Grateful Dead

Deer Creek Music Center - July 2, 1995

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Deer Creek Music Center

July 02, 1995

Noblesville, IN US

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*Final version fences crashed after "Broken Arrow" - final/last "Desolation Row": 10-10-94 [61] - "Fire" was first verse only.

Set List:

H. C. Sunshine*
Walking Blues*
Dire Wolf*
All Over Now*
Broken Arrow*
Desolation Row*
Tennessee Jed
Let It Grow*

Scarlet*> Fire*> Victim*> All Too Much> New Speedway*
> Drumz> Attics*> Sugar Magnolia

Mighty Quinn*

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Outlaw G, Chet Elewski, Stella Blue Dad, deadheadbobcat, anewbold, Bonzey1171, dartagnan, customhds, davegordon, Seven777, Chameleon, CarrionCrow, Dancin.Hippie, tommybartel, duffypld, jeffr-DoseMePlease, CindyCookielady, feliciac, Jason Wilder, Rickyspill, brbadg, pager333, John Kovacs, Mosfed, robberdawg, JohnL, pbyrne, sciyerface, Dogmatician, EFletcher, cbNEAL, MightandGlory13, Tri1pinJ1mmy, miracleme, zonker909, capt_mellow, mbunn789, Laureen629, cali23, StealYourFace420, SirSpectrum, jamesb, Andy D in KC, Jerry_wa, busyb67, kjhillner, naterapn, melecheitan, benson76, Rottenclam, amdew77, mmlowlife, Marcos, troos, DeadEyed joe, KitSue, wlowhorn, tommy2shoe, coveralls, melam, cag45804, ogotis73, ststeven11, skharvey, scarletfire5877, tashwolf, lazylightnin2, Bonesmav, WeLuvEachOther, BigFlosser, Brendoe88, caatkinson, JohnRapp, shanehigh, SuNeeDaYdReAm44215, nrothgerber, Dolabella, butterflygrrrl, 1970jwp, pbyrnestudios, thetylicki, Dee75, oldtourrat, 3D, Petronius Jablonski, earache, kirk angel525, tonefreak6, helsista, smarcus, MuggsyMo, Iriecycle, Experiencereunited, rct, gratefulben714, dudeman76, Andy So, b.i.v, rp3cpa, dpw1982, terrapinT, wang, onthebus91, digiboog, Petal, pdave, gdtrfb27, pman12, mandalafly, dwizard, darkstarcrashes, Musicalbeds, kindsmiles, LSDonovan, humble.heiko, SidePocket, agstwst49, purple75, Mourning_Dew, relnad, the_other_Haze, smellymelly, dolbeared, midiman007, mythteacher, sitontoptworld, JoelP, Desolation Bro, detroit is dead, toddlesh, funkym75, SugarRose, jennyBgood, dead-in-pooler, GogglesPizano, kevjones, lotdawgtodd, shabu, walkingupstream, hoops, trukn2buffalo, chcculle, TreeTop, mossycow, Kykind, moodyja395, robemichel, drummer Jim, mrmojorisen, sddeadhead, banyanrose, deaddan1969, memphisus, delylah24, barefootbob2, zacheross, geena r. davis, Saintofcircumstance1, Pedro2009, sommer breeze, lost, a west, picasso_moon420, Bargod101, Cosmic_Dad, eyes-of-the-world, Rue Morgue, lifelovinjoe, gr8fulhead, Grateful_HERSH, lostdeadhead, grotbeck, jerseyjoe, Zman420,, darkhollow, FireWheel, Blysergic, EasyWind73, dport, angela chayce, Boulder Creek Mama, shore taxi, lucky mahone, bub_13, sugarmagnolia7, scarletbutterfly, Tie-Dyed Jedi, The one and only Bean, stiney456, tiffparsons, lonesomejohnnie, mzackim, CosmicHarmony, csikesz, smithfish, alapuzzo, Bertha4201, retiredwingnut, nmiddy, norby, cometdust, bradjahn, willshuff, eFreak, khsanders3, Martin G. 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Joined: Aug 21 2007
The Last Deer Creek Show

I agree with most of the comments that everyone has made. Does anyone else remember all the undercover cops busting people in the lot before the show? I remember making a comment to my friend about horrible police presence at the show... Little did I know how bad it would get.

