next trip Home, Shakedown Street, A *SMILE*


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