Grateful Dead

Cow Palace - December 31, 1976

Cow Palace

December 31, 1976

Daly City, CA US

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sound check: "River Deep Mountain High" - FM broadcast KSAN-San Francisco - Bill Graham appears out of a giant hour glass - billing: GD; Santana; Soundhole

Set List:

Promised Land
Mama Tried
They Love Each Other
Looks Like Rain
Playin' in the Band

Sugar Magnolia
Eyes of the World
Wharf Rat
Good Lovin'
Samson and Delilah
Scarlet Begonias
Around and Around
Help on the Way
Not Fade Away
Morning Dew

One More Saturday Night

Uncle John's Band
We Bid You Goodnight

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pauli's picture
Joined: Jun 1 2007
My first and most favorite

My first and most favorite New Year's Show. I think 1976 is a very underrated year. Two of my favorite shows are this one and 10/9/76. Both have wonderful jammed out versions of Slipknot.

Santana opened and while I don't have real strong memories of the set I do remember enjoying it immensely. But the real reason I was there was to see the Dead and they didn't disappoint. Most of the first set was fun but nothing special until they ended it with a very hot Deal and then the highlight of the set, a wonderful Playin' that took off into the zone and left the song behind.

I don't remember what Bill Graham rode in on at midnight but I'm pretty sure I remember roses being thrown to the audience. And, of course, following the countdown to midnight they opened with Sugar Magnolia. Very high energy and followed by a stellar set. There were many wonderful moments but for me the highlights were the great jam out of Slipknot and the second encore of Uncle John's>We Bid You Goodnight, which I had very strong memories of but which was not part of the KSAN broadcast that I had a copy of for years. I'm delighted that the complete show with that encore is now available in a high quality recording.

Joined: Jun 27 2007
Dead, Santana, but no Sons Of Champlin

This would have been my first Sons show, but Bill and company were a no-show... the story the crowd got was something to do with being snowed in at Tahoe. I had an occasion to talk to Bill Champlin after a smokin' set at the Sausalito Art Fair a few years back and I asked him what happened that night. He didn't remember exactly, but he did say that after that night Bill Graham never asked them back to play.

The Dead were great that night. Santana too. I'm happy to have it on good quality CD too.

Joined: Jul 10 2007

My eleventh Dead show. And second of the 3 Dead NYE's I saw (others were 12-31-71 and 12-31-83).

Sunshine-daydream1951's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Now Playing

The official release


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish Jam

GratefulGooner's picture
Joined: Oct 15 2007
1st Dead cd that I pre-ordered on

The sound quality is amazing, WOW!
So grateful for the achives putting out this show and hopefully many more. The vibe seems very fresh and playing damn good.

threesaints2003's picture
Joined: Jun 23 2007
Also, My 1st New Year's.. but it took some cobweb cleaning...

recalling my first shows seems all a blur these days...duh, wonder why LOL... pretty sure my first was BGP's Day on the Green #9, Dead/Who, but not sure if I was rich enough to afford a ticket to both shows... gosh, just another ignorant young "head"...haha

The big thing about one's gestation as a head is that it's the music that draws you in... then takes you there, to hell with the proper lyrics... you're so blissful, you tend to make up your own words/verses. REMEBER THAT !!!(Sampson/Shakedown/Scarlet/Sugar Mag)

Heck, we couldn't call or even feel what they might play next until much later, let alone start a pool with your DH friends on what was gonna be played that next show. How many did you win? Geesh, it was years before we had the mind to bring along a pen/pencil and peice of paper or journal in which to write down the show...hahaha.

While seeing in accordance with this history of "Shows and Lyrics" that there were only 2 Shows that the Boys played at the Cow Palace, I knew that by the process of elimination, that I didn't live in the Bay Area for the earlier show, and that I had been to one, so that this had to be the show I attended - my 1st New Year's Eve Show...

I just remember how "IMPOSSIBLE" it was to get a ticket back in those days(1976/77), having been completely closed out of the Orpheum shows, and many of the Warfield as well. Experience also included being scammed out of money by scumbags bent on stealing young Deadhead fans' money.