I was one of the people there without a ticket - we did mail order for the last 3 venues, but got shutout for Deer Creek. After walking the lot all afternoon looking to buy some extra tickets, we gave up and set up a blanket and cooler behind the hill. The weird thing was, the scene outside the venue turned into something that was really cool and mellow. The sun was beginning to set and a large groups of people were all around the pond and set up blankets everywhere there was open space. We could hear the music just like being inside - the only thing we could not see was the band... It had all the makings of a great experience until one guy ran up the hill. The cops, of course, ran after him to get him off of the hill. All of a sudden, huge sections of people starting running up there too. The next thing you know, the kids started tearing down the walls and jumping over the fence. Look at YouTube for video of that night:

The cops started over reacting with tear gas, dogs, and beating people. I heard that they called in cops from 7 counties around Indianapolis. It was pure chaos! I can't remember how many people got arrested that night, but I'll always remember the police in full riot gear staring at everyone the remainder of the night... What a way to ruin what started out as a perfect night!

Calling home was fun too... All my friends and family saw the news - the riot at The Dead show was the big story. Driving into St Louis for the next two shows, the headlines in the local papers were basically telling everyone to hide their women and children, the deadheads are coming and bringing destruction with them! Funny thing is, when we left, the papers reported everything as "mellow as a cello". I think I still have that paper somewhere...

I'm sure everyone has heard the Keller Williams song "Gate Crashers Suck". Keller sums up his feelings (and that night) very well - I'm sure he speaks for most of us, too! I'm sure this is an old wound that will never heal for many people... Things were going wrong at so many venues in those last few years, it's hard to imagine that things could have continued even if Jerry had lived any longer. What used to be the true Deadhead scene, was infiltrated by kids that were just there for the drugs, or to party - they cared nothing about the music or the band. Unfortunately, it all boiled over that night in July 95.

I'll always regret not getting to more than the 30+ shows I went to... Seeing The Dead was something I always looked forward to - I just wish I started going earlier than my first show in 1989. I still enjoy seeing Bobby or Phil whenever I can. The nice thing is, it's back to being about the music... The stadium tours have been replaced by smaller venues and smaller crowds. Go see Ratdog or Phil and Friends when you have a chance! I know it's not the same, but it does bring back some good memories...

Joined: Aug 31 2007
This would have been my last

This would have been my last show...was right on the ball with mail order, and scored 4th row seats!
My girlfreind had no ticket for the first night, and was staying back at the hotel...I lingered there with her a little too long...wasn't expecting traffic to be bumper to bumper stop and go all the way to the freeway...
By the time I reached the facility entrance, the shit had already hit the fan, and was told to keep on driving.
I was tempted to ditch the car and run in (being that I had a ticket and all) but knew a tow bill would not be cheap...
Had almost as good of seats for the next night too, which was cancelled.

Joined: Sep 2 2007
last show (kind of )

Someone watching over me? Drove with my daughter to the show and got the strongest, saddest vibe to retreat. Glad I did.

Maybe some needed the scene there for growth? I didn't, but hope some good came from all that negativity although, I admit I'm at a loss.

Same with the Missouri? shows. Didn't make it any where near that venue. Persistent feeling of tragedy loomed...

Watched the fireworks on the wrong night from the car instead and listened to old tapes.....Not important, but I still wonder about the fireworks being on the wrong night....I choose to look at it a gift we enjoyed.

Joined: Jan 15 2008
my only show

This was the only show I got to see. I wanted so badly to see them live, so I gathered up every last penny I had to my name and went to the lot. I walked from the venue out to the interstate and back and ended up buying a ticket off of some guy that didn't care if he saw them or not.
I was on the far side of the lawn from where they came over the fence. I really wasn't sure what was happening, but it really does suck that I went through all of that and then all those people ruined my one and only show.

Deadhead_Forever's picture
Joined: Jun 12 2007
Deercreek 07/02/95 Last time for me to see Jerry

There were good things and bad things about this show.
Of course the riot and the way cops m FBI and DEA acted were bad at the venue.
my campground, Close by Campgroud was infiltrated
for sure by morning. Cars here and there with government plates. Agents with new tye dyes and reeboks all through the camp. Especially up by the front barns.
I didm't see anybody get arrested at our camp though.
I camped by some people from upstate New York to my left
and Janet with the Proud Mary Bus to ny right.
Ever 13yr. I have drop out of touch with evryone there
save for Elizabeth from Tennesee..
Close by Campgrounds let us stay the night of the cancelled
show ples an extra day and night for free.
The next day, July 3rd, one of my N.Y. camping neighbors
gave me a signed letter from the band. She had a small stack of them. If you got a copy you know what it says.
The band pretty much said if your gonna act like this and this shit is gonna happen then F*CK YOU! We won't play.

