Grateful Dead

California State U. Dominguez Hills - May 6, 1990

California State U. Dominguez Hills

May 06, 1990

Carson, CA US

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Set List:

Mississippi Half-Step
Feel Like a Stranger
Easy to Love You
West L.A. Fadeaway
Victim or the Crime
Foolish Heart

Iko Iko
Samson and Delilah
The Weight
Blow Away
Terrapin Station
The Other One
Standing on the Moon
Throwin' Stones
Turn on Your Love Light

This Could Be the Last Time

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Kinda dusty, but still good,

Kinda dusty, but still good, clean fun!

KJ7XJ's picture
Joined: Jun 16 2007

Kinda of cool hearing it played the other way around. Yes it was another dusty show. 2nd set Weight was nice. And yes...It was the "Last Time".... I have yet to see a better shirt then the steal your soccer ball T....

bryonfake's picture
Joined: Aug 4 2007
unicorn . ice in my back

unicorn . ice in my back pack the electric wave hitting jerrys pickups to static control

Stephen J's picture
Joined: Jun 9 2007
Last Show with Brent on keyboards

good shows, was very hot out, Had a good Earth Day logo above the stage.

Joined: Mar 7 2008
soccer field was dusty but good show luved that steal your socce

luved that steal your soccer ball blue green tie dye, took my neighbor in reno to his first shows darren aka dar-wood stevens he was so excited when he found someone in the parking lot selling tickets ! man he was stoked ... untill the guy at the gate told him they were counterfeit, oh man he was sooooooooo bummed out , he was actually crying, after about 10 minutes the guy at the gate finally showed his brotherly love and said ah man this was going to be your first show... well enjoy it brother come on thru your holding up the line, man he went from crying to flyin and people were cheering him on his way in ..we were all waiting but just about to leave him him at the gate we told him to hang at the bus gave him the keys and all, glad the gate bro let him join us and enjoy his first show, next show he bought a real ticket

buddy plant's picture
Joined: Jul 7 2007
Leaving the show...

we were walking out through the backstage parking lot. We see Timothy Leary, John Barlow, and Bill Walton (who was on crutches at that time) get into Leary's silver grey Mercedes. After a bit of difficulty navigating the lot, the car stopped and Leary and Barlow switched seats and Barlow drove. Perhaps Mr. Leary dropped out, tuned in, and turned on just a bit too much to drive? I still have the "it doesn't matter what you wear" flyer someone was giving out. I also have the "Happy Birthday Bill" stuff too. Somewhere... I remember eating some fungal vegetable matter and the ground was doing some interesting wave effects kinda like the ocean... All in all it was a fun weekend! I'd like to take that ride again...

Hal R's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
Thanks for sharing Buddy

I would have liked to have overheard that conversation with Leary, Walton and Barlow.

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
William Blake

KJ7XJ's picture
Joined: Jun 16 2007

Even though I was with a sea of people, I can still see Bill off to the side of the stage swaying. If he was on crutches at the time it would explain some of the swaying I was seeing.... Also the sbd I have of this show has Bobby making reference to "giving a moment of silence for the Celtics" so Im not sure if that was twards Bill or not but the image of big ol Bill sticks in my mind after all these years....


Joined: Jun 13 2007
Bobby's Moment of Silence

I added a shot from that show when Bob went back to the drum platform and a had that moment of silence. Still searching for my shots of Bill W, Leary, and Barlow they were in the wings stage left. From the SBD when did he make the reference. I knew that was why he sat down I just cant place where it was in the set.

Joined: Jan 27 2009
Moment of Silence

Funny y'all should bring up the "moment of silence" was because the Celtics had just lost the fifth game of the 1st round of the '90 NBA playoffs against the Knicks and were eliminated. I am a huge Celtics fan and I remember being at the show wondering what the score was....Bobby took care of that info. Walton's last game with the Celtics, however, was in '87....He had chronic foot injuries for his whole career, so crutches were not unusual. I do remember him on stage left both days at CSU Dominguez.


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California State U. Dominguez Hills - May 6, 1990