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Scott Hunsucker
Surfing(Wave Riding)Playing Bass and Rythm Guitar, Drawing, writing Poetry and Songs, and Cooking. And listening to Crispy sounding shows, Grateful and Garcia..........


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I saw my first show at a young age and was hooked. I had never seen or heard anything like the Grateful Dead before,it filled my heart and soul with feelings I carry with me to this day. I met the kindest people on tour and will be forever grateful for every brother and sister that I met. Many opened my eyes to things never seen before but somehow were familiar none the less. So I say with all my heart,thank you and I love you all. I miss Jerry very much and I lost my way for a while after his passing,but thankfully the music has never stopped and I feel that I am no longer lost. I just put on a copy of a show I was at,close my eyes and I am there again.....dancing,singing, seeing all of my friends dancing and singing along with me and it is there with you all that I feel most at home.
Thank You All......


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