The two best things that happened were the fact that I was gonna see another show, and, even though I was double dose tripping I ran into My friend Lisa from Canada and a couple of
her friends just as Sheila and I decided where we were going to stand on the lawn. Behind and on the right of the tapers and their microphone stands. I had met Lisa, a very beautiful
woman in '93 at Buckeye Lake music center. We tried to meet up at Buckeye in '94 but missed each other.
This time we made sonewhat better plans but telephone communications would not go through to her cell in Indiana.
It was a "Miracle" that we found each other, and so happy.
Lisa now lives in New Denver, B.C. Canada and sells yumme
soups. We are still in touch. :).

I also met that one girl and her boyfriend at that time with
her dogs. She was still runnim' 'round in her VW bus
somewhere down South years later and some trolls raped
and killed her. Police later found her van and dogs running around at that roadside rest along with her body floating in the pond. I hope they have caught thase guys a gave them life without parole! I found out from watching a Grateful Dead PBS
special that night at home. At the specials end Bob Weir
talked about what happened to her and asked for any help
in finding the perpetraitors.

When Jerry Passed away...

I was working at the computer group at that time on days
and did telemarketing part time evenings at that time.
On the morning on August 9th, 1995 right before our first
15 minute break I was on a 3 1/2 inch labeling machine
labelling windows '95. I look at the 100 disk count pile of boxeson my work desk that were being re-used. We did that there.Try to waste nothing. As I looked at the boxes my trippy weird thing that I often have happened. It's like a here's your sign. Half way down and in the middle of the pile, in a culmination of boxes, it looked like Jerry with a sad face.
I felt that variable spiritual elelctric buzz all over me.
Head and shoulders if it's good. Around my heart if it was something to fear and in my gut if it was sonething bad.
It went to my gut. It was something bad.
In a trance I said, "There'e something wrong with Jerry."
My hipster co-worker beside me said, "What."
I looked at him with a concerned expression and said,
"There something wrong with Jerry Garcia."
The supervisor yelled, "Break time."
We went out to smoke. Near the end of the break a guy
that was sitting in his car listening to the radio told me,
Jerry Garcia was found dead today at a treatment center.
What?! He repeated himself to me and I asked where.
He said Serenity Knolls Treatment center in California.
Denial tried to overcome me but the feeling I had before break was telling me he was right.
I went back to work and my supervisor just came up and
offered ne to go home. I was like, "I'm alright."
He said "It's alright I'm looking for volunteers anyway".
Were gonna have a slowdown and reset today."
So I left and picked up a friend of mine Shawn that had been around with me and Sheila that year.
We went to Mirror Lake on the O.S.U. campus.
I stuffed the pourus rocks with several packs of Patchouli and Sandalwood incense. It permeated the park.
We talked, partied and had drum circles well into the night.
Jerry had went to the treatment center on the other side.

Deercreek 1997
I went to my second Further Festival as well as my second show of the year. The Black Crowes were the guest band.
I had returned to camp at close by campgrounds. After the show let out I went to a carryout to get some food and beer.
I was travelling alone at that time. I copped some double dipped white outside the carryout.
I took communion immediately.
I almost got lost trying to find the campgrounds and was getting off fast.
Finally I am parked in my camaro in my camping spot.
I go over one row in fromt of me and start sucking down beers and balloons. Finally I have done enough balloons because I'm doing very colorful flip flops. Might of had sonething to do with the african yoke tye dye I had on?
All the way to the bottom of the V on the shirt going above and below me?! I almost dom't know which end is up!
All day in Indianapolis it had rained and stormed.
Not at the venue and now not at the camp either. HUMID.
Most of that day it looked like their was a protective dome
of high white around us. I headed to the car to grab another beer. I popped the hatchback and as I did I heard a guy yell,
I'm still trippin' balls and doing flip flops and immediately I say,
As soon as I got the word us out of my mouth HUGE raindrops began to pour and it lasted like 20 minutes.
You could hear people saying, "ALL SH*T." as they ran for cover.
Later, after the rain had subsided. I was really trippin' hard.
I started having this sacred feeling about where I was at,
being it was the last time I had saw Jerry here on Earth.
I looked out of the open drivers door of my camaro at Queen Annes Lace and saplings. Beyond there was big tree stumps and tree trunks lying in a row parallel to my car.
An indigo stream of light hovered in front of them and above the grass. I looked toward the night sky and suddemly I seen a translucent golden bust of Jerry Garcia in the sky.
A whoosh and a skeletal hand and arm came at me into my car. His voice said that you can do it.
You can stay clean and sober. I know you can. It will happen for you. I came out of it with my right hand and arm above me as if I had shook the great skeletal hand of the arm that came into my car. It had had dark blue and black crinkled tye dye above and below the arm. the crinkle followed the hand and arm directionally, to me then away. Next was the Dr. Suess Cat in the Hat trip as I looked at the ceiling of the car. Colors came down the hat in thin strips and then they went up the brim.
Morning came and I went to where I had camped in 1995.
It was by the creek with a grove of trees following it on both sides. I felt the presence of God there. I said out loud, "How many chances and times do I have to get my life right.
As if there were a giant face behind the trees I heard a voice calmly say. As many times and chances you need and then some. I teared up and cried. Wiping the tears away
I realized I had just had a God experiance on L.S.D. One that I would never forget. Now I'm a Deadhead_Forever.

