Grateful Dead

Sandstone Amphitheatre - July 4, 1990

Sandstone Amphitheatre

July 04, 1990

Bonner Springs, KS US

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Set List:

Cold Rain and Snow
Walkin' Blues
Mississippi Half-Step
Queen Jane Approximately
Loose Lucy
It's All Over Now
Promised Land

Victim or the Crime
Foolish Heart
Just a Little Light
Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
The Wheel
Gimme Some Lovin'
Stella Blue
Sugar Magnolia

U.S. Blues

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Joined: Aug 12 2007
Probably the hottest show I

Probably the hottest show I attended!
And the music was real good too!
Where else could you melt into one big giant humid sweaty trippin organism that bounced along with the music. If you didn't dose and you were in this crowd you probably were trippin by the end of the show. Just by contact alone. I love this Scarlet-Fire... The parking lot was like a war zone after the show... Not as much as Cedar Rapids 84 but there were still a lot of fireworks everywhere.
Crazy Hot!

Joined: May 1 2008
My first show :)

I saw my first GD show at Sandstone Amphitheater in Bonner Springs, KS in 1990. I was 16, and my parents had strictly forbidden me to go anywhere NEAR the GD concert. Funny thing, up until they forbade me to go, I hadn't even planned on it! We drove to the show, and got caught up in the traffic jam to get into the venue. I saw all of these people smiling and giving "peace signs." I thought that everyone was soooo friendly!! I gave them smiles & peace signs right back! :) Well, some guy came up to our car & said that he had 2 extra tickets, he'd give them to us if we drove him into the venue parking lot. So we did. Once inside, he helped us along, then released us into the wild. Our seats were about 5 rows back, center stage. I didn't know any Dead songs at that time except for the usual 3. Eventually I joined the dance frenzy on the hill for Scarlet-Fire. I now have a recording of that first show, now I know why I like some of the songs that I do! After the show, walking out to the parking lot, we realized that we didn't have enough gas money to make it home. Some guy overheard us and offered to give us some gas money if we helped him sell his food & sodas. It only took us about 20 minutes and we were sold out, and he gave us $20. We were both shocked & awed. One of the hardest things I did that night was to turn down an offer to go on tour.

Joined: Jul 7 2007
This was the only show I saw

This was the only show I saw with the first set in daylight and the second set in darkness; After the first set, I remember Bobby saying "We'll be back in a little bit AFTER THE SUN GOES DOWN"
This was probably the best Cold Rain and Snow I ever saw live, which was damn ironic since it was 107 degrees at that point...and felt hotter than that. I mean, it was really, really HOT. So was the ultralong mid-set Scarlet>Fire in the 2nd. a really great "Loser" too - and the only time I saw the crowd respond so much to Jerry singing about Abilene :) speaking of Kansas lyrics though, we were surprised they DIDN'T do Jack Straw at this show - with the lyrics about both Witchita AND the Fourth of July, this certainly would've been a prime opportunity for it. maybe they passed it over since it was just too obvious and everyone was expecting it. anyway, this show was greatly enjoyable. sadly it was the last time i saw brent play.

Joined: Jan 7 2009
Back Home

Back home to see old friends from high school.

Helped a cute little tripper find her three legged turtle... thought she was whacked until we actually found it.

Bought a very kool T after the show, the colors on it were amazing and it had the words - The bus came by, I got on and thats when it all began... Wore that shirt so many times it finally fell apart.

czarboy's picture
Joined: Feb 21 2009
peoples feets were melting

this show was supper hot they had to hose everybody down it was almst too hot!!

general grant's picture
Joined: Feb 24 2009
twirling on the lawn

drove 17 hours from new mexico non-stop for this one. didn't have a ticket, but was able to get one pretty easily.

by far the hottest, most uncomfortable i have ever been at a show. yes, the sun was shining right in our faces. very glad that they waited until sundown for the second set. i remember the set break being very long. i was panicky about dehydrating at one point, so my friend said "um, why don't you go get some water...?" i had forgotten that i could do that.

twirling on the lawn to scarlet>fire>drums>space>wheel

the fireworks after the show were out of control. so dangerous. i wish folks would be chill with that sh*t. drunk, i guess.

and yes, jerry was adorable in his cutoffs.

Joined: Dec 19 2007
First and only

This was the first and only Dead show I was able to see. My parents and brother and I drove from Lincoln, I was 14. I remember the super hot sticky tar going up the hill to the gate. I remember friendly barely dressed girls in convertibles and the guy trying to buy my Ice Cream Kid t-shirt through the fence. Been a dead head ever since.

fellow deadhead's picture
Joined: Apr 4 2009
this place really was hot as

this place really was hot as hell and all them dam chiggers made it worse.great set i must say,will never forget it.the band was rocken.i was walking along and someone out of the blue handed me 100 american flags to pass many fireworks all over the place,i shot my share.

Joined: Jul 7 2010
Oh Yeah Twas Hot Out

This was the first show of the only whole tour I was able to do. Well nearly full tour, traveled the whole tour but skipped Foxboro, Foxboro Stadium - July 14, 1990, had free floor space in DC, we were a lil burnt and the vehicle needed some cleaning attention. Go figure the one show I skipped was a heck of a set list, Shakedown opener, Candyman in the middle, Sat Nite to end the 1st set, a double encore but I digress.

We arrived the day before and I had sunburn on my left arm from the drive in. We were thinking ok it may not be so bad since we have pavilion seats. Got the venue the next day to see the pavilion did not have any covering. Found our seats and after those hard plastic seats had been baking in the sun we opted to hang out in the lawn and I wandered a lot taking many pix, have to scan some and post em.

I don't recall any train wrecks or the like during the show but I was more than a little buzzed on the kind we scored camped next to the hippie crack guy, nitrous tank, the nite before. I only indulged once but it was interesting puffin' with the guy and doing some people watching. Plus the heat and trying to keep the sweat out of my one camera lens eye.

After the show the 4th of July parking lot partying was in full swing. Like others stated I remember a lot of fireworks in the lot. As soon as one flew through the window of the Dodge pick-up truck we were touring in my traveling buddy said ok that is enough I think it is time to go. My barely treated sunburn was in agreement so it was back to the KOA campground.

Joined: Aug 20 2010
First Dead show, was so

First Dead show, was so overwhelmed by the expierence I don't even remember the heat. I was hooked right away, unfortunately it was the only Brent show I ever saw. Have the tapes now, love the scarlet fire.


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Sandstone Amphitheatre - July 4, 1990