Grateful Dead

Deer Creek Music Center - June 23, 1993

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Deer Creek Music Center

June 23, 1993

Noblesville, IN US

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"Dark Star" is first verse only

Set List:

Let the Good Times Roll
Hell in a Bucket
Lazy River Road
Stuck Inside of Mobile
Broken Arrow
Easy Answers

Samson and Delilah
Long Way Home
Wave to the Wind
Terrapin Station
Dark Star
The Wheel
Good Lovin'

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

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Attendees of this show

CRK, scottjindra, banjovy, jeffr-DoseMePlease, Rev. Outlaw G, Jules N Binokulas, Petronius Jablonski, 3bluestars, davegordon, leper van atom, shinesmom, LongGoneDaddy, Cbus Scott, cooper3737, Cinrockhntr, BamaHeaD, Jason Wilder, John Kovacs, JohnL, dedhed1963, 84-95, Dogmatician,, texasdead11, EFletcher, gdharlow, cbNEAL, Perfunct, hippiechick308, Tri1pinJ1mmy, andychatfield, capt_mellow, mmcnutt1970, mbunn789, TippyB, StealYourFace420, Billy Crockett, jamesb, Andy D in KC, DAKOTA4X4, chazzam1066, Zilliac, Jerry_wa, legba23, busyb67, Rottenclam, deepsouthgent, radiator9987, Geodye420, tommy2shoe, coveralls, melam, tomcruz, lazylightnin2, bleone, BigFlosser, Brendoe88, caatkinson, moogirl, JohnRapp, william_O, jamb band fan, Dolabella, katfishjohn, thetylicki, violaceous_petals, oldtourrat, 3D, Sequitor, tonefreak6, helsista, smarcus, dredileogirl, dudeman76, kjn70, MorninSun, jackstraw72, greeksam78, Shecky23, CaptTheo, Kristin-Quinn, francie413, onthebus91, Petal, pman12, mandalafly, jeromethompson, Musicalbeds, sunvolball, jussieyes, LSDonovan, humble.heiko, debhead830, Darlene, purple75, relnad, joebroomhead, smellymelly, Rolokid, mnekaw33, Ossumpei, dolbeared, whiter, JoelP, photogeek423, Desolation Bro, toddlesh, Truckee420, jennyBgood, GogglesPizano, TomBanjo1969, phreeang, hoops, trukn2buffalo, blotterman, LostDew, Sampson1966, chcculle, tomsthumb, Johnsie, TreeTop, joetye, Kykind, moodyja395, robemichel, earthballeric, drummer Jim, Malarkey, btwind13, bluefairee, deaddan1969, Fillmore40, delylah24, Snapperhead, barefootbob2, Saintofcircumstance1, sommer breeze, lost, a west, Cosmic_Dad, gr8fulhead, Grateful_HERSH, lostdeadhead,, Jon E., Blysergic, EasyWind73, angela chayce, ajhaiflich, Boulder Creek Mama, jam e, doughknees, Sir Smile, lucky mahone, tigman, atlantajam, John Galt, stiney456, kcjoneslirr, northshorepc, babatts27, mzackim, Twirlingirl, hardroxx, Bertha4201, retiredwingnut, hippiechic, eFreak, khsanders3, Martin G. Knott Jr, janeklightfoot, anthemsun_row, Jerry Mydland, Key Wester, cd22, lemurtx, krklein2001, turtlespirit, grassman, jeremyg, drummer0612, Jakat, IndyBear, jbatt4, RTJ, flag8tr, Po Boy, rangie8049, lrs2008, randyoftheredwoods, MplsDeadhead, Attic girl, dylan from canada, encdead, deadsince79, Christopher_Joyal, Darkstarnat, staggerlee7203, RosaliesDad, tomsned66, gr8flwlf, Squirrel95, mattrat, vulturepit, drc32-0, sunshine.kay, coryferber, snobtaper, ls420, DoDa Man, voodoonola, Natty