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I am currently living in a small town in NM. I'm married to a great woman w/2 wonderful kids. I was introduced to the Grateful Dead a little late- 1991 with my 1st show being the Denver 1992 show @ McNichols Arena. I had always heard the songs that were played on the radio ( Touch of Grey , Truckin' Casey Jones, and the occaisonal Hell In a Bucket) but I was never really aware of the whole scene until just before my 1st show. Then there was no turning back!!! I was only fortunate enough to see 2 shows with Jerry, but have a vast library of shows downloaded and recorded. Since Jerry's passing I've been to countless Furthers and was fortunate enough to see the Denver show this year. Hopefully there will be many more to come. I never really knew who I was until I was introduced to the Grateful Dead, Now I can only wonder how things woulda been if it all coulda happened earlier in life. I don't dwell on it though because after all we're all exactly where we're supposed to be at any given time in our life anyway....Right????......


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