Grateful Dead

Deer Creek Music Center - June 7, 1991

Deer Creek Music Center

June 07, 1991

Noblesville, IN US

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Set List:

Mississippi Half-Step
Little Red Rooster
Stagger Lee
Me and My Uncle
Maggie's Farm
Music Never Stopped
Don't Ease Me In

Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
New Speedway Boogie
I Need a Miracle
Stander on the Mountain
Sugar Magnolia

The Weight

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Attendees of this show

Skullfuck68, Bill H, DeadBear13, rockit, Swaying Trees, dex, kehnzee, amysunshine22, jzillmer, scarletfire2297, angelachayce, Soleil, susan_bigley, Totem, starbreather, kurt009, Kimock7, scotthepp, turtlegreen69, plc3, Robert Archer, dreadedyuppie, Wyngman1984, keylimejellybean, KindJester, deaddavid, CRK, scottjindra, Hippiechick3868, crunchyfrog, beerbryan68, steve.sassi, jeffr-DoseMePlease, Rev. Outlaw G, Jules N Binokulas, Lost_Sailor1, Petronius Jablonski, UncleJohn61, Lazylightning16, customhds, davegordon, brotherbearscoffee, Chameleon, hornsby, shinesmom, LongGoneDaddy, Cbus Scott, cooper3737, Cinrockhntr, duffypld, Veghead, alaskaconstant, Jason Wilder, John Kovacs, JohnL, dedhed1963, popeye the squirm, sciyerface, Dogmatician, traciky2001, EFletcher, Pard, cbNEAL, vandi421, Perfunct, ramblinrose1103, guitstef, Grateful Mark, TheTieDyeDude, The_Wheel, esmcg1973, MNGLWD, cali23, Phinnegan, DooDaMan4U, jamesb, jaygee, Andy D in KC, DAKOTA4X4, chazzam1066, dogwoodgirl, iamkayzak, kjhillner, blacksharpie, jod9157, puroshaggy, deepsouthgent, turtlepace72, Geodye420, sweetiemama, jpreece83, tommy2shoe, missntour, snifer13, skharvey, lazylightnin2, iowabeekeeper, moogirl, JohnRapp, Dolabella, fritz1620, BataviaSparky, katfishjohn, thetylicki, farmer john, oldtourrat, 3D, helsista, dredileogirl, boombloom, elracko, Delaware Dead, jerfest, jackstraw72, Leggs4, flybri1, Row Jimmy Tisdall, greeksam78, dpw1982, CaptTheo, terrapinT, dogs in a pile, Kristin-Quinn, francie413, jimpeckham, Petal, jeromethompson, darkstarcrashes, Barrtenderr, Musicalbeds, sunvolball, jussieyes, humble.heiko, GratefulAcra, DetroitJon, mer1, AlaskaDeadHead1, midiman007, Bogey D, shemp72, walstib70, detroit is dead, toddlesh, Truckee420, jennyBgood, GogglesPizano, WILD CHILD, Neil 23777, lotdawgtodd, shabu, blotterman, LostDew, 10SCJED, zebadya, TreeTop, joetye, Kykind, moodyja395, drummer Jim, hippintrippy, sddeadhead, chicagomarc, btwind13, deaddan1969, Fillmore40, Spamfork, barefootbob2, Pedro2009, 5ugaree, picasso_moon420, Bargod101, Cosmic_Dad, enteyler, gr8fulhead, Grateful_HERSH,, Blysergic, LadySparkle, angela chayce, stumbleboogie, nonbiz_paul, jam e, jhop321, seebrown, stiney456, carolyndeitsch, hardroxx, retiredwingnut, eFreak, Martin G. Knott Jr, MR.FANTACY, who dat, 2 x 2, lemurtx, krklein2001, Dharmabum, joekyle,, dknaturally, IndyBear, raggedrobin, RTJ, lookyloo, ladnarc, gravedigger7, Po Boy, rangie8049, lrs2008, fostever, tjazzbo, randyoftheredwoods, keitheo, stevekentohm, dylan from canada, Christopher_Joyal, guitar_john24, tomsned66, greendad, drc32-0, sunshine.kay, Jelly, coryferber, northriver, Gratefun, vaportrail, snobtaper, DoDa