Grateful Dead

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum - March 29, 1991

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

March 29, 1991

Uniondale, NY US

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without Bruce Hornsby - last "Dire Wolf": 06-10-90 [63] - PA problems during "Masterpiece" forced the end of the set

Set List:

Feel Like a Stranger
Walkin' Blues
Dire Wolf
Me and My Uncle
Mexicali Blues

Iko Iko
Saint of Circumstance
New Speedway Boogie
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Throwin' Stones
Touch of Grey

Brokedown Palace

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Joined: Jun 26 2007
bad sound

A pretty good show, but the sound was poor(at least where I was sitting). After the pa problems, they definitley tested the sound system for the second set which was a monster.

Joined: Jun 22 2007
Bobby blows his stack

I was in the Phil Zone towards the side of the stage, and so had a clear view of Weir as the PA stacks blew out right at the end of Masterpiece. He wasn't very enthused. There's this big ZZZZT! and then, no more sound, right at the climactic ending. What a crazy sound that was, but they did have to stop rockin' (get it?)
Bobby was making some pretty cool noises with his guitar during Althea. The Iko was great, with Jerry playing some excellent leads.

The thing is, we'll never know what they were going to play to close that first set!

Joined: Jun 9 2007
Just remembering...

The sound was bad. Vince's keys actually hurt my ears this night, it was very piercing. When the PA blew during Masterpiece, it made a deafening zap sound. It was kind of scary. What I really thought was neat though is that the crowd carried Bobby through the end of Masterpiece. Everyone just started belting out the lyrics and the band finished the song with us, pretty cool. Second set was better. I was psyched for Saint, hadn't heard that one yet. Touch emerged from an unlikely spot, out of Throwing Stones. A buddy of mine said I would appreciate Touch more when it wasn't a set opener, I suppose he was right.

It's still hard to believe that this was only one year after the infamous Branford show… I was really missing Brent and starting to feel frustrated with the GD and the scene, this show didn't help. Sure am glad I made the trip to Greensboro from here, it was a totally different band and I like that southern laid back crowd far better than bridge and toll folks that occupy Long Island. I'd be okay with never returning to Nassau…

Joined: Sep 14 2007
I recall being at the show

I recall being at the show with my good friend Paul. Last 3 songs were great to close out the second set. Jerry made a great transition into Wharf Rat from The Other One.

Drive home was great. Truckin down the road look over and see my friend Chrissy in the car next to us. Didn't even know she was going since we were all at the previous show.

Bamski's picture
Joined: Jul 11 2007
Great Seats

This was an excellent show for me. I somehow got lucky and was able to score 3rd row seats right in front of Jerry. Oh if they only had digital cameras back then. Perhaps Touch of Grey was supposed to close out the first set before some of the technical issues popped up. This is a show that gets alot of run on my iTunes. Rock on!


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Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum - March 29, 1991