Grateful Dead

Autzen Stadium - June 18, 1994

Autzen Stadium

June 18, 1994

Eugene, OR US

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Cracker opened

Set List:

Jack Straw
It's All Over Now
Tennessee Jed
Me and My Uncle
Maggie's Farm
Easy Answers
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
Crazy Fingers
The Last Time
Days Between
One More Saturday Night

I Fought the Law

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Joined: Jun 11 2007
the second set....

was made by god himself i belive, i remember micky hitting the deepest lowest sound on "the beast" during drums-space, everyone stopped moving and stood there and seemed to be sucked into it.

Joined: Jun 23 2007
I did not fight the law...

This was my first show in four years, having been badly hurt from losing Brent. It was a difficult day for me, and my attitude was quectionable. But "I Fought The Law"? Hmmm...

Joined: Jun 24 2007
Brain Bursting Space

I got warped on this Space...the Dayz Between was stellar also. Last Time was also really starting to resonate for me at this show.

Joined: Jun 9 2007
The only Dead show I ever walked out of...

Nothing real crazy here. It wasn't horrible, but just so damn predictable. Not nearly the same energy that had been present the night before, it was as if they were just going through the motions. It was the most crowded of the three nights, probably because the weather held out and it was a Saturday night. Maybe the Rain> Eyes from the night before had left the band emotionally drained, but I just wasn't feeling it at this one. As the band emerged from Space into the Last Time, I looked at my girlfriend and said that we should split to get a jump on food and preparations for the evening's festivities (we were allowed to camp on site). She thought I was nuts, but then I looked at her and said, "Last Time> Days Between> Saturday Night with an I Fought the Law encore". Predictable. She said that sounded lame, and as long as I was certain, we should split. So we jetted, filled our tummies and sold batiks and hemp jewelry to folks as they were exiting the show. I'm just glad the boys didn't get a wild hair and pull out St. Stephen or Cosmic Charlie for an encore, I know several people that missed out on the Ripple at the Cap' Centre in '88 because they had split during the Saturday Night to beat the crowd…

Joined: Apr 8 2008

I remember people LEAVING this show complaining. They said "this is the same set they've been playing for days" and I thought how Un Grateful. Some people (like me) didn't get to see many shows at all!

Joined: Jan 6 2009
Drums & Space

Drums & Space was totally groovin', we were down on the floor watching some fine guy up in the bleachers dancing, totally awesome!

Joined: Apr 4 2008
4 am that trippy ogar dude REMEMBER ANYBODY

haf awake n this caveman ogar cat , was sayin anybody who has faith follow him ,it was like a pied piper sayin keep goin it was dark n i was dosed man. it seemed like i walked for 20 min with a group of 30 cats then in the meadow , Ogar says a gift frm my people to ur people n gave us unlimited free beer from his huge beer truck. wild stuff n he tossed me an official autographed OJ SIMPSON football for our entertainment pleasure! Man sumbody gotta remember , BEAUTIFUL VIBES !

Tom Mittemeyer's picture
Joined: Apr 13 2008
A Sunfest

and a fine show to boot. fine company, fine lot scene, those two sisters from florida who hung with us the whole show (still bummed we never found where you were camped) and overall, just one of those good times which you can only get in the good old pacific northwest with that good old band we love so much.

~Tom ( "takes the dark out of the nighttime, paints the daytime black")

Joined: Nov 12 2010
Pre show radness in the lot

Prior to the show many of us were ripping up the bmx track adjacent from the main lot. I remember entering the show sweaty and tired hoping I had energy to boogie, we did.

Joined: Nov 6 2011
Bobby carried the day

The middle show of the three, remember Bobby was spot on, great Maggie's Farm and I can still feel the drums of Corrina. Sorry Vince, you could not sing. RIP. Haunting Days Between. We had so little time left.


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Autzen Stadium - June 18, 1994