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Matt J Cypert
I love music. Ever since my older brother smoked me up to the dead, I have been addicted to them. I can't stop listening to them. I love them there music makes me want to pick up a guitar and jam out. I also listen to a lot of phish, moe., mostly Umphrey's Mcgee ( been to a lot of there concerts), disco biscuits, and Dave Matthews Band ( been to Dave at AlpineValley07.) I know I'm to young to experiance the Grateful Dead, but I still love them. My favorite all time songs by the dead are off the Birth of the Dead Cd Mindbender (confusion's prince) and the Only time is now. I also like Help on the way/Slipknot/Franklin's tower. The dead are the first Jam band and set the way for bands like Phish and Umphrey's Mcgee. R.I.P. Jerry, Pigpen, Godchaux, Mydland, and Welnick. From the heart wish you were all here today jammin with me. With Love Thanks for the music., Matt Cypert


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