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music, music festivals, family, nature, dancing bears, crystals and rocks(earthsnaturalbeauty), good conversation, love, dancing, walking, talking, laughing, learning, being, sun, moon, and star signs, reading, having fun!


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Im a girl who believes in just a little peace and love :) Ive been listening to The Grateful Dead since I was in the womb. My parents took me to my first show in 1995 when I was 7 years old. I deffinatly missed out on the Greatness of The Grateful Dead...but its never forgotten and always in heart. Forever Grateful, Forever Family, Forever Jerry. I thank my parents for my love of The Grateful Dead. Now older I go to see Bobby and Phil as often as I can. My heart and soul are at music festivals, and this summer I look forward to going to my first Rainbow Gathering for a few weeks ;) When you see my ill probably be laughing...not at you I just have a lot of joy in my life :)

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I love hearing about peoples experiences at Grateful Dead shows..because like I said..I kinda came around a little late...let me hear about your time on the bus, or about that miracle ticket :)


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