That story went like this...your good DH friend would come up and say..."here's this guy who can score some tickets for us!"...You, being suspicious, would listen to this guy/scammer as he said "here, give me your $40 for 2 tickets, hold this herb and hash as collateral until I get back..." only to reluctantly realize that that feeling that was increasingly building in your stomach was the realization that you had just been taken... especially as the fellow was now more than 2 blocks away with your money, and as suspected, never came back after 10, 15, 25 minutes plus. Oh yeah, here's the part where I tell you that the weed/hash given us as collateral, was "punk" weed upon closer inspection !!!!

ARRRGH !!! How naive we were!!! Only to be left out in the cold, ticketless, only to hear reports post-show of what we missed, left again only to shop at the psychedelic shop on Market or to head home disappointed, once again.

I now remember this Cow Palace show, due to the vastness of the parking lots(Dead Mall), long walks to get to the "Palace", walking up and down Geneva Avenue trying to get a miracle ticket, which came eventually, but definitely not as a miracle...cost us $200 for 2. Having been scammed before never even came into the picture, as we almost peed our pants that these might be the only few extra NEW YEAR'S EVE tickets that would get us into the show...... we showed no hesitation in knowing these tickets would probably be our only chance... and YEAH... THEY WERE !!!

Bought 'em, and yes .... We were in this time !!! The cavernous hall, with its many pictures of classic rock shows(Stones, think the Beatles, definitely attended Rod Stewart, Prince, Jethro Tull, and Neil Young's Rust Never Sleeps tour there)... and costuming for the first time with my huge Uncle Sam top hat(in regal red, white, and blue), and blazing the crowd with my electric blue-and-white tie-dye pants that were the envy of many, made by Barbara's of Santa Cruz. Think I picked those pants at the Day on the Green show(s) or at the psychedelic shop near the Warfield.

What a blast, what a blur, and what a pre-cursor of many new year's eves to come.

We were definitely on our way....we never even realized until told later that Bill Graham was Father Time, couldn't remember the entrance, nor the set list for that matter... but BOY did we have a great time on ole Owsley doses !!


-"one way or another" .... and "you need to be kissed often, and by a man who knows how"- Rhett to Scarlet - Gone with the Wind

The Big Dog Dad - Schultzie

Joined: Oct 7 2007
First NYE

Moved to Mendocino County from Queens NY! Talk about culture shock. But did make it down for this. Cow Palace was a cow of a venue but a great show that I remember little of. I do remember Uncle Bobo and I always loved the 2nd set Sugar Mag opener...balloons flying, drugs working. NOTHING better. Well, except sex of course

Joined: Jun 23 2007
My first show

The first time seeing the Dead, I had no idea what to expect. Concerts in Canada always seemed pretty subdued and ended early. Probably the strongest memory is that the music never stopped. I was sure that Sugar Mag was the final encore. I mean it was after midnight and this was an encore song - but they just kept going. After that I was positive the concert was over SIX more times before they finally bade us goodnight. What a show. Who does that - plays their hearts out for hours and hours taking the audience up down and round and round.
So obviously I was a commited Deadhead from then on spreading the word across Canada from Newfoundland to the Yukon. "There is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert" - somewhat of an understatement.

Then to hear this show again 30 years later, and such amazing quality - talk about flashbacks. No wonder this show changed my life. Now I have proof that it wasn't just my imagination.

Hello to the 2 dudes from Montana if you're out there. Remember staying at the Berkeley hostel and you were going to leave for home till I talked you into going to the show. Never had such a good time in my life before.
You can thank me anytime.

The music never stops.

smallz's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
great recording

After listening several times, I've come to declare that this is surely and most definitely one of the best GD shows that these ears have ever heard. I think transcendental would be the word to sum it all up.

Did ya catch Keith's "Slipknot!" chord progression during the Good Lovin' jam? Oh what a Good Lovin' it is, too! Then later, when they do reach Help > Slipknot!, they jam it out quite immensely and satisfactorily. Wowsers. And the UJB > We Bid You Goodnight to close it all out is all-knowing and all-encompassing in its finality.

This rivals my favorite show of all time, DP 10, 12/29/77

MissReddin's picture
Joined: Jul 25 2008
can U say "Party hardy?"

keep your character, enjoy living, share your fortune,
OXOX Merple Reddin


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Cow Palace - December 31, 1976