Bumppo, jettoes, lifesavermedic, krzykat, BeMiceElf, gratefuldave11, bobby53, Big Foot County, adamr, catpants, jaykuhles, sprots, am_dew89, PalfHead, BigBuffalo, FrozenHam, jamie60, waldo041, roscoemaplesbaby73, JK Straw, zappy, Grateful_Paul, oscarphree, mrbaggs, anrumler, coertje, killerpug, dsesq67, schwaz, Spinnergirl, highlander63, Davedread, hippiedino, muffin, jj, the-emperor, mixer, high_c, doctorspacebass, sugarmag1991, ripple1, teachpeace, huey, TJD, alatcamp, AlabamaGetaway, Hey Tom Banjo, dance, Tiffanydawn, dave36, Paul from North Dakota, luv Brent70, poppy, maass, another jerry, ticket lee, zerothehero, ohioted, davidb, bobmerrell, mysticwynter, Tenner, SquiRL, kbdeadhead, rlkaminsky, Let it Grow, mamahippy61, Mr.Skjellyfetti, reba, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, jakestraw, PowderPig, Wandering Soul, Brother cricket, drgnwmtchs, bubbadub, lisalit, paintedmandolin71, angelfaedarkstar, kclemenz, walstib77, pyrorite, hopdawg04, Rowjimmy151, trippergore, jstange, dedhedesq, cianflone, Blazzz, skepticalbuffalo, nocoast, hipstorian, ststephen11, Wayniac, Larry Here, sunisarising, Rock-my-soul, winste, dealmein78, DanielStar, daytripper420, Musky_Ranger, helpontheway, Mythical Ethical Icicle Tricycle, hugz420, BULLHEADEDDOGS, Jerryskid89, toneye, gratefultm65, spacekat, notbetty, Ursa Minor, Little Wing, HeatherS, prasadablue, chiina_whiite, imagrateful, shorebilly, CLETUS UNCLE, deadhead1971, jacobatz, cactus420, doseyclwn, gadzukz, bshaky256, Tonefreak, ekbond, geoff89, timmaytoo, notlikeyourmom, randall747, deadheaddave1982, Foreverdead, joeman, melissa, JP92, althea16, justice, blkthroatedwind, tapertim, jerryzkid, BobG913, mary-sunshine, DrWhoToo, Usblooze, buz_73, mtnref4, helpslip_butplease_dontease, Jerry Roskin, tonyrabbit, Father Of Stella Rose, communemary,, carmotor, firemanmike, bilee, ChinaCat63, Bella, ontour4ever, Good Foote, Deadbolt, drumzspace72, purplesunflower11, greenagain, scarletfire26, Jeffervonjefferson, PearlyB, Cutback, Captain Grass, lilhippiesmurf, slicae611, Phattskis, dcrockz, freedomseeker48, domore, MagicTerp, Wink Slideloaf, Joshadelic, galacticfan, TEagleton, AikoBearzly, nathanleary, Sequoia420, drkstrcrashes, dawg440, fatty, scarletbegonia, Jfgr8ful, zsa-zsa, chefjim, chollander, Fillmore Midwest, seve allday, marian, Jerrylives53, torysresort, 10ECJED, riggertoo, pkdewey, Thedeadheadmommy, KevinGutzmer, Reddawgfuji, naataanii, rust, Bulldogs, lawnboycj, Puffem420, tommytomato, kiote, ducerwild, truckinup2buffalo, kydead, Gr8ful dad, AJ, kelster, gremmie1, terrapinstranger, Maggot Brain, TerrapinCheff, themarshotel7, pdb, thohbach, Seanymac, Jack_O_Roses, jillstraw, MojoHand, Sunnydrop, Southwest, Will Speed, Antwerps Placebo, safarian34, Papa-bear, jg-in-az, caroline, fenario420, jamkoch, jft, dennisw, DocLnghair,, PsillyJim, Dan Disinger, shack, 333mike, davidsmeff, Lee Drezz, Brian, eyes 88, horus, ratdog58, ws1995, IndyDead, skioa, thecaptaintrips, rickyrick15, jediweir, Gravy, billbartleson, Alpine7784, HeadwayGraphixx, mindbender, Grateful_nirvanA, Zapman, deadheadgarcia, Charlie Miller, Sunshine-Daydream, morst