Man, FreakDaddy, voodoonola, Natty Bumppo, jettoes, JAH, Birch74, pyy, gratefuldave11, Big Foot County, adamr, aina mama, Oranje Machine, theoriginaltravelingdeadhead, bobbyb, gdtrfb65, mkleiser, sprots, am_dew89, PalfHead, BigBuffalo, lamarred664, april rain, jamie60, philmaywalt, gonewild2, JK Straw, zappy, Jimmy V., anrumler, air_garcia_416, coertje, dsesq67, schwaz, hippiedino, muffin, kambyman, the-emperor, mixer, doctorspacebass, quinnever, Upstate NY, vegmeister, sugarmag1991, ripple1, huey, WI Deadhead, TJD, alatcamp, Hey Tom Banjo, festival0122, cumberlandchad, mbaker1967, Tiffanydawn, dave36, luv Brent70, another jerry, ticket lee, Michael German, drumspace, davidb, masessum, bobmerrell, I.MGr8ful, kbdeadhead, Sleepy Monkey, rlkaminsky, shall, mamahippy61, Mr.Skjellyfetti, PowderPig, Wandering Soul, Brother cricket, drgnwmtchs, brianmika, JP Driessen, paintedmandolin71, walstib77, Elston64, Meatyard, Freakout Jackson, cheesycheesygrilledcheese, Headntales, sfchick, deadheadland, Blazzz, hatkat, fawko, Pha_Q, Deadfitz, winste, DanielStar, daytripper420, gr8fuldaddy1, Musky_Ranger, capntrips, BULLHEADEDDOGS, philphreek, Jerryskid89, toneye, leeeroy36, sebastian, silly_mian, spacekat, smokinmore,, cigrsam, dhmikeo, bucketorain, notbetty, Ursa Minor, tambourine man, TenJed_77, voorhees_71, mollydevine69, ChinaCat69, illiniboy, chiina_whiite, ncstagger, CLETUS UNCLE, treehugger73, deadhead1971, doseyclwn, Mountain Chain, bshaky256, ekbond, geoff89, notlikeyourmom, deadheaddave1982, troynpam, Geronimo1, melissa, althea16, PAPPYPGH, justice, blkthroatedwind, andrewmyers, BobG913, mary-sunshine, leper van atom, buz_73, mtnref4, mrngdew77, badtpyist, bdpalace, jed06, Father Of Stella Rose,, janso, JBT420247, ChinaCat63, D00Dah, gk, Lossless Head, shkdwn, goffchile, JackStrawfromOttawa, Mr Charly, Ratdog, jackstraw_35, purplesunflower11, BrotherEsau, greenagain, cubs1209, marymrobertson, sugaree_2, scarletfire26, Jeffervonjefferson, Roy Roscoe, PearlyB, Gr8fulDon, moosilauke, Big Bad Bill, SmokeyG, Cutback, lilhippiesmurf, slicae611, dcrockz, domore, Wink Slideloaf, Joshadelic, TEagleton, AikoBearzly, nathanleary, wvfranco, barongsong, texasdragonfly, garcialater1974, scarletbegonia, LauraLP, scottlovett, Jfgr8ful, JOEG, WKB, chefjim, papajohnny, Fillmore Midwest, seve allday, crazycatpeakin, marian, 10ECJED, pkdewey, Cookbitch, Jodester, KevinGutzmer, jcschaef, amzeyboop, naataanii, tobydodds, ssc5160, rust, Bulldogs, Teajay, rhyspencer, tommytomato, pivo30, saint, kiote, kydead, Gr8ful dad, ramble_on_schroedes, ZiggyDaMoe, gremmie1, FootBear, Seanymac, Jack_O_Roses, jillstraw, stickyfingers, IntoAshes, Will Speed, safarian34, Papa-bear, jg-in-az, caroline, jamkoch, dennisw, lyrabella, DocLnghair,, PsillyJim, Dan Disinger, shack, spoondivy, 333mike, Alex_Rio, slapshotsam, jimmie333, sw fla chip, mightzwell, uncle crappy, gpoulos, OnTheRoadAgain, dsjam, IndyDead, Thom, thecaptaintrips, Zippatron, Duggles, srumble, Duanebase, Alpine7784, HeadwayGraphixx, Grateful_nirvanA, gespacho, kaiser soda, deadheadgarcia, paul, morst, Dr. Vitz


