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Crimson (Chris L)
I have allways loved the dead as all of you..., I loved going on tour and started seeing the dead when i was in college in S.Carolina. My 1st Show was in Charlotte 1990 or 1991..., I have lived in many states, and spent from 1991 until Jerry's untimely death touring, and mostly living in Portland, OR the last several years..., I Live in NYC, then lived in California for a while, then was in Portland Oregon untill Jerry died..., Went to SF, to Golden Gate Park for the final goodbye, continued to live in Oregon, then moved to FL at my families request..... I am interested in meeting up w/ any of my old friends from tour, or where I lived, especially in Oregon, and throughout all my yrs on tour... I went by the name Crimson and i am a white female that had redish blonde dreads back then!... Get in touch!! MUCH love, peace and i miss the Dead and all my Dead family very much.... Life moves on, but.... I can not forget all the love and friendship and how the Dead changed my life ... today and allways....Please dont hessitate to contact me if u think you know me.... Thanks, crimson


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