Grateful Dead

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum - April 12, 1982

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

April 12, 1982

Uniondale, NY US

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"Other One" is second verse only, sung twice

Set List:

Iko Iko
New Minglewood Blues
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Bird Song
C.C. Rider
Tennessee Jed
Looks Like Rain

Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Estimated Prophet
Uncle John's Band
The Other One
Stella Blue
Sugar Magnolia


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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Killer Show! Weir Jumped

Killer Show! Weir Jumped Off The Stage and into the pit during Sunshine Daydream - Cool Shit! . Bob's Strap came loose during Satisfaction. Took him a while to get it together and than they rocked it.

George C. Hartman's picture
Joined: Jul 9 2007
My time coming.....any day

Before "Estimated-Uncle" passed around something that "glowed like a cigarette" in the darkness. Weir came up to the mike and said: "We're not sure if this is gonna work......but it's gotta's gotta work!"
I always loved "Estimated"----one of my favs.....the lyrics....the off beat....the freakin jam.......never knew where it was gonna end up.......

The sun will my backdoor someday!


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Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum - April 12, 1982