Grateful Dead

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum - April 11, 1982

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

April 11, 1982

Uniondale, NY US

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Set List:

Mississippi Half-Step
Franklin's Tower
El Paso
Little Red Rooster
Beat it on Down the Line
Row Jimmy
Let it Grow

Samson and Delilah
Good Time Blues
He's Gone
Not Fade Away
Black Peter
Around and Around
Good Lovin'

Don't Ease Me In

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Joined: Nov 9 2007
Easter Show!

Marc Chadwick Collins and I had to make this show! I remember lovin' ALL of it, and briefly smiling as Bobby forgot nearly every word of Truckin', "da-da-da-da-daaa"ing his way through it...but how quickly the tom-foolery always came to an end with a stern look from a not-so-impressed Jerry! What a unique on-stage relationship the pair had. Always loved that!

Joined: Jul 30 2007

This was my first Dead show and only my 2nd ever concert (first one was Bobby & the Midnites 2 months prior). I had waited in line outside the South Shore Mall for 6 hours in the freezing cold for tickets. My sister and her friend went with me but ditched me early on so I spent the night making new friends and soaking in the sights and sounds. Reviews of the show call it a fairly average night but for me it was magic and I've been hooked ever since!!!

Joined: May 10 2008
easter mass st patricks

we drove all nite from cleveburg.crossed gw bridge headed down thru harlem caught the show at st patricks cathedral in latin no less

Joined: Apr 5 2009
#6 and it's Easter time, too...

This was my sixth show. I caught a ride down from Bridgepit where I was going to school, in a total blizzard, a few days before the show. This was Easter Sunday, of course, and Bob did his part with Samson & Delilah. I recall thinking at the time how mellow this show seemed - and I missed the next night and had to endure the cries of "you missed the big one!" And "you picked the wrong show". Jeez Louise. Did it really matter? The tapes bore it out that Monday's show was more energetic, but my memories are of a warm, fuzzy evening in Uniondale with 15,000 of my best friends. Can't beat that!

Also, this was the first show of which I had a tape like, the next day, thanks to PK who did the hartd work. Pretty crappy Aud, but it was so cool to have the show preserved so immediately! Also the first tiome I heard "Good Times". Man, I miss Brent...


Joined: Jun 12 2007
Easter at Nassau Coliseum

My 1st show, was a life changing event!

Carrie D Ron's picture
Joined: Apr 17 2017

Hey! It was my first Dead Show too!! I think I heard your story on the The Grateful Dead channel on XM satellite radio.. I was already a Dead Head and had quite a few albums, but my dad wouldn't let me drive there w my boyfriend, I was 16 and he was 19! so MY FATHER DROVE ME TO MY FIRST DEAD SHOW! so funny now!!


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Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum - April 11, 1982