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Joined: Jun 7 2007
did someone give me dope?

did someone give me dope? 'twas quite odd, as I nodded pleasantly on the lawn throughout most of this show.....yet there was no lack of interest, just an overwhelming calm

Joined: Jun 25 2007
it was in the music

it was my friend susan's birthday, and after the show we got lost trying to find the parking lot... ended up wandering behind the amphitheatre when the band's buses were speeding away. Some folks (the boys??) leaned out of one of the buses windows and squirted us with squirt guns... filled with what we don't know. :) Good thing susan pulled me out of the way or i might have been flattened by those buses. We did eventually find the parking lot and as i recall grooved at the disco bus for a while before leaving. It was a magical, memorable night. Dark Star and Terrapin? I mean wow.

Joined: Aug 6 2007
Nitrous Tank Camping

Me and my buddy Tim camped next to some folks with a tank. Interesting night.

Wandering Soul's picture
Joined: Oct 1 2007
Have you seen her???

got heavily dosed just before the show and it set the perfect pace for this show Dark star>Wheel wow crazy. ended up at a camp ground don't necessarily recall how I got there or even most of what happened between the time I got there and the time the sun came up; however I do vividly remember skinny dipping in the pond/lake as the sun came up with this beautiful girl named Stephanie, I think that she said that she was from St. Louis, never did see her again after that morning, but never forgot about her. If you see her as your're passing by send her my way please thanks

Joined: Jun 14 2007
turtlespace starwheel

Before the show, but inside the venue, seeing the cop with his doggy barking at Everyone who walked by...thinking "So this is how you drive a drug dog crazy", ten feet in front of the cop is a baggy walked on by many with an unmistakable green veg matter in it, me thinking in microseconds "Could it be entrapment? Could it be just 1 man gathering what another spills?" I scooped it up w/o missing a step and its a 1/2oz of the dank bud, whee! Shared most with the folks around us on the lawn, later during second set got lost in the 200 mic dark on way back from the can, feeling so lost and free! The woman who kept nonstop laughing close by pushed me to the edge of joining her on the edge of madness, but I prevailed. What a beautiful night.

Joined: Jun 14 2008
the highlights...

the highlights of this show for me was giving davidsmeff dope and also after the show, skinny dipping in a pond. or was it a lake?

Joined: Jul 2 2007
Scott Indy Great

Scott Indy
Great was my son's first show he was only 4. What a great time....until he was upset that daddy wouldn't get him a Ballon ! We got past that when some great folks from all over started a baseball game with the little guy in the lot....he got his ballon inside after it was refilled with AIR ! Little guy made it all the way to drums and space before crashing in the lawn....people all around us made sure nobody stepped on him while he slept....ah how we miss those days. Now he's 20 and spent time with Billy talking art and the 60's. Never will forget the picture of my son walking down the street in Fort Collins a few years back with Kruetzmann......Billy with his arm around my son sharing love and philosphy. Doubt he'll fall asleep during drums/space this spring.

Joined: Oct 24 2009
Lucy in the Sky

This was my first show, and I was havin' a hard time of it at first. After I got over the wicked headache that was threatening to ruin the experience, I still had some things to sort out. Something about Lucy in the Sky made me think twice about never going again and I got on the bus.
My last show also encored with Lucy (Palace, June 95)
Full Circle...NICE. Have I got stories! Thank You, Jerry!


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Deer Creek Music Center - June 23, 1993