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Many people wonder whether it is possible to win at casino and online casino. The service Playcasinosca answers 'Yes'and provides the description of one of the most popular winning strategies., In this article, we will try to understand the strategy of Biarritz in detail. It is curious that the author was a great lover of geography, since that name is the name of the French resort that is on the territory of the Atlantic coast., The system is based on a mathematical method called Monte Carlo, and its essence is incredibly simple. All you need to do is put the same amount on the pre-selected position as many times as there are cells on the roulette wheel. Suppose we choose the number 20 and make a bet of 1 dollar. The rate does not change, we do it 36 times in a row. This allows you to save money when you win, at least 1 time in 37 attempts. Otherwise, the loss will be 37., WHAT CAN HAPPEN?, So, the 37th rotation turned out to be winning, which allows you, in turn, to compensate for the losses. This indicates that you save money, which, in turn, is an excellent outcome., You won before the 37th spin. Accordingly, the earlier Fortune will be favorable to you, so, accordingly, more money you will eventually be able to win., If no spin was winning, you, as mentioned before, lose 37., However, mathematical calculations show that the chances of losing 37 times in a row are minimal only 0.37%.
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