Grateful Dead

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum


Uniondale, NY
United States


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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Don't remember how many

Don't remember how many shows I saw here but will always remember that lots of people got busted every time I came for smiling on a cloudy day.

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Joined: Jul 11 2007
Home Venue

I liked it because it was my home venue and I could sleep in my own bed after a good night at the show. I did see some good shows there as well. Rock on.

Joined: Dec 10 2007
Camel guy

How many shows at Nassau is hard to remember. Though first shows stick out. Remember meeting people who had just come back from Egypt shows. I was totally hooked. Does anyone remember the Camel guy? Claims he invented the old camel/pyramid shirts. Also remember police buses to process and hold "voilators"! Been a long time.

Joined: Aug 2 2007
love to hear it..anybody out there?

I can't get any shows to stream for me...I know I still have tube amps and records and love to caress the album when flip it over but it can't be that hard to hit a button and hear a long ago memory . PS I do haves a couple weeks of music on my I mac (paid for every song ) I am some what digital literate thank you Fil

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Joined: May 26 2007
This is a topic about the Nassau Coliseum

and NOT the right place to post about your streaming difficulties. I suspect you need to install a Flash plugin in your browser, but you might try posting your technical details in the Technical Problems-Streaming Malfunctions topic, where someone may have addressed this already and/or be able to help you out.

Thank you.

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Joined: Jan 4 2009
This show

I have this show on DVD if anyone is interested. It's audience video with soundboard audio. b

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Joined: Nov 18 2009
First Dead show for me!

Although I was enjoying the music long before this, this show was my first live performance of the band. It was all she wrote after that. Many more shows and a lifelong enjoyment of the music and group that make it happen.

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Joined: Nov 1 2010
Jet Set

I felt like a rock star for a day.....Had a pilot buddy of mine fly me to Nassua late that afternoon for the show. I split work early and we left Bangor International Airport in a little 2 seat Cessna...flew at tree-top level down the coast of Maine, Mass..into CT and then down Long Island Sound until we crossed wife (then girlfriend) picked me up at the airport in time to get to the show....jet setting to the Dead...what a trip!!

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Joined: Nov 20 2011
Maybe this was my first

trying so hard to remember, maybe this was my first show. I know I was at the colesium and I was shoved between the doors when some really high dudes got the chained off backstage area open enough and then they turned around looked at me and shoved me right through the doors. TOto this aint Kansas. I liked it better with the crowds out front.


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Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum