Grateful Dead

Deer Creek Music Center - July 2, 1995

Deer Creek Music Center

July 02, 1995

Noblesville, IN US

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*Final version fences crashed after "Broken Arrow" - final/last "Desolation Row": 10-10-94 [61] - "Fire" was first verse only.

Set List:

H. C. Sunshine*
Walking Blues*
Dire Wolf*
All Over Now*
Broken Arrow*
Desolation Row*
Tennessee Jed
Let It Grow*

Scarlet*> Fire*> Victim*> All Too Much> New Speedway*
> Drumz> Attics*> Sugar Magnolia

Mighty Quinn*

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kirk angel525's picture
Joined: Jun 9 2010
well, I don't know how to go

well, I don't know how to go into this. yes, I was one of thousands who jumped the fence and to be honest by no means am I proud of it.

why did I jump the fence? reflecting back, my story was one in the vain of 'fuck it'. my intentions were in no way to disrespect the band or the family, but looking at some posts from others I guess ones actions can speak volumes in hurt.

I was in no means the first to go, nor was I tearing boards off, but I am guilty of helping others 'over' and I did jump the fence. I was simply there in 'the moment'(like many others), and got caught up in it. a mob of people running past you, it was stay or go. I simply chose to go. on any other day, or at any other time would I have done this, no. the opportunity was there, so I took it. to me, it was like 'alright I get to see the show''.

why do I think this happened...
well, the police presence that day was HEAVY! heavier than previous years. was this due to this "death threat' Jerry got, IDK. I think it was the cops just trying to assert their 'authority' on a bunch of fun/peace loving folk.I recall them having a pullover checkpoint off I-69 searching people. the parking lot scene was different that year. a very negative vibe..
my buddy Pigg & I were walking up to the area there with the pond and was gonna sit out and enjoy listening to the band. been to the Creek 2 years prior and there is ALWAYS that 1 guy who storms up the hill to make a run for it. the crowd cheers him on, the cops get 'him, people walk away and laugh. this time the cops decided to attack this fella with the dog and then started clubbing him. now, this is where it gets a bit fuzzy...I remember being upset by that scene as were many others. next you know all hell broke loose. a handful would go. the cops would try to respond, then a hornets nest opened. crazy! tear gas starts popping off, I'm like WTF! so now it's all out chaos, at a DEAD Show...can you believe that?

anyway, standing there with my buddy, I pick up my blue sleeping bag and was like 'let's go'. he was like 'no, no'. I'm like 'c-ya!' I just remember running my fatass up that damn hill trying to get over. helping people, then people helping me. I get in all I can recall is that a lot of folks were truly happy to be there. I remember this fella snuck his puppy in, thought that was cool. he was like 'it's his first show!'.

I don't think any of us gave thought 1 of our actions, better or worse til following the show. I think the same can be said for those who spit out 'fuck you gatecrashers' and the like. how did you REALLY feel that night? were you truly pissed. or were you like 'wow', this is neat'. I mean be truthful! we all thought we would have a chance to see the boys again...sadly we were wrong. do I think they would have came back to Deer Creek, yes.

as far, as folks showing up without tickets...well, everyone in that era knew of the parking lot scene and just loved to hang out and be apart of something. Buckeye Lake for example would have like 500,000 in their lot for a venue of 80-100,000. people just wanted to be apart of it!!! my story is one of going to my first show(well, lot experience) at Buckeye, not really a fan, to becoming a fan. so, if it weren't for 'just showing up for the party' I would have never found a love for the band and the culture.

now, to those who 15 years later that are still very hurt and upset over this, I do apologize for MY actions!!! for what it's worth I have paid for it in karma!

long live the Grateful Dead!

Support Control & Tax Cannabis California 2010

GADEADHEAD's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007

I’ll start by saying I appreciate your apology. However, I found myself getting madder and madder as I read your post. I can appreciate the sentiment that you were in the moment and the cops helped fan the flames.

REALLY, REALLY, I was in the show and I was REALLY, REALLY pissed. In fact, it took me years to come to grips with the fact that my last show was cancelled. The only “neat” thing about it was that the boys didn’t walk off the stage and they actually took control of the situation somewhat by breaking into “It’s All Too Much > New Speedway” and then brought the groove back down to earth by singing “Attics”.

The thing that you are not getting out of this whole experience is that we REALLY, REALLY love this band. So much so that we went through hell to get tickets to the show and then drove from great distances to support the band we love. This was not just a road trip we took on a whim because we were board and wanted to party. The parking lot scene was secondary to the music and the family that we saw at show after show. The parking lots and campsites were always a nice distraction for real DeadHeads as they “got their space together” after coming or leaving a show. It was also a tool used to support our addiction to the music.

Anyway, I hope you someday realize that the Music Never Stopped and it never will as long as we are in it for the right reasons.

Peace –


Joined: Jul 7 2010
A good start in a great venue then IT happened :(

The only 2 Deer Creek shows I missed were the single show in ’89 and the canceled 2nd nite of ’95.

I setup my rig in the Taper's Section did the usual prepping and then a decent H.C. Sunshine to start, lil ruff but smoothed as far as I remember.
After the usual first song or 2 of crazy level settings, several songs and dispose-a-bongs later, the small following of patchers I accumulated over the years know what I mean :D, it was time to get us some more to drink. I decided on soda instead of water for some reason, caffeine and/or some flavor perhaps, so I went to a concession stand. ½ way through the line I hear cheering in an odd spot of Desolation Row so I turned around to see the hordes flowing over the back fence and thought yeah great just what this already in dire straights scene needs.

Walking through the now really overfull venue back to the Taper's Section it felt like the boys were now playing for a funeral, not one of the jazzy New Orleans types either. Thankfully it appeared the f*@&!#g gate crashers respected the Taper's Section and the people around the perimeter did not have to really do much to keep people out. In the lawn I think we were the only ones with any breathing room left. I know I dreaded the thought of having to leave for the bathroom later. And super thankfully there were no serious injuries from what I heard in the near hits and not so near misses horror stories. I heard about people just missing landing on a baby from the fall over the fence or landing on someone but they were ok. I read similar in the previous comments too. Unfortunately I did hear there were many injuries outside on “both sides”. From my understanding excessive use of force started quickly which escalated the whole thing and then the extreme measures sadly became warranted. IMO if less force was used early on it might not have turned so ugly so fast. But I was not outside and can really only go by other’s first hand reports and from those I think I can see the cops point of view and their fears with such large numbers of people being soo unruly.

By this time I was bringing in sooo much gear that me and my “crew” were pretty much the first ones in a venue, runners carrying nothing of course would beat us but we were not in competition for where they wanted to go, and almost always we were the last ones out. It was easily an hour after the “dead” show, most staff were cool with us seeing how much we had to pack up and when no one had anything to do they would help clean up which seemed to be appreciated. Also the occasional ground score was a plus :P. Anyway when we were finally walking out to the lot there was still tear gas in the air, more police, flashing lights and such in one area than I still have ever seen, heads looking like refugees, even more so than the usual lot lizards that had pretty much been chased out or voluntarily left the scene before this point and just an overall terrible feeling. So much more but don’t feel like reliving for a more detailed description. An early post mentioned the vending scene was still in full swing but we thought the worst with the riot gear police and did not even check out Shakedown Street after bringing the gear back to the car. We just got in the car to go to the hotel with our heads low in shame and disbelief.

For the not so surprisingly and understandably canceled next nite we stayed in town instead of heading to the next venue early since we still had a room and no provisions for showing up a day early to the Riverport Amphitheatre. Normally with that kind of a break I would have been making copies of the show to hand out at the next show, used to bring a portion of my home stereo including a few full size cassette desks, but with the emotions and not so great playing after the incident with not really needing replaying IMO we went to see Apollo 13 at a local theater. It seemed the thing to do as I bet more than ½ in attendance were heads.

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007
Houston, we have a problem


I wasn't there, but I'm really fond of Keller Williams's "Gate Crashers Suck." Cracks me up every time.

Joined: Nov 6 2010
Last show

Traveled from Kansas City with several car loads of friends. The mood was different from the beginning. I've been to many shows & the vibe was dark. I told my sister & aunt that this was going to be our last show. I had a feeling Jerry was going to pass on. Then they gate crashers came, NOT COOL! Not suprized the next day show was cancled. We couldn't get tickets to St Louis or Chicago plus we are responsible adults with jobs & families. For all those who crashed the gate - Karma will get you... You ruined it for the rest of the people who spent a lot of time, effort & money to get to the show.

falcstubs's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
missed out

I finally had tickets for the July 3 show and was just stunned that it was cancelled. Missed my opportunity to see Jerry but have enjoyed many many The Dead shows especially the one with Bob Dylan and Joan Osborne

Now go feed those hogs before they worry themselves into anemia

Joined: Dec 1 2010
I was there too

I was on the outside looking in. What I saw in my corner: I was wandering around the parking lot when some young lady was saying "Crash the gates at (insert time here, I don't remember)" and motioning people in a direction... Curiousity got the better of me, I wasn't going to crash but I went to see what the hell was going on.. When I got near the fence, another kid was gesturing the direction and repeating the same phrases. I saw one guy run out into the field, I saw the security guard confront him. Here is where people's memory is different than reality - I'm no fan of cops, but the guys were doing their job and protecting private property, the band and the concert goers. Someone in the crowd tossed a rock. After that it was all over. I turned tail at that point, definitely not wanting to be associated with any of this. I read some claim the cops used excessive force but I have to say they were attacked first in this case - and there were a lot of angry pseudo hippies yelling in their direction to fuel their fear.

Joined: Mar 25 2012

I was just checking out the set lists remembering the good times and came across people still complaining about the gate crashing! Get over it, please! What ever happen to being a rebel? Was it right? Was it stealing? Are you supporting Acta too? The fighting in Mo shows at the camp ground is something to be upset at. A canceled show is something to be sorry about but what was the spirit of most of the Gate Crashers? We wanted to be part of the show, we wanted to be about of the music, and we wanted to be part of you. I'm not writing this to start a fight or even a debate. I just want to point out when there is something great people want it and locking it up with a fence for the highest bidder will cause some to crash a gate. Never forget I am you and you are me, we are all one family from the rich trust fund kids to the homeless A camp wanders.
I also know some gate crashers that were the 1st ones to help people out from under the fallen deck a couple night s later. so they can't be all bad?

Deadhead_Forever's picture
Joined: Jun 12 2007
Walkin Blues
Deadhead_Forever's picture
Joined: Jun 12 2007
Walking Blues


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Deer Creek Music Center - July 2, 1995