Web Site:

Contact Information:

Vincent L. Huff Phone: 614-227-0367
398 South Grant Ave. Apt. 104
Columbus, OH. 43215-5565 U.S.A.

I Could write some more but I am going stop for now.

Copy right 02/11/2008 by Vincent L. Huff and

Joined: Mar 8 2008
gate crashers

As spacebrother said we too took much time and effort to plan our 4th vacation to do Deercreek right.Having been there 3 years earlier on a five shows in seven days on a whim I knew how great the venue was,and looked forward to getting back to Glowood campground for the after show party ,"legendary" for sure which still ranks in our top five. Anyhow I get side tracked,back to my vent that i can do with your understanding .As i said we too mail orderd,

first time effort with the coaching of a good friend.we did good landing tix for both nights . First night 3rd from last row not great but damn good for first time. Heres the kicker after the Bullshit Gatecrashers stormed the place I just knew therewould be no show tommorrow.After the band finished what I can't say was the finest i've seen but all the chaos it's hard to say ,we pulled our tix out and rambled down and down until sure enough there sat our seats 3 rows off stage straight in front of Jerry's mic.After 17 shows in 4 years my close encounter was dashed by 1000 IGNORANT BASTARDS ,curse you all even if it sets my karmic progression back. What you took from me was priceless.So as spacebrother so nicely said FUCK ALL OF YOU!!!!!! Okay I've now through that out ther for first time thank all of you for your stories and I hope you enjoyed mine rock on and peace.Goodnight now

Joined: Apr 24 2008
the show still sounded great

the show still sounded great

Joined: Apr 24 2008
the show still sounded great

the show still sounded great

grateful rider's picture
Joined: Sep 20 2008
Deer Creek - "The Big Bust"

What can I possibly say that has not already been said? My girlfriend and daughter stayed at the hotel that night (thankfully) and after I got a spot in the lot I began to stroll around. There was no miracle to be found for me that night.
I got to hang with some cool heads and drink several imports but as the sun went down things really did begin to turn "dark". Ill never forget seein a punk rocker walkin around
sellin.."Dirty needles! $5! Dirty Needles!" This sadness just seem to overwelm me. I went back to the van and talked with some heads listenin to the show and then the shit hit the fan.
Belive it or not I must have just crawled into the van and passed out til the show was over and I was one of the last 50 vehicles on the grounds. Sad to think about how the scene
downspiraled. I remember coming home from work the morning Jerry died and seein the news,..I had really wanted my daughter to grow up and have some of the Grateful experiences i had had.

Gypsy Cowgirl's picture
Joined: Aug 14 2007
Deer Creek......

what a mess it ended up being. Every year there were more & more people on the road that was supposed to be left open for the band to drive up.....more & more people-masses amounts of people........I hadn't heard all these horror stories & am truely sorry any of it happened. We loved the place, the corn fields, the venue, the corn fields....the farms, the Indianolpolis Speedway Museum, with the pink racecar & the kids always said it was for me (how innocent) there was a Prairie Museum nearby too, we went to......the corn fields-the music...the Canadian geese outside the hotel window..................Gypsy Cowgirl........the danged corn fields....always on my mind........


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Deer Creek Music Center - July 2, 1995