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marian lawson
Hit by and absorbed into the Grateful Dead groove in 1978 in Blacksburg Va. Don't like regreting the past BUT didn't get back on the bus for 10 years (St. Pete, Fl.) Thank God for tapers. From there to the end and on I've been gratefully attached to this family we all are in, living and loving and enjoying the ride. I live in the South and have a Masters in Historic Preservation. I love music-period, and have played piano since 6. I enjoy nature for sure with camping, outings ect. Other than that I love my dog Monkey, a faithful constant companion of 9 years. I'm divorced, no kids, but I have great family around me anyway. Listening to the Dead changes my molecular structure and makes me feel good. Can't explain it. Tried. Sure do know my experience with the Dead changed, and utimately shaped the rest of my life. For this I will be forever grateful. Just been trying to keep on keepin on since Jerry passed on. Haven't found anything as good as a good ol' Dead show, but I'm still listening and looking!


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