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Joined: Jun 4 2007
The 'Creek was a lot of fun,

The 'Creek was a lot of fun, while it lasted! :-\ Time to wish this show a happy birthday! Sweet 16 for the 91 Deer Creek run!!!

". . . Music is the best!" (fz)

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
". . . Music is the best!"

". . . Music is the best!" (fz)

Joined: Sep 19 2008
I remember thinking the

I remember thinking the second set was pretty decent, then the encore, "The Weight" was dynamite. I had it ringing in my ears for the rest of the night, then on to Buckeye the next morning.

Joined: Jun 7 2007
I must have gotten wet

This show was scorching for me. I could hardly stop dancing during the first set, and when set 1 came to a close I had to force myself to sit down and rest. It was fatty circle time anyway. All I could think was they have to kick our asses again for the 2nd set...I hope they do. Well, they blew me away with the second set. It's always interesting to know how different people react to certain sets, shows. One head says "ok" and another says "WOW."

Something that involved getting wet must have happened on this night. It's funny, my ticket stub (i have it right here) for the Friday night show, which was Jun 7, is barely readable and it is obvious that it got wet. The stub from the night before is pristine. I guess I wasn't able to find something to write with because I would often jot down the set list on the backs of my stubs, but this one has only the printed Hardee's coupon. Strangely, I remember noticing that they had printed Hardee's coupons on the backs of the Deer Creek tickets two years in a row.

The prices of the tickets in those days were extremely reasonable. With all my stubs in front of me, I am seeing that in 1990 (July 18 and 19) I paid $22.50 for each night, and the seats were in the UPPER ORCHESTRA area, sections G and H so I think that was the back of the pavilion. Then in 1991, on June 6 & 7, I got those tickets for $21.50 ea. Both were lawn tickets and the LAWN was actually the better place to be. hehehe

My last Deer Creek show was in '04. July 25. That one was so good, I went home and nagged a bunch of friends until I finally got a copy of the show on CD. They opened with a jam that went into Golden Road. The memory is very clear... I was walking up the grassy hill on the lawn after grabbing a beer...the show was just getting started. As they transitioned from the jam into a recognizable Golden Road, I was slow to pick up on what they were playing...I can remember seeing this family of heads (including the kids) and one of the kids knew way before me what song it was and he along with a bunch of others who had obviously been on the tour for prior dates started going nuts. When I realized what they were playing I tripped (no pun intended) and almost fell down because I was looking at the band instead of where I was going.

So back to the 7th of June in 1991: Anytime they did Scarlet-Fire, I was blown away, and they opened the 2set with S-F, so there you go. There was also a New Speedway Boogie to be grateful for. The encore was The Weight, and I was fired up still. A lot of us could have used something more smokin' to close out Deer Creek 1991, but it was all good for me. I was there and I got in. Buy tickets as far in advance as possible!!!

Joined: Feb 17 2011
A Bad Night...Thanks To All For Getting Me Through

I don't remember much about this show. About a half hour before the show, I found out my mom had collapsed, been rushed to the hospital, and had a brain tumor. I cried all through the show. I thought about skipping the show and going home, but I was shook and needed to be around friends, even if I didn't know them or interact. Thanks for being there on a black day.

Joined: Oct 16 2012
Does anyone else remember this?

There was a little bridge crossing over the creek leading to the parking lot. After the show, people started filing out over the bridge to the parking lot. It was really quiet. Kind of unusual for any show but as everyone shuffled quietly and slowly over the bridge, someone let out a quiet "Baa". Soon after, another person went "Moo". Suddenly, everyone starts mooing and baaing...but really quiet. It was one of the most surreal concert experiences I've ever had.


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Deer Creek Music Center - June 7, 1991