Grateful Dead

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum - April 4, 1993

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

April 04, 1993

Uniondale, NY US

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*with Baba Olatunji and guest

Set List:

Midnight Hour
Walkin' Blues
Dire Wolf
So Many Roads
Bird Song

Eyes of the World
Samson and Delilah
Broken Arrow
Estimated Prophet
The Other One
Attics of My Life
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away


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Joined: Jan 25 2008

My buddy took his mom's car (was s'posed to be working!!) and off we went to the show, no tix... well we found tix for the bargain (in retrospect!!) price of 25 dollars each. Enhanced, and with tix in hand, we ran in to see the show. on the line to get in, my buddy realized he didn't have the car keys. well, what are ya s'posed to do? run around the parking lot looking for KEYS?!? Hell no, we went in to the show and had a blast. (other than the nagging feeling that the car would be gone when we came out). When the show was over, we finally found the car, and the keys were in the ignition, and the doors were locked!! Having spent our cash on tix, and other goodies (hehe) we had to find an atm machine, which weren't quite as common then as now. So off we walked into the HEMPstead darkness, and i still remember the religious zealot blasting propaganda across the street about our souls et etc. and we walked with a head full of ... until we found an atm at a gas station which could have been a block away, or 10 miles. Got the money, walked back to the lot, and the tow driver opened the car for $50!! The whole situation was very apropo (sp?) for the more stress involvolved with going to the show, it seems the better the show was, or at least more fun it was to let loose and forget reality for a time.

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007
good point

I often observed that shows were great in direct proportion to the pain and suffering you went through to get there. I told myself this often while standing in the rain outside the Oakland Auditorium.

Charbroiled's picture
Joined: Jun 19 2007
Had to leave

I took a date to this show, she would become my wife 8 years later. This is one of a handful of shows that I attended that I did not partake in the mind/body expanding substances I enjoyed in my youth. As the lights went down prior to the second set and Jerry started Eyes, the whole place just lit up at once. I was enjoying the Eyes and as Samson started up I thought my date wanted to start dancing as I turned I noticed she was falling down. She was overcome by the Pot Smoke and was way to out of it to remain and could barely walk. I carried her out and to the car, she told me to go back as the guy at the door said he would let me back in but I told her I have a ticket for tomorrow night and I have seen the boys 100 times at this point.

I tucked her into bed at her apartment and went out to meet my friends at a local watering hole to continue the nights debauchery.

Luckily I had seen Attics prior or I would have been bummed to miss that one. Even though many where busted at Nassau over the years and it still is a dump, I loved it. Being my home-court probably helped, a bed at my place or a friends was always a welcome outcome after a night inside the Coliseum dodging loins and a wasting time.


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Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum - April 4, 1993