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George Hargrove
Playin' w/my Twins--Robbie-n-Cassie-Chillin' w/my step-kids Devin Lee, Talia Rose, and Amanda Lynn-Hangin'w/wifey-Amy- --Playin' Bongos or Drums, Rock n Roll, Grateful Dead, Almost every kind of music(except opera + musicals!!!)NO WAY JOSE'!!!


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I Like Drums,Harley's,Dogs-n-Cats,The Beach,Fresh Air,Cheeseburgers,All The Funny Shit Little Kids Say-n-Do,Sleeping,Watching my two beautiful little miracles discovering things with honest and pure wonderment,Watching The Sox,Drinking Beer,Going to concerts(any kind)Floating down a river in a canoe on a perfect day.

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I would LOVE to track down this poster I seen many years ago that was all license plates from every state,each w/some kind of Dead related vanity on it IE: DRK-STR and at the top it just said "WE ARE EVERYWHERE" PLEASE send me a PM if you've seen this OR know how to get it,Thank-you my brothers and my sisters :-)


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