Grateful Dead

Cardinal Stadium - July 6, 1990

Cardinal Stadium

July 06, 1990

Louisville, KY US

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Bruce Hornsby & The Range opened

Set List:

Hell in a Bucket
Easy to Love You
Desolation Row
West L.A. Fadeaway
Picasso Moon
Ramble on Rose
Music Never Stopped

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Standing on the Moon
He's Gone
Wharf Rat
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
Around and Around

Baby Blue

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Joined: Apr 14 2011
Hot Weird Show

I remember this being a HOT, weird show. The security was absolutely dumbfounded. There was a Jehovah's Witness convention going on at the same time as the Dead breezed into town. So on the hottest day of the year there were the Jehovah Witnesses(in white shirts, ties and long pants) trying to hand out copies of the Watchtower to hippy girls twirling in sundresses, some with underwear, some without. It was also a good show. The next day, we drove to Memphis to see Graceland.

Joined: Feb 1 2012
The skeleton!

I remember that skeleton, riding the Harley in GDTRFB, and the skeleton hand beckoning at the end! Hot and humid in KY. A day before the show, a friend decided to join our crew, and her ticket was in a different area, so I took it because she was too weirded out to be separated from us, it being her first show. I assumed I could just find them after we all got it (usually you could find someone to stub you down), but the tic I had was in the bleacher section of Cardinal Stadium, and they wouldn't let you travel to the other 3/4 of the stadium! Security people were not good I spent the show away from my peeps and making new friends. Super funky KY Jam....nightfall of diamonds! SOTM began right at sundown, and it finally cooled off, it was dark by the end of that song.
miss all of you, life sure was different back then.

Pard's picture
Joined: Dec 20 2007
Best seats ever at an outside venue

We had 6th row Philzone...needless to say I didn't move from that spot the whole show

Joined: Jan 27 2016
horse stalls

I remember it was hot as hell and they were crowding us into the horse stalls they turned into piss troughs for the bathrooms Luckily they had the misting showers set up next to it so you could wash that stench from the stalls off! HA! HA!
I remember the the thunder and lightning, with PHil coming back in right on que!! Lot of fun that summer!

Joined: Feb 23 2017
My first show!

Best friend from high school came and picked me up, outside of Nashville, and told me I had to go see the Grateful Dead with him. It was the first of many. Kind of a blur, but a good blur :-D

Color_Man's picture
Joined: Jul 19 2017
SO many busts...


Sorry to hear about your experience en route to the show. Picking up the hitchhiker should have brought your better luck/karma. Jail must have been a wild trip.

I live in Louisville now, but didn't attend this show. Locals all lament the same thing when this show gets mentioned. "REMEMBER ALL THE BUSTS!?"


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Cardinal Stadium - July 6, 1990